Make It Two, Please!

As any red-blooded American man knows, the NFL held the draft beginning this past Thursday night.  Lets be fair – there are many women in America aware of this fact as well – either because they are football fans or they are married to one.  I fall somewhere in between the two ends of that spectrum.  I started caring about football when I enrolled as a freshman at Virginia Tech and I soon realized what I had been missing all my life (jumping around like a crazy person during Enter Sandman, anyone?).

Then I met, dated and married Scott – and realized that I would also have the National Football League, not just college football in my life now.  He’s a life-long New York Giants fan (see here, here, and here).  So I soon found myself searching out and buying New York Giants memorabilia for him and became the proud (?) owner of a Giants t-shirt with my name personalized on the back.

So as Scott and I settled in to watch some of the draft last Thursday, he asked me if there were any Virginia Tech Hokies in the draft.  “Why yes, David Wilson is one of them,” I said.  I know this because he is a great running back and decided to enter the draft rather than finishing out his senior year as a Hokie like a good boy.  And I was kind of upset by this.

Scott: “Huh, you know who needs a running back?  The Giants.”

Me: “OMG that would make my life.”

Scott: “But it will never happen, they need an offensive lineman more.”

Me: silent sadness and resignation (and maybe a pout)

Fast forward an hour or so to the last pick of the night.

Announcer-man: “With the 32nd pick of the 2012 NFL draft, the world champion New York Giants” … pause for much cheering from the crowd… “select David Wilson, running back, Virginia Tech.”

I realized what was happening first.  My head whipped around and looked at Scott, who took a few extra seconds to realize what was happening.  Then much jumping and yelling happened.  I may have said something along the lines of our two worlds becoming one.  As if marriage didn’t accomplish that…

So we were pretty stoked.

Enter the third round of the draft.  The Giants pick ANOTHER Hokie!  Jayron Hosley, a cornerback!  TWO HOKIES ON THE GIANTS.  I don’t know if all Giants fans are excited about this (I’ve heard rumblings about size, etc.).  But this Hokie fan does not care one bit.  I could not be more excited for football season to start.  I would be watching all of the Giants games every Sunday anyways.  Might as well make it interesting 🙂

As Scott said, “You’ll be needing a Wilson jersey now.”  Why, yes.  Yes, I will.

Busy Season – The Update

Update: Busy Season has allegedly ended.  As of 11:30 pm Wednesday night.

And then these beauties arrived with a very sweet note from the husband yesterday afternoon at work.  (I’ve never talked to so many coworkers before!)

And after work – wait for it – I met Scott for dinner!  In Greenwich Village (read: not in our neighborhood, but in a much trendier one)!  It was lovely to actually spend some time together, enjoy the city and feel like a normal married couple.  Oh and I had to dress up for photos at work yesterday, so I felt extra special in my dress, heels, and curls strolling through Washington Square Park.

Happy Friday!

How Will I Know?

Ok.  I have to comment on last night’s Glee.  I have been a Glee fan since episode one, but even I can admit that it hasn’t been the same for awhile.  It’s stopped being a topic of conversation for me and I don’t look forward to it like I used to – but I’m a pretty loyal person about these kind of things, so it never found it’s way off of my DVR list.  So I’m totally up-to-date on McKinley High.

Let me tell you – I absolutely loved last night’s tribute to Whitney Houston.  Many of the actors on Glee are great singers (for the most part – I’m looking at you Britney) and while they did an outstanding job – their renditions didn’t even come close to touching Whitney’s.  Which just shows how talented she really was.

But I have to commend them.  I particularly liked the very first song; a beautiful a cappella version of “How Will I Know” which culminated in an empty spotlight, obviously intended for Ms. Houston.  I mean, “How Will I Know” is just an amazing song – probably my favorite Whitney song, if I had to pick.  It’s beautiful any way you look at it – in it’s original form, done a cappella, and when remixed into a dance number.  So many of her songs are versatile and have different versions, all of which I love.  Sigh.  Why yes, I am a huge Whitney fan, why do you ask?

