Fitzgerald Anniversary

Last month we had some Fitzgeralds in the city!  My in-laws both have milestone birthdays and are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary in 2013.  So we had to celebrate!

(Almost) everyone came to the city.  Scott’s brother and sister-in-law left their two little ones at home and Jess and Dan couldn’t make it since they just had the newest member of the family.  We missed them all!

We started by having everyone over to our apartment to grill out and spend low-key time together.

It was {so} fun for me to host a small family gathering.  I cannot wait until we have a larger home and can host whole family get-togethers.  I basically registered for our wedding while dreaming of a 14 person Thanksgiving meal.IMG_5450

So it was a treat for me to host!  IMG_5451

Sisters-in-law!  We had the best time.
IMG_5452We had gotten the Fitzgerald’s a hotel room in the city so they didn’t have to travel home to  New Jersey for the night.  They had a fun view which we got to see when we stopped by to sweep them off to dinner.



We avoided the typical Times Square pre-theater restaurants and went to The Smith in midtown. IMG_5459

We love The Smith.  Great cocktail options and DE-LICIOUS food.

I know Mark and Steph missed their little ones, but I really hope they enjoyed their time in the city.  We absolutely loved getting to share our home with them.IMG_5471

Doesn’t my husband look so handsome with a beard!?  It’s gone now, but he said it’d come back when the weather gets cold again.  I fully approve.IMG_5470

Oh my word. Y’all.  The food.  Deep fried green beans – piping hot, crisp in the middle and just perfect dipped in ranch.  Get them. You won’t be disappointed.IMG_5474


The sign of a good sister-in-law?  Splitting the two best entrees on the menu because you can’t decide.  Pot of mussels (we drank the broth it was so good) and paella.IMG_5476

GirlsEatingAfter dinner it was onto the show!  We chose Rock of Ages for the Fitzgeralds.  I knew it would be a crowd pleaser for the men and women alike.  I mean, when my father-in-law was asked what type of music he wanted played at his retirement party, he replied,

“Anything by Springsteen or Jovi.”

Scott and I were just dating at the time.  I remember thinking I wouldn’t mind hanging out with this family a bit more. 🙂


Lets just say that Rock of Ages isn’t the typical broadway experience. But in the best possible way.  We laughed and danced in our seats through the whole show.  I literally got excited for every song.  IMG_5485

The show let out right across the street from the theater where Tom Hanks is currently performing.  There was a huge crowd gathered and I remembered that some of my friends had seen the play and been able to get Tom’s autograph after the show.  He must be coming out right here!  Steph and I got SO excited.  We joined the crowd and waited.  And waited.  I was ready to call it quits (had to keep up my cool New Yorker facade, right!?) and we were walking back to the Fitzgeralds who were waiting for us with amused patience.  IMG_5487

And then we heard it.  The crowd suddenly started screaming and yelling and Stephanie grabbed my hand and we raced back to get as close as we could.  There was TOM HANKS in all of his mustached glory!  He shook hands and signed autographs for a lucky few.  And the rest of us got to say that we “saw Tom Hanks in real life!”IMG_5490

I can’t imagine what it would be like to cause that sort of fuss every night leaving work.  We left two happy girls.

IMG_5493As great as Mr. Hanks is, I have to say I had more fun with these folks.  It was a GREAT weekend.



Fourth of July Fun

You may remember our not-so-low-key Fourth of July celebration from last year?  Yeah, me too.  Fondly, but lets say I didn’t want to relive it.  So to me, our incredibly low-key Fourth of July this year was perfection.

We spent some time with friends at Central Park with a picnic lunch.Fourth of July Central Park

With Fro Yo after, of course.  What will we do when we don’t live within walking distance of three different frozen yogurt shops??  #spoiledbythecityFourth of July Scott and Becca

Scott and I had our own little barbecue for dinner and then decided to take the last ferry of the night to New Jersey so we could spend the weekend at the beach (“shore”).  IMG_5564


I’ve never taken the ferry at night before, so it was cool to see our pretty city all lit up with her Fourth of July outfit on.


The Freedom Tower.  IMG_5597

It’s almost a must that she sports red, white and blue.



It was incredibly hard to capture our view of the fireworks.  So let me paint you a mental picture.  As our boat rounded the southern part of Manhattan and started to head south, we had a view of the Statue of Liberty on the left and lower Manhattan on the right.  And the fireworks were going off smack dab in between Lady Liberty and the Freedom Tower!  It was so beautiful and it is something I will never, ever forget.

I thought that watching the fireworks in DC several years ago was quintessential “Americana.”  And it is, especially if you are IN the district.  But there was something about watching the fireworks flanked by the Statue of Liberty and the Freedom Tower that made me feel very proud of our country and so grateful to live here.  IMG_5605Hope everyone else took some time to appreciate this great country of ours.  Happy {late} Independence Day!


The Walking Dead. Oh. My.

I have oh so many things to catch up on over here.  I feel like I’ve taken a summer break from blogging.  It’s been nice.  I hope to get some of our recent stories up soon.  But folks.  I felt the need to share about my first experience with The Walking Dead last night.

Scott finally convinced me to watch The Walking Dead with him yesterday.  I am so far behind that band wagon.  In fact, I never thought I would jump on that band wagon.  Because I’m the girl that has to change the channel (or close my eyes/plug my ears) if there is a scary commercial on TV.  So flesh eating zombies?  NO. THANK YOU.

But Scott was hooked and kept telling me that despite the gore, there is a good story line/good characters/I would enjoy it.  So while we were enjoying our Sunday afternoon tradition of sitting on the couch (ahem) I decided to give it a go.  I was transfixed from moment one.  And by transfixed, I mean that half way through the second scene, I turned to him and said, “Oh, so we’re basically going to watch my worst nightmare play out on screen, huh?”

He laughed and said, “Yes.”

During the first serious, grody, gory, scary scene, I turned to him and said “Oh, so you’re cool with doing all of our laundry from here on out, right? Because there is NO WAY I’m ever going in a basement again.”

He just laughed.

And then at the end of the first episode, I said “Well.  I have to watch the second one!”

Scott said we needed to go get frozen yogurt so my stress level/blood pressure could return to normal.  Good man.

I don’t know what it is, but I HAD to keep watching!  I do love a good “end of world” story, but I’m usually more of an Armageddon girl than a flesh-eating zombie fan.

And I thought I was enjoying it.  I was playing it cool.  I closed my eyes (often) to try to prevent having scary images in my head.  Until I woke up at 3 am with horrible images glued to the front of my brain.  I tossed, I turned.  I tried, in vain, to think of other things besides creepy, dead things.  I nudged Scott.  I bumped him.  Nothing was waking this guy up!  Finally, I just tapped him on the shoulder until he woke up and asked, sweetly, if we could cuddle.  I figure he wanted me to watch the show, why should he get to sleep if I couldn’t?  Wife of the year award, I know.

So. Despite having visions of zombies dancing in my head, I think I’m hooked.  I just need to learn how to not get so darn invested in what I’m watching.  I mean, I had some major stress out moments.  And I just kept asking, “But WHY is this happening? How did it START?  Why aren’t they TELLING me!?”

Glowing review, no?  I tried to get a picture to add to this post, but I got uncomfortable looking at the images that came up on the google search.  I can tell this is going to be a love/hate relationship.

Hopefully I get to watch more tonight!

Happy Monday and cheers to a short work week!