We Have Walls

We have walls, yes, we do.  Here is proof.  This is a little behind the times, since we have now painted.  But I thought I’d give you a peek at the semi-finished downstairs.  These pictures were taken back in August.


Ok, so this is a floor.  But it shows the amount of dust collected on the {once brown} paper.  The mud and new dry wall smell like the inside of a pumpkin to me.  Not in the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” way, but the gross, gut-sy stuff inside of a pumpkin you carve at Halloween.  It actually makes me look forward to the smell of paint. (<– Written in August.)

photo 1-16photo 2-16photo 3-14

So there you have it.  And now, I need to try to get some pictures of the beautiful, blue paint we chose. We are inching our way along to a finished product!  Molding is up next.

One Year in our House

We have been in our house in New Jersey for one year.  Well, one year on October 18.  But life has been busy, y’all.  In the past year, we have accomplished quite a bit.  I still get overwhelmed and have to remind myself of that and rest easy that we are doing as much as we can.  And what we can do is enough.  Here are some of the highlights.

We ripped up our front yard and planted sod.  

We basically gave our house a major botox-injection-facelift.

Front Yard Before and After

I found our house on Google Maps street view.  it’s the best picture of the front of the house with a straight on  view…of the craziest tree ever.

Front Yard

SO much better!IMG_1320

Now we have some serious landscaping to do next spring, but we still consider this one of our biggest accomplishments.

We ripped out plaster and put up drywall.

I promise we have walls now.  Just gotta get you some pictures!

photo 5-7

We bought a Jeep.

photo 1-3

We hosted at least six major holidays/get-togethers.

And that doesn’t include little visits here and there.

Thanksgiving (six weeks after the move).  I’m so proud of that, I feel like I should include it on my resume.


New Years Eve

NYE14 Glitter Prosecco

Christmas (in January)




Summer Fitzgerald Family Reunion


Labor Day


We traveled far and wide.

Punta Cana


Harrisonburg, VA for Megan’s GraduationIMG_0936

West Point, NY for West Point’s graduationIMG_5888

Manassas, VA

photo 4-2

Boston, MA


Cape May, NJ


Amish Country, PA


Rehoboth, DE


Nashville, TN

photo 1-20

And that doesn’t include work travel!  I went to Anaheim, Las Vegas, Florida, Pittsburgh, and Chicago (and probably more that I’m blocking out).  Frankly, we are both a little exhausted.  But its fun to look back at what we have accomplished.  And our house has been the site of so many good memories for us and our friends and family already and I have a feeling that will continue for a good, long time.