Little Girl Baby Shower

A few weeks ago, I helped throw a baby shower for my boss, which was to be attended by my coworkers.  This is also known as

“A baby shower for a little girl (pink), thrown by me (more pink), which needs to appeal to, and entertain, men (so NOT pink).”

Challenge accepted!

My boss’s wife is expecting their first baby – a girl.  So I decided to use a lot of the same decor ideas from the baby shower for my new nephew but “make it pink.”  And to make everyone feel involved, we set up a onesie decorating station so that everyone could make baby girl a personalized onesie.  And bonus?  Fun decorations!

They turned out AMAZ-ING.  We used fabric with iron-on adhesive rather than paint and they each looked like a little piece of art that you could most definitely sell on Etsy!  Every baby needs a skull and cross bones or a martini onesie, yes?Onesiecollage

Check out baby’s first tiara!  It’s a Rebecca specialty to provide baby girls with their first tiara.


We had pitchers of the signature drink, the Preggatini, in both pomegranate and cranberry.  Pomegranate was a hit.  We just mixed OJ, pomegranate juice and ginger ale.  We had champagne and vodka on the side for those that wanted to add a bit more punch.IMG_5366

I think everyone had a good time.  I mean it was a free lunch on a Friday!IMG_5372

Momma-to-be opened all of the goodies in her basket of gifts.  My partner-in-crime, Amy, and I had the best time zooming around Babies R Us.  Neither of us have babies so there was a lot of “Well, my sister-in-law says….” or “I always see my niece/nephew using ….”.  So we hope we were able to provide lots of useful items!IMG_5376


You got everything??

We did avoid most shower games, but since the mom AND dad were the stars of this shower, we played one question game.  I had a list of personality and physical traits, and they each had to answer which one they preferred the baby inherit.  So whose eyes would you rather the baby inherit, and why?  It got pretty funny on some traits, such as driving skills, directional skills, dancing ability, etc.  It ended up being one of the high points of the shower, in my opinion.  I mean, check out the laughter!Laughter

And these men seem to be enjoying themselves, so mission accomplished!IMG_5393

I’d say we did well, Amy!  Another successful party 🙂IMG_5398(Yes, I did wear pink and sparkle in honor of the theme.)

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

This post could also be titled “The Best Friday…EVER!”

Because you see, on Friday May 24, our newest NEPHEW was born!  Owen Chase was born to my sister and brother-in-law.  Jess and Dan chose not to find out if they were having a boy or a girl, so there was much anticipation surrounding the arrival of this little, precious one.  Boy or girl?!  What will the name be!?  It was so sweet to get the call that I had another nephew.  He was long awaited and I was so very happy to see Jess and Dan have a healthy, happy baby.  Such a sweet blessing.  Now Scott and I are just itching to get up to Massachusetts to meet him!  Soon!

Welcome to the Fitzgerald clan, little one!Owen Chase

But the good news didn’t stop there.  Our good friends, Ricky and Dana, got engaged on Friday!  As Ricky said when he announced the news to the guys…”Another one bites the dust.”  And we couldn’t be happier for them.  Scott and I had drinks with the happy couple last night and there was MUCH talk of dresses, dates, venues and details!  And of course the bling ring.  I’m a bit crazy about weddings, so I could not be happier to walk through this time in their life with them.  photo (44)

And to round our good news on Friday, Scott got some excellent news at work. Since we both got to leave work at 3:00 pm in anticipation of the long weekend, we went out in celebration.  We were both pinching ourselves and saying “This is just the best day ever!”

The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key.  We didn’t take any trips like last year but just stayed home and enjoyed the city.  I had a girly Sunday-Funday afternoon with my sweet friend, Maggie.  My toes and hands are looking very polished and we snagged the best seat in the house at our neighborhood tapas bar, Pil Pil.
Pil Pil

On Memorial Day I soaked up as much sun as possible in our backyard.  Which meant I was continuously moving my chair to remain the in the sun, which quickly gets hidden behind all of the tall buildings.  MDW Tanning

Prince also escaped onto the patio and proceeded to army crawl around on his belly and roll around like a dog on the stone floor.  He must have really been enjoying the texture or something.  Scott finally cut him off when he was completely covered in dirt.  I can’t stop laughing at the picture in the bottom right.  Prince looks so frazzled!

