When Life is Too Much to Handle

I’ve been so terribly absent from the blog.  Which means one of three things.

1. I am too sick to do anything.

2. Life is incredibly and awfully boring.


3. Life is too crazy for me to be able to load pictures and reflect on what is going on.

Two weeks ago, it was the first reason.  But now, I can barely keep up with the perfect storm that is my life.

I think Prince is picking up on my vibe.  Because this describes how I feel right about now.

“Just leave me.  I give up.  I’m just going to lay here for a little while.”


God bless the furball.  He might have had his own stresses too.  Because he’s currently about 8 minutes away from being put in his crate and being taken to the vet.  Pray for us both.

Happy Friday!


The Royal Family Goes to BRUUUUUCE

Ok, I’m officially back from the brink of death.  I don’t know what I had, but it hit me like a Mack truck.  While I was laying on the floor (practically dying) on Sunday  I was so afraid I wouldn’t be better in time for the BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN concert we went to last Wednesday!  Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

We went with our good friends, Ryan and Liz.

But wait, you might be wondering about the title of this post.  Bruce went on a bit late (like, an hour late), so we had some time to kill in the stands.  The very chatty woman sitting behind us started tapping me on the shoulder (insistently) and said “Oh my God!  You look just like Princess Kate!”

At which point, all four of us turned around to see what the heck was going on.  My stalker continued to exclaim over the (perceived) resemblance, until she noticed Liz and started comparing her to Pippa, Kate’s sister.  At this point, her entire party joined in talking about my eyes, my hair, how similar Liz and I looked, etc.  And then Scott joined the fray and was compared to Prince Harry!  Then she started yelling and asking where Prince William was!  Sorry, Ryan, I guess you don’t look like a balding Brit.  🙂  I’d count that as a win.

It was a bit of a show, in and of itself.  It got to the point that she asked to have her picture taken with me and “Prince Harry”.

I wish I was kidding.  Here we are with our adoring public.

At least we had someone we could ask to take our group photo!

Me and my Prince (the non-feline one).

And finally, the main attraction. Nothing but the man, the music and a spotlight.  And a whole lot of amazing musicians.

That is what I love about Bruce – the E Street Band.  A Bruce concert is never just about him.  He’s the star for sure.  The man has energy for days and criss-crosses that stage like it’s, well – his job.  But it’s a family affair.  He knows the level of talent he has up there with him and makes sure to showcase it.

I had chills half the night because of the solos.  Don’t even get me started on the amazing – and huge – horn section.  And the piano and violin were both absolutely beautiful.  And the back up singers!  Pure gospel and soul.  My favorite.

Bruce is never to be outdone, of course.  He’s all about interacting with the fans.  He took requests from posters in the crowd, brought people up on stage to dance with him (or their preferred band member) and went for his classic move of crowd surfing.  There were some “interesting” jumbo screen shots, if you catch my drift.

I think I’ve already proven in this post that I’m a big Bruce fan.  And I’m married to an even bigger fan.  So it was a sad time in our little family when the Big Man, Clarence Clemons, passed away in 2011.  I think all Bruce fans have some sort of story about why they love Bruce and the band, and I’m no exception.  My story has to do with Clarence.

The last time we saw Bruce in concert in late 2010, Clarence wasn’t doing very well.  He sat on a stool throughout the concert but was as amazing as ever on his tenor sax.  At the end of the concert, the rest of the band walked off the stage, but Clarence wasn’t able to do the stairs and had to take a small elevator/lift.  It broke my heart to watch.  But Bruce stayed on stage with him and rode the elevator down with him, just chatting the whole time like nothing was out of the ordinary.  It touched my heart and was, in my opinion, a testament to their friendship and the type of guy Bruce is.

The empty spotlight was for the Big Man.

Bruce totally made up for starting an hour late by playing for four hours.  No one could say we didn’t get our money’s worth.  We talked about all of the songs we wanted on the car ride to the concert and he hit almost every single one.

The hour long encore was by far the best part.  We fist pumped, did our best Courtney Cox “Dancing in the Dark” impressions, and got to see a chill-inducing Clarence Montage smack dab in the middle of “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out”.  After every song in the encore, I thought, “Now I can leave happy…no wait, NOW I can leave happy!”

And then there were fireworks!!!  And then I REALLY could leave happy.

My tired legs, feet and throat were NOT happy the next morning, but it was totally worth it!  BRUUUUUUCE!

Sick as a Dog

Or as a cat, as the case may be.  I’ve been knocked out for the better part of this week.  I’ve stayed home, wrapped in my VT afghan, drinking ginger ale and gatorade like a life source.  My faithful feline shadow was never far from my side.  And here he is, doing his best impression of me.


I’ve felt like I’ve been staying home from school.  But making up work just seems a bit more daunting than making up homework.  Homework was always so much easier than dealing with clients, don’t you think?

I just have to say that Scott has been my silver lining.  He has been an AMAZING husband throughout this whole ordeal.  I’m talking stopping at the grocery for me, going into work late so he could take me to Urgent Care and filling prescriptions for me.  But I’m still ready to not be sick anymore!


Celebrating Little Man Liam

In just a couple of days, the littlest man of the Fitzgerald family turns one!

Mr. Liam Fitzgerald, we love you so much!

We traveled to Pennsylvania for his first birthday party this past weekend.  We made it in time for church and to spend a little bit of quality time with Scott’s brothers family before the big bash.

Me and Avery, my little princess girl.

Loving the mini van and the burbs!  It was so spacious…AND we got to watch Tangled on the way home.  A definite win.

Liam and his Uncle Scott – they are both the little brother.  Scott will have plenty to teach Liam about the trials and tribulations of being the little brother.

Pink soccer balls for one thing.

The theme of the party was, “The Little Man.”

And there were ties and mustaches to spare!

Which was fitting, since my sister-in-law, Steph, documented Liam’s first year with a photo of Liam wearing a “tie” to mark each month.

He got a little sassy in month 11.  I can’t wait to see his personality develop as he grows up!

There were even mustaches for the party guests.  Here are Liam’s momma and grandma.

Scott looked like Freddie Mercury!! Who knew? I kinda liked it! 🙂

Time for smashing of the cupcake!

Look how full of love that house was.  I’m glad I got to be a part of celebrating the special little man.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!! You are so loved!

Let’s Go…HOKIES!

Monday night kicked off football season in our house!  Yeah, yeah, the NFL kicks off tonight.  But even though the Giants will be playing, it will always be second place in my heart…to the THE HOKIES!  They are my first love in football.  Literally.  I couldn’t stand it until my very first game as a freshman at Virginia Tech.  And then my eyes were opened to the amazing tradition that is American football.

Virginia Tech played (and beat) Georgia Tech at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg this Monday.  Scott and I were exhausted from traveling all weekend, so we had a pretty low key evening.  Fortuitously, Hawaiian Ryan was in town and watched the first half of the game with us.  He showed up in proper VT attire, of course.

I made potato corn chowder (yummy!) while the boys watched a Virginia Tech power hour (60 amazing Virginia Tech plays from over the years).  In a word – it was awesome.

And I do mean all of the boys watched it.


Go Hokies!  Nice start to the season.  I just hope I can make it down for a game!

Until next week!