Our babies are a full year old!  We celebrated with a party this weekend with all of our family and friends. The girls are so loved and were just a tad spoiled, if I’m honest.  Today is a quiet day full of their favorite foods, playing, waking them up by singing “Happy Birthday” and taking a picture on the exact minute they turn one!


Leila Grace


Leila’s top 4 teeth are just starting to poke through.IMG_0820

Her hair is getting redder and starting to curl!  It’s longest on the crown and back of her head so she has a bit of a cockatoo hair do going on, in the cutest way. IMG_0821

Her emotions are always right on the surface and she seems to walk a line between wailing and laughing.  It doesn’t take much to go from one extreme to the other.IMG_0822She’s so sweet, loves eating and being held.  Once she is used to a new situation, she takes off and doesn’t stop.  IMG_0823

Blake Evangeline

IMG_0824Blake is so very close to walking.  She tools around on push toys and barely holds our hands when we help her along.IMG_0825

She is waving, clapping and holds up one finger to tell you she’s one.IMG_0826

She’s a sweetie, but with an independent and stubborn streak.  For example, she prefers to feed herself, so she grabs the spoon from me and growls if I don’t give it to her. Or she spits out pieces of food I feed her so she can then put them in her mouth herself.IMG_0827

We are done with our monthly photo updates, and I think all three of us are pretty relieved, because it is getting hard to keep them still and focused.

They are off and running!IMG_0828

This has been the best year of my life.  As emotional as I’ve been over the past week about how much time has passed and losing a tangible connection to my girls (they have fully transitioned to cow’s milk), I am so happy to see them thriving and happy.  I love watching them learn, grow and become their own little people.

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