We spent the rest of the day walking to midtown for some shopping (!) and enjoying the gorgeous weather.  We then cooked a “Beer in the Rear” chicken on the grill and it was de-licious.  Spring weather has barely hit New York (stupid North) but we have already been grilling 2+ times a week and that will only continue once the warm weather comes for good.  It’s such a treat having a grill and outdoor space.  It’s also a treat having Scott help out with the cooking!  Major score.

Good luck with your four day work weeks!






A Quick Thursday Catch Up

Friends! It’s been such a full couple of weeks!  I won’t say “busy” because that gives a bad connotation and life has been good!  Scott finally came back into my life from the black hole that is “Busy Season” and it seems like I’ve abandoned the blog.  So there is much to catch up on!

Scott and I have had relaxing time together, we had a special visitor from China, attended a benefit, I threw a {work} baby shower, we went to a scotch tasting and are now gearing up for more fun visitors this weekend!  And I haven’t even touched on our trip to Chelsea Piers from two weeks ago!


And, oh yes, I got a promotion at work.  I was humbled and surprised when I was called into my boss’s office.  I don’t typically write about work stuff here, but my company featured me and my recent promotion on their Facebook page last week.  If they are telling people, I suppose I can too!

Life is sweet and we are enjoying it so much.  I hope to be back next week to start sharing all of our stories!

Jessie & Troy’s Wedding

Last weekend, Scott and I attended the wedding of our good friends, Jessie and Troy.  Jessie, as you may remember from HERE, is a friend of mine from college.  We remained friends into the “after-college” and “everyone’s getting married” stage of life.  Jessie and I also shared a Maid (turned Matron) of Honor, Lauren.  So it was fun to get to spend some time with all of us reunited!

While Lauren was busy Matron of Honor-ing, I was holding down the home fort with these two.  The two Irish accountants that could.  That is Hugh, Lauren’s husband, a fellow CPA and a fellow Irishman.  How two bestie (Lauren and me) could both end up marrying an Irish accountant (who is the youngest child of three – with an older brother and a sister in the middle) is beyond me.  But we have plenty on which we can relate!  As do Scott and Hugh, who spent a good deal of time commiserating on their insane busy season (and their shared need of a hair cut) when they got together Friday night.  Ha.


But I digress. Back to the wedding!  I was a lucky girl and got to spend time with the bride, bridesmaids and mommas as they got ready.  I poured mimosas and chatted with everyone in between running down the hall to my room to get ready.  It was unexpected and wonderful at the same time.  Thank you for letting me share in your special time, Jessie!

The wedding was held in a church from the 1700s!  It was so quaint and charming – even the cemetery which is tended by some very special gardeners.



The handsome groom, Troy, awaiting his bride!  I was pretty far back so I decided not to take photos of the bride, so that I could just soak it in and enjoy Jessie’s moment.  But she was an absolutely beautiful bride.IMG_5242

The brief ceremony was followed by a quick jaunt to the reception site on property.  Cocktail hour was held outside in the gorgeously perfect weather.


While the ladies chatted, the men got their corn hole on.  Look at that picturesque meadow!  Could you imagine anything better than that for a wedding?


Here we are! (Thanks for the fantastic photo, Devin!)  I wore a dress that I’ve had in my closet for years and it definitely got some love that day.  Woo hoo 🙂IMG_5249

A few detail shots I nabbed before the wedding.  Scott and I helped a very little bit by checking on things at the reception before the wedding.


The cake was elegantly simple.IMG_5233

However, I did not partake in the oh-so-elegant cake.  I had one of these bad boys instead.  And remembered to take a pic half way through…Donut

Jessie and Troy shared their first dance to “I Swear” an amazing throwback.  Well done, friends.IMG_5258

This photo below gets the award for my favorite photo of the night.  Jessie dancing with her father as her new husband watches from a distance.  I’m getting choked up just remembering it.

I saw the moment happening and scrambled for my camera.  Scott whispered “Are you getting this!?” in my ear and all I could do was nod furiously so that I didn’t miss it!  I love him for noticing stuff like that, too 🙂

Some of my favorite people. Scott and I miss them and wish we had the chance to spend more time with them.


There was a dollar dance and Scott and I split our one piece of US legal tender (we were unprepared!) and each got to share a dance with the stars of the evening.



The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a great time with plenty of dancing and celebrating.  Jessie was right there on the dance floor all night so I got to dance with my favorite dancing partner from college!  You never expect to spend much time with the bride and groom at a wedding, so that was a nice treat!Jessie BrideCongratulations, friends!  It was a blast!