I also appreciated that they started the episode with just the divas – Mercedes, Santana, Rachel and Kurt – the ones that truly respected Whitney.

And I could very easily go on and discuss each and every cover performed last night.  However, I think I’ve used up all of the interest anyone may have in this subject.  So enough about that!   Rumor has it that Scott will be D-O-N-E with busy season tonight!  It’s still just a rumor and I’ll believe it when I see it.  But here’s hoping!

Almost There…

Dear Busy Season (aka tax season),

How I wish you were over.  You are cruel and unkind and I won’t miss you at all when you are done for 2012.  Because I would like to see my husband more than I did when we were dating.  Which has not happened recently.  All because of you.

Busy Season, if you last past tomorrow – and do not end with a signature, as promised – I do not know what I will do.  Crying will be involved.  And Scott will probably officially turn into a zombie.

We’ve handled you well, but we are at the end of our ropes.  We don’t complain that we never spend an evening together (I’m glad I got so good at cooking for one in my single days).  We don’t complain that I am almost always asleep by the time Scott gets home from work (and I am a night owl!).  Scott manfully accepts when he has to work the entire weekend (even after the pastor has preached about how important it is to keep the Sabbath!  We hear you, JR – this was the last one I promise!).  But there is only so much a couple can take.

We think (and hope and pray) that the end is in sight and that this will all be over in 48 hours.  Please don’t stay past your welcome.  Give me my husband back!


Rebecca (aka The Newlywed Wife of a Certified Public Accountant)

P.S. Speaking of newlywed, I’m missing our honeymoon right about now.  We should go back to Curacao.  And since all posts are better with a picture or two…

It’s Friday, Friday!

Hooray, it’s Friday!  In honor of this special occasion, I thought I’d post a fitting weekend photo.

Champagne!  This is a flight of champagne from a neighborhood restaurant called Uva.  As in “grape” in Spanish – not the other university in Virginia.  Heavens, no.  For those Virginians reading this – you’ll appreciate Scott’s surprise when he saw a charge for “UVA” come up on the credit card 🙂

It is quickly becoming my favorite place to get together with girlfriends.  In fact, I was just there this Wednesday (I had the “popular white” flight – thank you for asking!).  It’s this adorable little wine bar with garden seating in the back.  It’s the best place I’ve found in our neighborhood for wine, cheese, meats and other small plates.

Isn’t the presentation pretty?  I love that I have a place that is starting to become familiar to me.  It feels nice and makes New York seem a little bit more like home!

Building Forts

In the flurry of laundry a few weeks ago, one set of sheets didn’t get fully dry.  Rather than forking over more money to dry them in the shared laundry room downstairs, I just draped them over our kitchen chairs so I could *finally* go to sleep.

And then this happened.

“Wait. Mom. Where am I?”

“What IS this?”

“I’m tired.  Can I have some food?”

That’s my Prince.  I think he would have stayed there all night if  I hadn’t pulled him out.  I wasn’t actually sure if he was enjoying it as a fort or if he didn’t know how to get out…

What Would Robert E. Lee Do?

“What would Robert E. Lee do?”  And so began the rehearsal of my best friend’s wedding, with those wise words spoken by the priest.  A pretty good omen if you ask me.

But lets back up.  Scott and I t raveled by trains, subways and automobiles to Virginia last Thursday night.  It was worth the late night trip, to be in Virginia for all of the festivities that started Friday morning, which included golfing for Scott and my dad and mani/pedis and TONY’S for us girls.  It was such sweet time for both of us to get to be a part of the family and close-friend time that day.  We had that much more fun at the wedding, because we felt like we were with our own family and friends by that point!

I know I live in New York, but I haven’t found anything that compares to the focaccia and greek salad at Tony’s.  Sorry, NYC.

That afternoon, it was time for some rehearsin’.

