Ten Months

Our girlies had a big month! Their Aunt Megan got married and they were the world’s cutest flower babies in the wedding.  They went on their second set of flights to Savannah and got to meet almost all of my extended family.  They did incredibly well with all of the new people, being way off schedule all the time and loved the wagon they rode down the aisle in.  They started giggling as soon we put them in it during the rehearsal.


Leila pulled herself up to standing on Easter day surrounded by my cousins.  I was in the kitchen, of course and came running after hearing a bunch of shouts.  DSC01890

She is constantly pointing with her pointer finger.  She tries to pick up food with just her pointer finger and touches everything – my nose, my cheeks, pulls in the rug, cheerios, all the toys and her sisters eyes – with it.  DSC01892

Her new favorite facial expression is pursing her lips, scrunching up her nose and turning her face up to us.DSC01893

She mastered drinking from a sippy cup.  Tip: just buy the take & toss from the grocery store.  We wasted money on lots of different types and none of them worked.  DSC01895

She still loves reading and turns the books’ pages now.  Oddly enough, both of the girls constantly kick their feet.  Leila alternates her legs, while Blake kicks both in and out at the same time.DSC01897

Not to be outdone by her sister, Blake pulled herself up to standing right after Leila.DSC01898

She started waving at the wedding rehearsal and does it all the time now.  She particularly enjoys waving to our cat, Prince.  We’re even mostly convinced she tries to say “Kitty” when she sees him. When we ask “Where’s the kitty?” her head whips around to Prince, she starts waving at him and whispers “Kkeeyyy.” DSC01900

She’s so sweet.  When we play peekaboo, she leans her head into my hand.  She also likes to touch foreheads with Leila and nuzzle into her. DSC01904

She likes to constantly blow raspberries.  She also puts her arms out to her sides and leans forward.  It looks like she’s making an elaborate bow.DSC01905

She suddenly has major food dislikes, complete with a scrunched up face, gagging and shaking her head “No.”  DSC01908