Exhausted…but Full of Lobster

Scott and I got back from a mini Maine vacation yesterday afternoon.  We promptly sat on the couch, ordered food and watched 24 on Netflix all evening.  We had the best time, but what is it about vacation that makes you more tired than when you left?!

So while I drag myself to work and continue sorting through all of the pictures I took, please enjoy these snippets.

Does it get any more “Maine” than this?

Of course, the best part was spending time with family.

It didn’t hurt that Maine is beautiful.  Even on the overcast days, the sun would always manage to peek out for a beautiful sunset.

Oh yes, and the lobster didn’t hurt, either.

Back with more tomorrow!

Family, Old Friends, Greek Salad…

I cannot live without these three things.  And I got a bit of all of them this weekend in Virginia.  While on our Jersey Shore stay-cation, Scott and I hatched a plan to go to Virginia.  We hadn’t been since April and didn’t have  another trip on the horizon.  So we whipped out our iPhones and saw that we had  only one free weekend  left in the entire summer.  Le sigh.  So we sent out a few e-mails and miraculously, almost everyone would be in town that weekend!  Woot!

Friday night we rolled off the bus and right over to Lauren and Hugh’s.  They had graciously offered to host so that we could see everyone at the same time, and it worked out perfectly.  We had some of our favorites there.

Old friends.  And now married ladies.  If only our first grade selves could see us now.

Jessie, Troy and Dexter Dog.

Sweet Maria.

We had fun just hanging out, catching up, and eating pimento cheese, of course.  Oh yes, and a Just Dance marathon ensued.

I love Dexter watching his parents.

Maria and Josh.

The rest of the photos weren’t so hot, but there were some epic dance offs.  I barely made it out alive with all of my limbs in tact after dancing with Hugh.

One of my favorite parts of our visit was having a lazy Saturday morning like we used to when Lauren and I lived together.  We made a big breakfast and talked about the merits of getting married (i.e. having a registry) and having a beautifully outfitted kitchen.  It’s wonderful to have friends that can fit right back together, as if you didn’t move to New York immediately after your honeymoon.

Saturday afternoon brought this little sweet thing! We visited our dear friends, Megan and Michael, and their beautiful little girl, Carmen.

As the first of our friends to start a family, it’s been so wonderful to see Megan and Michael become the best parents and transform their lives for Carmen.  We just wish we were around more often so we could see them more – and maybe babysit, too.

You know I always love seeing this sight.

We had the rest of the evening with my parents.  Definitely not enough time, but they were so understanding about sharing their time with us.  And they took us to Tony’s  – that’s how you know they love us. 🙂

Oh greek salad, how I’ve missed you.

We spent our time doing normal family things.  I scavenged in my parents basement for furniture I can take and makeover one day.  You know, when I have more then 5 extra square feet of space.  Mom and I also looked at wedding pictures galore.  Even after you get married, no one loves you quite like your mom does.  It’s so nice to have someone willing to pore over wedding photos and discuss the merits of different pictures at length.  Scott barely made it through round one of the album proof, bless his heart.

We rounded out our visit by attending our old, beloved Church and having lunch with as many of our friends as we could.  It was such sweet time to catch up with that family before catching our bus back home.

Oh yes, and Carmen was the star of the show, of course.

Three of my favorites.  My almost-brother, my dad and my husband.  I love that they all get along so well.

Thank you to everyone who made some time for us this weekend, we had the best time!

Shore Shower

A few weekends ago, I went to bridal shower for my friend Liz at a beach club on the Jersey Shore.  It was a beautiful day with the breeze was flowing through all of the open windows and doors.  It made it a perfect day to celebrate Liz and Ryan’s upcoming wedding.

Our view of the ocean.  After the shower, I wanted to pretend I was a member of the beach club and just slip on out to sit under one of those pretty, striped umbrellas…

Because I like sharing the fun ideas from showers for future mothers, sisters and friends with showers to plan (like the American Girl doll turned Bride at this shower), I would like to bring you the “Tree of Wishes.”

Everyone had an assigned seat with a pretty, little leaf as the place card.

You then wrote your well-wishes and advice on the back of the place card and tied it to the tree, creating a tree of wishes for Liz and Ryan.

My wish may have included that they have good neighbors…with the last name Fitzgerald.  And I can safely reveal this because it already came true!  They will be moving in not far from me and Scott near the end of the summer!

Liz said that she and Ryan had a great time reading all of the wishes later that night over dinner with both of their families.  I like things that can extend the celebration beyond the actual shower and bring the groom and dads in on the fun.

There’s the bride, surrounded by her sister and future sister-in-law, learning how her fiancé  had answered a few questions about her.  I think her smile says it all.

Hope you enjoyed it, Liz!  We are all so glad we have become close and got to share your special day with you.

Central Park-ing

A little while back, Scott and I spent a very hot Saturday at Central Park with oh, about half of New York City.  Our good friend, Leslie, was moving out of the city back to New Jersey.  I’m so bummed she won’t be right around the corner.  Luckily she’ll be close by in the good ol’ Jerz.  To send her off right, we all gathered to spend the day in Central Park.

