Leila and Blake

Our daughters are here!  They were born Monday, July 11.  Meet Leila Grace and Blake Evangeline.  They are fraternal twins and have had their own personalities and have been easy to tell apart from day one.

Leila Grace was born at 8:41 am.DSC01173

Her name is pronounced Lay-la, like the Eric Clapton song.  We didn’t anticipate the issues with pronunciation we’ve already encountered!  I chose to spell it with an “E” and “I” because I think it’s prettier.  DSC01175

She weighed 6 pounds 8 oz and was 18.75 inches long.DSC01176

She had (and still has) a touch of jaundice and has funny faces and silly noises to spare.   She looks like her daddy’s baby photos but may have mommy’s eyes.  DSC01177

And Miss Blake Evangeline was born at 8:42 am.DSC01184

She weighed 6 pounds even and was 18 inches long.DSC01182

She is a champion eater, has perfect porcelain skin and loves to stretch out.  She had more space in the womb and definitely squished her big sister!DSC01185

Blake looks like her mommy’s baby photos, but she has her daddy’s mouth and her facial expressions look just like her daddy right now.   DSC01186

We are so in love with our girls.