What I Learned in March

I really enjoyed the “What I Learned” post in February so I’m back!  Here is what I learned in March.

1. The entrance to the old terminal at JFK – which now houses only the commuter flights – is straight out of the early ‘6o’s era. It was very Pan Am, art deco chic.  It feels like you are walking back in time when you pass from the car drop off to the ticket counter.

JFK TerminalI fully expected to see these ladies.

Pan Am

2. Daylight savings – how I hate the dark, dreary mornings. But when you take a long train home and suddenly you get to see the sunsets instead of riding home in pitch black every day?  Not too shabby.Sunset


3. Sectional couches are THE BEST.

New Couch

4. This isn’t new, but I was reminded that flowers are always, hands down, the best part of any event.Event Flowers5. Incidentally, flowers are also a great way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid.  I’m a bridesmaid in my friend Maria’s wedding – which is taking place in VEGAS y’all! Rumor has it that the dresses are going to be bling-y.Bridesmaid Flowers6. I learned that I am not a huge fan of doing events in Philadelphia.  I did an event there this weekend and the staff I had to deal with at every turn were un-helpful and full of attitude.  I do apologize to Philadelphians out there.  I would welcome a chance to see a different side of Philly.

I also had to schlep A LOT.  And grown men (that I was paying!) stood by and watched as my colleague and I lifted and moved 25 heavy boxes in and out of a loading dock.  What type of man does that without offering to help!?  It was terrible.

Jeep 1

But the Jeep was a champ.Jeep 2


This Week I Reached a Milestone

On this glorious, sunny Friday (it’s Friday!!!), I thought I would take a moment to celebrate a milestone.  A commuting-person milestone, that is.  Despite my best efforts to make it to work early for a call, I failed miserably.  I had to take a client call half on the train and half  crouched over in Penn Station.  There were fires on wires and other Dr. Seuss-ical nightmares that made New Jersey Transit all sorts of late and messed up.  And I made my sleep-deprived husband get up to catch a train BEFORE 7 AM in order to get into work well in advance of my call.  I wouldn’t have bothered if I had known how the morning would go.  I was literally dodging homeless people and fast-walking commuters while trying to sound professional.  It was NOT glorious.

Blasted train.


In other news, this morning’s commute – on the boat – went much smoother, thank you very much.

BoatI hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  I have parties o’ plenty this weekend.  Good bye party tonight (our friend is leaving for London! I’m green with envy) and engagement party tomorrow for my dear friend, Maria.  Spoiler alert: I’m a bridesmaid!  Woo woo!


Luck o’ the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to ya! The Fitzgeralds (get it? We’re Irish…wink, nudge) celebrated our first St. Patrick’s Day as suburban homeowners by being true joiners and helping out at the local parade.

Why yes, those are shirts that say ‘Marshal’ on them.  Yes, I did wear it in public. Under a jacket.
StPats We got up bright and early and joined Scott’s parents at the fire house, where the chief (my father-in-law, not the fire chief) was dressed to impress.  His Loud Mouth pants certainly made it easy to direct traffic.  “Look for the man in the rainbow pants. You can’t miss him!”StPats3Who me?

We were in charge of checking-in all non-marching acts. StPats12

So basically, the military, fire departments and antique cars. As a former dancer who has danced in her fair share of St. Patrick’s day parades, I was a bit bummed we weren’t in charge of the marching acts!StPats10

When everyone was lined up we hustled over to the parade route so we could actually watch the parade.StPats11 We really spent most of our time at the parade with friends and family.  And we might have made fun of the terrible parade announcer.  Note: do not ask if you can drink on the job while you are wearing a mic.

With the weather warming up (sporadically, at best) we are starting to see our people more often.  It definitely feels like a light at the end of the tunnel of this long, cold winter.

Our cousin’s daughter – sweet Julia.  I said, ‘Lets take a selfie!’ and she immediately posed with me. Ha! She’s so fun.
StPats4 After the children left the adults had some play time.

StPats9StPats5 I have one Guinness a year. This was it.  And it was good.StPats6 Happy St. Patrick’s Day! StPats8

Existential Earring Crisis

Is it wrong that I have an internal panic attack whenever I (rarely) realize I forgot to wear earrings? That happened this morning. Walking into the train station this morning the wind blew my hair back.

And my hair didn’t catch on anything.

Gasp! I forgot earrings! I may have actually muttered that out loud. (I can’t be sure…)

And the thought that made me feel better was not anything related to “it doesn’t matter” or “no one will notice or even care.” Both of which I realize are true statements.

No. It was “I think I have a pair in the bottom of my purse!”

Once I was safely on the train I dug as only a person with a massive purse on a mission can.



A cute pair that is a bit heavy for my unevenly pierced, small ears. Hence being in my purse. But they’ll do in a pinch.

Why am I so weird about earrings? I honestly feel exposed without them. Other than my wedding rings, all other jewelry is optional. Preferred, surely, but still optional. Something about earrings just makes me feel put-together and ready for the day.

Please tell me I’m not the only one with a slight jewelry issue out there.

Thank goodness it’s Thursday. Can’t wait for the weekend!

My Favorite Moments of the Oscars

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in watching the Oscars last night.  Although I did watch them alone.  Scott decided turning in early was preferable to watching the red carpet coverage.  To be fair, I was flipping back and forth between The Little Mermaid and the red carpet.  Neither are especially man-friendly.  He stayed long enough for me to feed him before leaving me to complete control of the couch and the remote.

I think he made the right call, as the show definitely skewed toward my end of the gender-spectrum.  I had to head to bed around 11:15 so I may have missed something at the end. But here are my favorite moments of the night.

1.  Julia Roberts raising her hand for a slice of pizza.  Love that girl.

2.  Bette Midler.  I don’t care who you are, that woman’s voice hasn’t changed a bit and her theatricality is fantastic.

3.  What is it about Whoopi Goldberg? She can make announcing the next performer sound like a beautiful, moving poem.

4.  Liza Minnelli is just so gloriously crazy.  When the winner for best supporting actress was announced (Lupita Nyong’o), Liza jumped up to hug her.  Who did you hug after you won your first Academy Award? Oh you know, all of the important people that contributed to my success, like my brother, my director, Spike Lee, my co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor.  And Liza Minnelli.  Because Liza does what she wants.

5.  When did Pink become a serious artist? She was all over the grammy’s and now the Oscars. I never realized.

6.  The picture that crashed twitter.  How much would a paparazzo kill for a photo with Angie, Brad, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Kevin Spacey?

7.  Ellen in a Glenda the Good Witch dress. Enough said.