The Odd Couple

Lately, my little needy cat has been loving on his dad.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been leaving him so much over the past two weeks and Scott is always the one to come home first?  Or maybe it’s because I have a tendency to curl up in a ball on the couch which equals no lap while Scott tends to lounge on his back which equals a nice full lap?

Whatever the reason, this has been happening a lot lately.

It’s a full on bear hug/face plant.  It comes complete with purring and nuzzling.  And if we didn’t move, I think Prince would stay there all night.

Here we are again.

And again.

While I am happy to share the burden of giving Prince all of the love he needs (which is a lot) I’m actually starting to get a little jealous!  Especially when he literally walks over me in order to get to Scott.  Oh well.  I’m still the one to feed him every morning, so I guess I’ve got that going for me. 🙂

South Carolina!

So after months of the blog being active Rebecca has asked me to have a guest post.  Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry.  Here we go!

In January I was sent to the Palmetto state on my first audit.  While the idea of an audit makes most people cringe I was very excited to get started on my first engagement.  I’ll spare you all with the wonderful details of an audit.

While visiting Columbia I learned one shocking fact.  Not only is it the home to the University of South Carolina but it has great food!  The team was able to take in about six different restaurants from a Brazilian Steakhouse to seafood, but the best meal I had in my two weeks there was a dinner with family.

Rebecca’s Aunt Anong and Uncle Scott live just west of Columbia.  They were very kind to invite me over for dinner.  When I arrived at their home Baby Girl, a very energetic West Highland Terrier, greeted me.


For dinner we had Chicken Satay!  Chicken Satay is a chicken dish that uses curry powder, hot peppers, peanut butter and other various ingredients. Aunt Anong created the sauced from scratch.  I thought I knew what spicy was.  Tabasco sauce has nothing on this curry!


Uncle Scott on the other hand was in charge of cooking the chicken.  This sounds like an average task of throwing some chicken on a grill.  Not in the Burtch house!

Uncle Scott, with the help of his brothers, built an in-table grill!  Usually you can sit and eat at the table while cooking, but since it was mid January we opted to eat inside.Image


After dinner the three of us headed downtown to root on Tebowmania.  (I personally love what Tim Tebow is doing.  Through adversity and name-calling he always remains composed and humble.  We need more men like him in this world.)  The previous week Tebow and the Broncos shocked the NFL with a first play, over time win over the Steelers.  It’s not hard to pull for Tim Tebow and the Broncos as they took on the New England Patriots, but little did I know but Aunt Anong has a bleeding heart for the underdogs.  She was living and dying with each play and unfortunately it was not the Bronco’s finest day as they lost 10-45 (but we all know how the season ended up).


(click to see full size)

Thank you Uncle Scott and Aunt Anong for showing me a good time!

Here are a couple other pictures I took around town:

I probably found the best bar name in all of Columbia.  I believe it’s named after my father-in-law, but I could be mistaken.

Image(click to see full size)

The southern sky lends for a beautiful sunset.  In the middle of the picture is the iconic neon sign for Adluh Flour, which is located in historic Congaree Vista.  Image

(click to see full size)

Have a great week!


California Dreaming

So I’ve been a bit absent from the blogosphere recently.  I’ve missed blogging but I was a bit preoccupied by my first work trip with my new job, which took me to Palm Desert.  It was beautiful and warm!  It’s not been too cold here in NYC, but a balmy 75 degrees was definitely an improvement!!

I took some plane pictures on the way in.  The pilot said we were flying over the Grand Canyon…I think this is it. There was a lot going on down there!

In the midst of all my job duties, I found some time to enjoy the sun and the sights.

Isn’t that a beautiful church?

Pool time!

My favorite part about Palm Desert is the mountains in the distance behind palm trees.  It reminds me of Italy.

While I enjoyed my time there, I was excited to get home and prepare for the next adventure.  More on that later!

The sunset from the plane trip home.

Be on the look out for Scott to make a guest appearance next week!

Happy Friday 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Aka: our first NYC Restaurant Week!  New York’s Restaurant Week ended last Friday.  It actually lasted for 20 days over four weeks, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Restaurant Week.  Which is good, because it gave me time to get my act together and get a reservation or two.  On the recommendation of one of my new co-workers, I made a reservation for Scott and myself at The Hurricane Club.  After making it I realized that our reservation was close (enough) to Valentine’s Day that we might as well make it our V-Day celebration.

The Hurrican club is an Asian/Hawaiian/Fusion type place.  It opened relatively recently and is by far the largest restaurant I’ve been in since we got to the city.  Space is hard to come by here.  There were tropical plants, high ceilings, mood lighting, a full lounge area and the most amazingly delicious aromas wafting around.  It was loud, trendy, full of beautiful people and did I mention loud?

While we had to scream at each other to have a conversation…

Me: “Happy first Valentine’s Day, honey”

Scott: “HUH!?”

