MDW. Memorial Day Weekend.

Well, I’m a bit late with this, but it’s worth mentioning Memorial WeekendWe got away for Memorial Day Weekend!  Wooo!  Friday afternoon, Scott and I packed up our bathing suits and (not enough) sunscreen and hopped in a car bound for Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  And miracle of miracles, we got there with barely any traffic.  Our friend, Dana, kindly invited some friends to her family’s beach house for the weekend.

We grilled out, went to the beach, played games, laughed, loved America, and generally had a great time.

American class.

Tough guys, manning the grill.

We grilled out on Saturday night and went out to a restaurant in town on Sunday.  We all agreed that grilling out was far superior.  There’s just something about it.  The girls don’t have to do all of the cooking for one thing.

You get to see men in oven mitts.  (And people photo bombing the photo in the background.)

Speaking of men doing the cooking…is this right?

No probably not…sweet Ricky, keeping the corn safe from the raging fire.

On both Saturday and Sunday, we had GORGEOUS beach weather.  Sunny, with a slight breeze to keep you cool.  The ocean was freezing, but we were able to take a dip both days.  After cold, rainy New York, we could not have been more grateful.

We took a walk down to the boardwalk (and saw the public area of the beach).  Umm, look at all of those umbrellas.  Dana, we definitely appreciated the private beach!!

Did I mention that we had access to a private beach?  Pretty blue umbrellas all in a row with beach chairs underneath = amazing.

Sunday night before heading into town we had a bit of a photo shoot.

Our hostess, Dana and Ricky.

Billy and Kim.

And of course, the old, married folks.  Oh wait, that would be us.

Please notice Scott’s poor feet.  He missed my, “Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your feet,” memo.

I love these photos.  So pretty, so “Americana”.

I particularly love the photo of the boys.  Aren’t they so handsome?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and took some time to remember everyone that has served, or is serving, in our military.  We have it pretty great in America.   And it is thanks to those that are willing to put their life on the life for our freedom and way of life – even if it does involve New Jersey themed T-Shirts.

Random Musings

Over the past few months, I’ve taken a few pictures that didn’t make it into a post and aren’t worthy of a whole post of their own.  So I’ve decided to pull them all together for a random assortment of fun.

I was feeling pretty sick (or puny as my mother would say) last week.  So it was up to my dear husband to make dinner.  I coached him through making a homemade pizza from the couch and this is what we ended up with.

Scott and I love oysters.  So we thought we would enjoy a Bloody Mary oyster shooter.  Wrong.  But here we are blissfully unaware of what was about to happen to us.

Here is Scott sweetly carrying many bottles of wine through the streets of New York.  It was the second half of a very wine-tastic wedding gift!

And here is Prince, claiming ownership of the entire box.  Please notice his devil ears and his eyes warning all others to stay away from his wine.

Me and my coworkers raising a toast at a lunch time engagement party for our Director.  We had a delicious Mediterranean tapas style lunch.

This is my cat – sitting on a piece of cardboard rather than letting his precious white paws touch the dirt outside.

“No photos please.”

And here is one of my favorite views over the Jackie O Reservoir.  I usually only see it before the sun comes up.  Isn’t she pretty in the afternoon?

Happy  Wednesday!

The Boys are Back in Town

This past weekend was a Jersey weekend for us.  Calling all black eyeliner and hoop earrings!  Just kidding!  It was an absolutely lovely, classy weekend.

Two of our dear friends, Leslie and Stu are engaged and getting married in December.  We all gathered in The Jersey this weekend for their engagement party.  The party itself was held at the Leslie’s parents home.  The weather was beautiful, so we were able to be outside for the entire event.

With Scott and his friends, nothing can ever just be simple or uneventful.  If there is a chance for a laugh or to raise a few eyebrows, they are all over it.  So I wasn’t surprised when a plan was concocted to surprise their long time friend, Stu.   My husband and two friends, Ricky and Christopher, decided to wear something…sort of special.

Why yes, those are matching outfits, highlighted by powder pink pants.  To be honest, it could have been much worse.

But the dancing and posing that followed…well, I’ve never been prouder.

Christopher, is that ballet you’re doing?

There are literally 1,203,847 more photos in this series.  I decided to spare you and only post two.

Stu handled it quite well, considering the number of his future in-laws at the party.

Oh, geez.

Oh wait, this party was about Stu and Leslie, not the three stooges, right?  Here they are!

Leslie looked amazing in her yellow dress and orange high heels.  She was every bit the beautiful, gracious bride.  I loved being a bride – it’s such a fun time.

After the sun went down, we all headed to a local watering hole.

Lets just say a fun time was had by all.  I loved  seeing the boys (almost) all back together in their home town having a good time.

The pants continued to be a real treat.

Gotta have one of these.

I seriously love these guys (and girls).  I could not have asked for better friends to marry into.

Our First Backyard Cookout!

Who’s excited about our backyard area and having a grill?  This girl (and her husband)!

Even though Scott and I have started using our outdoor space, there is just something about having friends over that makes it really feel like summer is right around the corner. So I was so excited to have our friends, Ricky and Dana, over for dinner last week.  Rick and Scott have been friends for, oh, ever and was a groomsman in our wedding party. His beautiful girlfriend, Dana, is one of my favorite New York City ladies AND our much-appreciated cat sitter!  (We can’t thank her enough).