And I do mean we ALL gathered.

I would highly recommend an afternoon in Central Park to anyone.  However, I may have asked Scott one thousand three hundred and eleven times “Are you sure we’re going the right way?”

Navigating Central Park after the easy, straightforward grid of the city streets is a nightmare!  Especially in the blazing heat.  I was a sweat-soaked brat by the time we got there.  Luckily, we were parked under the shade and I quickly got a cool beverage in my hand.  Everything was looking up from there!

Scott’s main goal of the day was to toss a football.  Luckily for him, someone brought one.

He and three of his high school football teammates back together again.


Is Scott doing karate?

We’ll miss you, Leslie!  It was a great afternoon with everyone and we should do it again before the summer is over.

Staycation-Vacation to the Shore

The day after the Fourth, Scott and I cleaned (and cleaned) up the apartment from the party.  But that’s not the fun part.  After that, we packed up our beach towels and hopped a train to the shore!  We aren’t going to be able to take any real vacations with just the two of us this summer, so we decided to do a long weekend at Scott’s parents house down the shore while they were on their own getaway.

I’m SO glad we did!  Getting out of the city made me realize that I was totally missing summer, as I used to know it.  Being back in the ‘burbs I got to enjoy the smell of all of the greenery, freshly-mown grass and the feel of the breeze on my face during the evening.  I hadn’t even realized that I didn’t have any of those things in the city.

I first realized what I had been missing when we played the tourist and went to a scenic overlook where we could see the whole NYC skyline.

We were in a park and the smells of a summer evening just hit me.  It was wonderful.   Nearby there is a memorial to those that lost their lives on 9/11 from Monmouth County, where Scott grew up.

It has been sobering moving to the New York area and seeing how much the attacks on 9/11 are still affecting this area.  What struck me about this memorial was how many people were lost in Monmouth County – and how many of them were Irish.  I hadn’t realized how large the Irish population is in this area.  It shouldn’t be surprising, seeing how I married one of them.

The next two days we spent at the beach, eating at little beach restaurants and enjoying the quaint downtown scene in Rumson.

Scott got burned on day one and we had to go buy him an umbrella.  It’s amazing it took us this long to get one.

On our date night we went to a new restaurant called Dish.  It was very yummy and it was a real treat going out to a nice restaurant.  After dinner, we walked around the adorable downtown area and I visited the store where we bought my wedding shoes!  I wish I could buy all of my shoes here…

Thank you for our mini vacation-staycation, honey!  I had fun with you 🙂

Celebrating ‘Mmmerica

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July!  We certainly did. Although it was weird for for me having the holiday in the middle of the week.  I’m not complaining, I just wish we automatically got Thursday and Friday off too!

To celebrate, we hosted a cookout for our friends.  It was our first warm-weather gathering and it was definitely a change to have the use of the outdoor space.

Everyone contributed a little (or a lot of) something.  We had so many types of burgers, sausages, marinated chicken and skewers.  Oh man, did we have skewers.  And this picture doesn’t even show the veggies.

Scott manned the grill and did a fantastic job juggling everything.  It was nice having someone to share in the cooking duties…not to say I didn’t contribute my fair share of the goods.  Such as peach and blackberry pie.

And panzanella, margarita punch and bacon-wrapped, cream cheese-stuffed jalapeños.  Mmmm.

Oh, and we definitely weren’t lacking for flags.

And most importantly, we had plenty of good friends!  Red, white and blue, American flag framed sunglasses and seersucker ruled the day.


As always, Prince got in on the fun.

It was so great to have so many people join us.  We relaxed, enjoyed some adult beverages and forgot that we are grown ups working in New York City for a little while.

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that we stayed in and didn’t walk to the West Side to see the fireworks.  It was just so blazing hot out!  Everyone was happy to enjoy the air conditioning rather than walking miles out of our way.

Here’s to our first Fourth of July as a married couple!  It was a good one.

The Brooklyn Cyclones

What’s more fun than a minor league baseball game at Coney Island on a Friday evening in the summertime?  Not much!

On Friday night, Scott and I hopped on the Subway with some of my coworkers and took a looong ride out to Coney Island to see the Brooklyn Cyclones play.  As usual, I didn’t watch a single minute of the game yet I had the best time. It’s a great little stadium, right on the boardwalk.

Happy husband, watching the Mets farm team.

Such a fun group.

There was a fireworks display after the game.  We aren’t sure if we’ll be able to see the show on the Fourth, so I was glad to soak it up.

After the game, we walked the boardwalk.  To make a long story short, I saw The Cyclone and immediately knew that I wouldn’t be happy if I left without riding it.  I haven’t been on a roller coaster in years and it has been TOO LONG.

Scott was game, and luckily so were two of our friends.  Having friends to ride with somehow makes it more fun.

I love old, wooden roller coasters and The Cyclone didn’t disappoint.  You can probably tell from the joy/terror on my face.

We really enjoyed Coney Island and are glad we went and experienced it.  It is such an iconic place and we live close enough to make an evening trip there.  One more thing to love about New York City.  But halfway through our 1,305 hour ride home, we decided we would wait a little while before going again 🙂