…the food was unbelievable.  And my drink came with an orchid in it!

We started with the tuna tartare  (my fav!) and the spicy pork dumplings.  (The picture was too blurry to share.)  Oh and they messed up our order, so we got to try a third appetizer – some sort of spicy shrimp (similar to Bang Bang Shrimp).  I think we definitely benefited from that mistake. 🙂

For dinner, Scott had honey glazed baby back ribs.

I believe the honeycomb-looking things are lotus root.

I had lobster noodles fra diavolo.

Everything was divine.  And uncharacteristically, Scott was willing to share all of the dishes, so we really got to enjoy everything.  He usually prefers to eat only what he ordered, because “he’s already decided on it .”   And apparently he can’t open himself up to new flavors??  Haha.  So it was my lucky night!  Every dish was perfectly flavored and savory.   I would go again but probably not for a romantic dinner.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

The Unparalleled Whitney Houston

I was planning to write about my first experiences with New York City’s Restaurant Week today.  But I didn’t feel right not honoring Whitney.  I grew up listening to – and loving – Whitney Houston.

I know it’s been said a million times in the past two days, but she sang the soundtrack to our lives.  I remember so incredibly well being driven to dance class in our burgundy van, singing along with mom and my sister to I Will Always Love You.  It always made us collapse into giggle fits at Mom hitting her version of the high notes. 🙂

My bestie, Lauren, and I danced to her through our awkward phase(s) and choreographed dances to her fabulous-ness.  And then we carried that into car-dancing from the moment one of us had access to a car.  And we continue our love-affair to this day…cause we’re the queen of the night…oh yeah.

I think Whitney was beautiful, talented and tragic in her own way.  I’m so sad and would have loved to see a true come back and some new songs.  I know I’ll be listening to her a bit more than usual this week.  Here’s to you, Whitney.

A Different Side of New York

So this miraculous thing has happened.  I’m going running a few times a week!  I get up pretty early, like before the sun comes up.  I can’t believe it every time my alarm goes off.  But luckily I have a good running buddy, which really makes all of the difference.  You know I would just turn off my alarm if I wasn’t accountable to somebody!

We go running in Central Park, around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.  I’ve actually really been enjoying the running and how it makes me feel.  And I get to have a bit of nature in my day and see the sunrise on those mornings.

Speaking of the sunrise…

Isn’t that beautiful?  I had to stop, get in the way of the real runners and take a picture.  I like seeing this different, sleepy side of New York.

Super Bowl Sunday!

How bout them Giants?  I hope everyone enjoyed the big game this Sunday.  We hosted our friends and had a great time.  And let me tell you, everyone went all out, whether they were contributing food, dessert or simply Giant spirit.

Scott made sure anyone walking by our apartment would know who we were rooting for.

As promised I wore my special Giants shirt and showed my spirit and support by cooking and cleaning all day. 🙂  I made gumbo, cheese dip and guacamole.

It was so fun to see what people were wearing as everyone started arriving.  I think Liz and Ryan took the cake (and brought some great cupcakes)- they could have passed for Giants Barbie and Ken!  Check out those glasses!

As always, Prince was happy to see Ryan.  Thank goodness Ryan is such a good sport about it.

Stu and Leslie contributed a…board.  I’m sure there was a name for it, but I don’t know what the official term was.  All I know is that we put our names on it and were assigned numbers.  The real news was the board decor!  They had put priceless pictures around the border  and made an entire collage on the back.

Scott and his friends have known each other for a very long time.  And these are some of the funniest, most creative guys I have ever met, so there was a plethora of pictures to choose from.

Lets have a close up, shall we?  Yes, that is a Budweiser in a Giants hat and Eli Manning with a stunning stache.  I love the creativity.

Even the little guy got in on the action.

Here’s the board in its place of honor.

And oh, the food!  I couldn’t move by the end of the night, because I ate so much.  We had gumbo, homemade wings, baked ziti and even Giants cupcakes.  And of course, every chip imaginable.

Yes, that is a second TV set up in the kitchen.

Thanks to Liz for the delicious, fun cupcakes.

Everyone was choosing their cupcake based on their favorite player – I couldn’t tell you anyone’s number so I went for the “G” of “G Men.”

No one was allowed to eat Eli Manning’s number 10 until the end.  Didn’t want to jinx anything 🙂

This is the most people we have had in the apartment to date, but I think it actually worked out pretty well.

Although some people did get creative with their seat choices.

Prince loved all of the people and even found a new friend!  Although he was not a fan of the yelling so would pretty consistently run and hide in the pile of coats on our bed.

The game was a nail biter at the end.  I was taking this picture of Scott but I think Leslie’s face in the background really expresses how we were all feeling.

It was pretty tense in the apartment for that last minute until…


Oh happy day.  Here’s the happy crew.

And we could finally eat the Eli Manning cupcake.  Cheers to you, MR. MVP, number 10.