Don’t they look like they came straight from a yacht?

Since we obviously needed to grill at least part of the meal, I turned to the adorable grill master himself, Bobby Flay.  And he did not disappoint.  We had his Korean Grilled Chicken with the Bibimbap rice on the side.  Scott masterfully grilled the chicken, zucchini and mushrooms.

I took care of the rest.

The finished (delicious) product!

Even better than the food was getting to spend time with friends.  In perfect weather, no less.

One four-legged member of our party didn’t have as much fun until we bent our “No Prince Outside” rule.  And then he chased bugs to his heart’s content.  He knows how to lay on the guilt.

I foresee many more evenings spent this way in our future.  Doesn’t it just look so cozy and inviting?

Jessie and Troy!

I can’t seem to post on the blog to save my life!  Scott has been back on a normal schedule, I traveled to San Antonio for work last week and life is just happening!

However, I have to take a moment to talk about the fabulous visitors that were here waiting for me last weekend when I got home from Texas.  It was our good friends, Jessie and Troy!!

Jessie and I met during week numero uno of college in the freshman dorm.  She lived across the hall from Lauren and me and the rest is history 🙂  They came up last Friday.  Scott, lucky man that he is, got to spend more time with them than I did, since I didn’t get home until Saturday afternoon.  But we lost no time catching up, enjoying the weather in our backyard and making our way to my new favorite restaurant, Uva.

Here we are with our flights of wine. at Uva  Twelve glasses of wine + four people = a fun evening.

The night continued dinner while watching the Caps vs. Rangers game during dinner.  Oh and some sangria happened.

Unfortunately (for Jessie, Troy and all Caps fans) the Caps weren’t victorious.  It was a pretty fantastic dinner all the same.  A

Happy boys at the sports bar.

Friends 🙂

We ended the night by dominating the juke box at a local Scottish bar. All in all, we had a great time.  It was so nice for me to spend time with some of my old Virginia friends here in my new city.  And then on Sunday morning we got some delicious New York breakfast bagel sandwiches and took them for an impromptu picnic at the East River before our sweet guests had to head out.

We had a great time and you guys are welcome back any time!

Happy weekend, everyone!

It’s Official

I am now an official resident of the state of New York.  AND I am officially, 100% a Fitzgerald.  Yes, I finally changed my name on my drivers license.  I changed my social security card ages ago, but had a hard time letting go of my Virginia license.

So yesterday, Scott and I used the best hours of our day off together to wait in the line at the DMV.  Nice date, wouldn’t you say?  But now it’s done!  And while digging out all of the documents we needed, I found this gem!

Sweet, little ten year old Scott’s passport!  I just love his proud, little face and the scribbly signature.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Family and Phantom Fun

My parents visited us this weekend!  It was the first time they’ve been up to New York since we moved…six whole months ago.  And we had a lovely time.

Since they arrived Friday afternoon, obviously Thursday was a cleaning frenzy.  Which meant Prince was in a frenzy to get away from the vacuum cleaner.  I don’t know how his nylon house says safety to him…

We stuck around our neighborhood on Friday night.  My family is very much into seeing what our day-to-day life is like.  So much so that when my sister visited, we went to see the grocery store.  And I showed mom our laundry room.  I’m not kidding.

We introduced them to Scott’s new favorite, Shake Shack, and they weren’t disappointed.  Even though the boys campaigned hard for a German restaurant in which everything on the menu ended in “wurst.”

Then we just walked around the neighborhood.  When we went to the Carl Schurz park, we saw that a lack of fields and grassy areas doesn’t stop the boys and men of New York from having little league football.  It was adorable.  They were just as into it while playing on a large expanse of sidewalk with little orange cones as markers, as if they were under the bright Friday night lights of Texas.

Mom asked if this was where she was going to come watch her grandson play football.  Who said anything about sons?

Dad educating us on the water currents of the East River.

Then, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, we went to my favorite place, Pepe Patron (it sounds French AND like my favorite tequila!) for margaritas.

We had a great night, walking around, chatting and catching up.

The next day was our tourist-y day.  First we went to the TKTS counter at the South Street Seaport.

Where we got these bad boys.

Tickets to see Phantom of the Opera!  I’d never seen it performed on the stage, and my 13 year old self was rejoicing.

We celebrated with the most delicious deep fried pickle spears (what!?).

Oh yes, and while Mom and I shopped, the boys found their way to City Swiggers, a beer lovers dream store.

They settled on these four to try.  I didn’t care for a single one, unfortunately.

Then it was off to dinner and PHANTOM!  Why yes, I did order a signature drink called Primadonna, thank you very much!  (Ten points to anyone who gets the reference.)

The Majestic Theater was beautiful.  I thought it was a great setting for Phantom.

And let me tell you, the show was fantastic. I thought they did a wonderful job.  And the complexity of the set is amazing.  Phantom really is a tour de force of Broadway.

A big thank you to mom and dad!

All in all, we had a great time.  Mom and Dad were wonderful guests and it was so nice to go out of our little comfort bubble of our apartment for the weekend.  They are welcome back anytime!