Eleven Months

Our girlies are so big and fun.  They are full of personality and love to play.

They both started clapping all on their own.  Because they are so active and hate sitting still, bath time has gotten super stressful for me! I’m basically trying to make sure two slippery little babies don’t climb out of the tub and knock their head!  And nothing makes them more wiggly and giggly than bath time for some reason.

Blake Evangeline

Blakey girl loves to dance.  She will start bopping around to anything even sort of resembling music.

She is pretty independent at home but at the play place we go to, she is content to sit and play with one toy near me the whole time.DSC01914

She got her top two teeth and I was so glad when they broke through.  She had a runny nose for weeks!DSC01919

If she isn’t paying attention, she can stand without holding onto something.  But then she realizes she isn’t holding on and immediately sits down.DSC01921

She likes to lean her forehead against us and nuzzle.  It’s the sweetest thing.  She puts her forehead against mine and Scotts and will also try to nuzzle Leila.  Leila clearly has no idea whats going on, so Blake usually ends up nuzzling the back of Leila’s head or her back.DSC01924

Leila Grace

Miss Leila had to have a hearing test this month, after failing a hearing exam at her 10 month appointment.  Her hearing is just fine.  Scott says she just chooses not to listen to us.DSC01930

When we are at the play place, she is on the go!  She wants to explore everything, which is so surprising, because she seems to be a momma’s girl at home and doesn’t want to be put down.DSC01934

She snorts when she cries hard, belly laughs (her belly laughs are amazing) or if she gasps in delight.DSC01935

She has started to shake her head no. She doesn’t seem to actually be saying no to anything, she just likes to shake her head and laughs if we mimic it back.DSC01936

Leila is also starting to dance more often, but it’s more of a side to side shimmy while throwing her arms back and forth.DSC01937

They are just the best.