Five Months Old

Oh my, this month was such a fun photoshoot!  The girls are adorable in their Christmas outfits!!  I can’t even handle it.

This month they both started rolling over from their backs onto their tummies.  They love when I play music and dance, sing and play with them.  This month our favorite songs are the Pentatonix version of “Little Drummer Boy” and “Do You Hear What I Hear?” (the Whitney Houston version, obviously).  I can really get them laughing.

They both noticed Prince and whenever he walks through the room, there are 2 little sets of eyes tracking his every move.  We have had plenty of Grandma visits and hosted Thanksgiving for both sides of the family.  Their big cousins are very sweet with them, especially Avery.  She was such a willing helper the entire time!  I’m very excited for their first Christmas!


Nicknames: Missy B, Blakey Boodle, Blakey Boo Bear

img_0413She is a big grabber and also likes to scratch everything her hands touch.  This includes her crib sheet, play mat and the skin on my arm.

img_0412We think she rolled over before Leila.  We missed it because we found her on her belly in her crib.

It seems that she is close to teething.  She is drooling and gnawing on everything.

dsc01487She constantly chews or sucks on her bottom lip.  She is also very ticklish under her chin.  When I clean her neck between baths with a wipe, she dissolves into giggles.

img_0418Blake loves to  flail her arms and dance a jig with her legs.  But for all of that movement, she certainly doesn’t move much.  It’s rather ineffectual and adorable.  Until her sister gets in the way of her kicking legs!


When she finishes a yawn, it sounds like she’s biting an apple and she looks super satisfied with herself.  She’s sweet, mellow and easily startled by loud or unfamiliar noises.


Nicknames: Missy Loo, Missy Moo, Lei-Loo, Leila Loo Bear

img_0423Leila had to start physical therapy for torticollis (shortened, stiff muscles on one side of the neck).  She is so good and patient.  Her therapist adores her.

img_0428You can be a bit more physical when you play with Leila – she likes to be bounced and tickled. You need to be a bit quieter and gentler with Blake.img_0429Leila is also rolling over from her back. We thought she would roll over first, since she craned her neck to the left so much. We found her on her stomach on the play mat the same morning after finding Blake on her belly in the crib.  So they are neck in neck.

Babies at this age produce tons of drool, even if they aren’t teething.  Leila has plenty of bubbles coming out of her mouth, which she sometimes spits out intentionally.  Especially after you have just cleaned her chin off. It’s just lovely.
DSC01497.JPGShe’s a sweet girl and wears her emotions on her sleeve.  She isn’t afraid to let you know when she’s happy, tired, or hungry.  She still basically runs the show around here.

These girls are such blessings.  We love them so much, even though parenting is the absolute hardest thing we’ve ever done (we don’t sleep much.) It’s all so worth it.