Things I Learned in April

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In April, I learned…

1. I love my dryer.

2. Scott and I taught ourselves how to replant hydrangeas. And oak leaf hydrangeas. And azaleas. And Japanese Andromeda.  We also learned that we have hydrangeas, azaleas and Japanese Andromeda.  To name a few.

3. All of the digging up and replanting How much easier it is to tear apart your yard than the inside of your house. It seems more resilient and less precious somehow. And our house just happened came complete with full grown plants to rearrange.

R Planting

4. Easter dinner is WAY easier to prepare than Thanksgiving dinner. More on that later.

5. I love living here! I mean, I enjoyed the winter.  Cozy nights by the fire and all that. However.  Beach. Beach and sun win every time.  Even yard work is amazing in the warm weather.

S&R Beach

Prince loves it too.

Prince Outside

6. Rachel Zoe has a “daily dose of glamour” email. I signed up. I usually try to be discerning about what I read and take in.  Just like you “are what you eat.”  But I can’t help myself! I thoroughly enjoy Ms. Zoe and always love the celebrities she styles.  Kate Hudson, hello.

7. And lastly, I learned that Shakespeare is definitely meant to be experienced live.  I’d heard it before, but I’ve never seen one of his plays live.  A few weekends ago I went to the New York Shakespeare Exchange’s ShakesBEER.  Basically professional actors performing scenes from Shakespeare, live in a bar. Several bars in a bar crawl actually.  The scene I saw was hilarious!  And I know if I had read it in a book I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much out of it.  As it was, I couldn’t stop laughing.  ShakesBEER


You Know You Live in New Jersey When…

I can barely bring myself to type this. It’s just too much.

You know you live in New Jersey when…you receive an email from your hair salon (which you’ve frequented twice) touting the fact that they were recently featured on a wedding TV show. A wedding show which happened to feature a cast member of The Jersey Shore! “Yay, hooray US!” they said.


I can’t.

Being on a wedding show or TV in general? That is cool, I’ll admit and I’d brag too. But for the love!? Who wants to brag about or perpetuate those people??  I had to laugh as I read the email. Sigh. I’m not in Kansas Virginia New York, anymore.

I’m going to have to do some serious soul-searching before I decide where my locks will be cut next.


I bought two new bathing suits in anticipation of vacations and living near the beach for the first time in my life. I washed said bathing suits so they’d be ready to go. Our dryer is broken (insert grumpy homeowner face). So my loads of laundry have been a random assortment of “what will we need to wear this week and what can wait.” So I was washing Scott’s work pants and threw my bathing suits in just because I wanted them.

As I was pulling the load out to hang to dry on various surfaces around the house I noticed a blue, inky, accountant-y pen in the bottom of the dryer. Ooooh Scott Michael, you need to empty your pockets!!! The pen was closed and I didn’t immediately see any splotchy blue clothing. I was wary but went about my business.

Until I found THIS.


Uuuuughh. And not a spot on Scott’s pants. (Which is actually a good thing, I know.) But what is ironic about this?

The other bathing suit I bought is a solid color. Called INK BLOT…

A dark navy blue which would have hidden a dark blue accountant pen ink blot. Oh irony, you cruel fiend.

So. Do I buy a new bathing suit bottom? Or deal with it?

The Best Outfit I Ever Wore

I like to think of my corner of the bedroom as my dressing area.  I have big plans for pretty mirrors and girl-ifying.  We may end up turning that area into a master bathroom, but that is years down the road and momma’s gotta add some pink and sparkle where she can!

So my first project in my dressing area was to order some canvas prints of the detail shots from the best outfit I ever wore.  My wedding dress, obviously.

Oh my, I love it!

Dressing Area

Dressing Area 3Dressing Area 2Dressing Area 4Between these and the larger canvas I ordered of Scott and I for the living room I may be tapped out for wedding photos in our house.  But this eye candy makes me smile.  And encourages me to keep putting things on the wall to make our home our own. It’s quick and easy and warms the room right up.

Next up – I want to paint the vanity.  A friend suggested shiny black paint, almost like lacquer. I also could go glossy white.  There is such detail on this desk, I want to do it up right.  I’d welcome thoughts.