The Maid and Matron of Honor.  (Scott was on camera duty all weekend.)

The fully-assembled wedding party.  Look at all of those left over Easter flowers!  Quite the lucky coincidence.

Right about then, I’m sure someone goofed off or asked a silly question.  To which the priest replied, “Well, I would just ask yourself, ‘What would Robert E. Lee do?’.”  Which was basically awesome (Lauren’s maiden name is Lee and why, yes, she is related to the General).  So that became my quote of the weekend.

The rehearsal dinner was at Manassas’ finest restaurant, Carmello’s, which serves delicious Portuguese-Italian style food.  It was just family and bridal party, so it was nice and intimate.

I’ve decided my camera has a hard time with indoor shots.  So forgive the orange-y tone in some photos.


The Father of the Groom gave a lovely, heartfelt speech welcoming Lauren into the family.  It was clear that she is very loved and appreciated by the McCarthy family and that they couldn’t be happier she is joining the family.  I mean look at the genuine happiness on everyone’s face!

WEDDING DAY!  I’ll spare you the in-process shots of hair and make up and just show you the finished product.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  Everything was perfection – her dress, her hair, her make up, the flowers…I just wish I could share the professional photos, which do so much more justice than mine!

Keeping to the theme of the weekend, (What would Robert E. Lee do?)  there was a bit of Jim Beam in the limo ride to the church.

Look at the love (and fun) on those faces.  It’s no wonder that Jessie and I were weepy messes for most of the weekend.  The limo ride is when everything sunk in for me.  I think it’s because it was the first time we were all sitting still.  I was watching Lauren and her dad and had this moment in which I realized, “Lauren is in a wedding gown.  I am wearing a bridesmaid dress and we are riding in a limo to the church.  Right now.  These are the few remaining moments of her pre-married life.”  The full weight of the moment settled on me and I lost it.  So I immediately shared my feelings with Jessie, so she could lose it too.  I’m a good friend, yes?

Here I am, walking down the aisle.  I wanted you to see the full effect of the ensemble.  Navy dresses with cream, green and light blue flowers=picture perfect.

I would also like to point out how striking the tan suits with the navy ties were.  The boys looked so handsome!  And look at the hubby go with all of the moments he captured for me!

Let me tell you – that is one heavy bridal bouquet!

Time to party!  Unfortunately, all of the entrance shots were blurry.  Lauren’s brother and Jessie were the only ones that sort of came out.  Which works for me, since it was a pretty spectacular entrance, what with the VT flag and all.

My entrance involved a spin and a curtsy/bow.  Simple, yet well-received, I’d say. 🙂

Watching the Bride and Groom’s first dance.

Lauren and her dad danced to Trace Adkin’s, “Just Fishin.”

Half way through the song, this happened…Out came a baseball hat, complete with a Trace Adkin’s ponytail attached.

Never have the  words of Truvy (aka Dolly Parton) from Steel Magnolias been more true: “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.”

There my husband goes again – getting those detail shots for me 🙂

Cutting of the pie.  Please note the “cuppies” – those are not cup cakes!  There was banana cream, apple, chocolate, pecan, and more than I can remember right now.

Family!  We were all there and don’t we look nice?  Mom was representing my wedding colors- she wore the grey dress from my rehearsal dinner, plenty of sparkle on her ears, and topped it off with one of my hot pink wedding pashminas!  Loved it.

My sisters.

Party time!

Dancing and singing along to Hank Williams Jr.’s “Family Tradition.”  Lauren called this her family’s quest to show how red neck they were.  I don’t judge, since I was right there with them.  I just call it a good time.

We then did the Hokie Pokie and had a Virginia Tech family photo. ❤

And on that note, we come to the end of the pictures from the night.  There are so many moments we couldn’t capture, but the day was full of love, family, Virginia Tech, and celebration.  I think everyone  had a great time and I couldn’t be happier for Lauren and Hugh.  Go Hokies!