Life Without Internet

So many photos I want to share and so little Internet! I should have the blessed web when I get home tonight, but in the meantime, here is life via my iPhone.

The move was fairly smooth. Trying to maneuver a huge moving truck through Manhattan was the worst part.

After the closing, when they handed us the keys and the house was really, truly “ours” Scott and I raced back, pinching ourselves, the whole way.


Scott carried me over the threshold (sweet man) and it went much better than the last time he carried me over a threshold on our wedding night. That one ended in a bruised, bleeding elbow. So we high-fived for threshold success and then stood in our empty rooms. After running through it a few times, it seemed fitting to break in our deck and have our first “cheers” in the house.


It already felt like home, and for the first time ever, I didn’t want to leave New Jersey and go back to the city! Crazy. But once we pulled ourselves away and got back to our neighborhood, it started to hit us. We were giving up a lot by leaving the city. Like tons of great restaurants and bars right within walking distance. That is no small thing. So rather than finish packing, like good children, we went out with dear friends for dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Penrose, and then for drinks at this great Scottish bar, Caledonia. It was a perfect farewell to our beloved corner of the Upper East Side. And it was only fitting to do our last cheers in the city.


And then it was moving day. We rented a uhaul, packed up our life with the help of two very committed friends (our life savers, Rick and Dana!). And sooner than I would have liked we were done. And my cozy, little home…the place I learned how to be a wife and spent my first two years of marriage (the best two years of my life yet)…was empty.


But there were people waiting for us in Jersey. And a house. And the Uhaul was blocking traffic. And Prince was already making strange sounds of distress in his crate.


So off we went to the next adventure.


Ode to New York

We did it.  We moved to New Jersey this weekend.   I’m excited to show you the “before” photos and then get started on the journey to the pretty “afters.”

But before we get to that goodness, I can’t just ignore the city I’ve called home for the past two years.   It deserves a fitting farewell, which I couldn’t put into words if I tried.  When a dear friend left the city a few months ago, she posted the below ‘ode’ or love letter to the city, written by Laura Steiner of the Huffington Post.  I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment that this letter says everything perfectly.

“To the city you’re always yearning,

New York is tackiness on the gravel of the meatpacking district, it’s cool kidz on Bedford, it’s yuppie parents in Prospect Park, it’s characters out of Woody Allen’s imagination in the Upper West Side, it’s Dominicans in Washington Heights, it’s Hasidic Jews in Borough Park, it’s Asian groceries and Polish bars, it’s Italians — the real ones and the Jersey Shore ones — it’s movie stars, fashion stars, homeless, junkies, it’s tourists, it’s commuters, it’s generations of New Yorkers.

New York is neighborhood. It’s having your deli, your coffee place, your laundromat and, if you’re lucky, your late night eatery in one block. It’s drinking coffee on your stoop.


New York is museums, it’s street art, it’s music, it’s theater. It’s being constantly nostalgic about past decades. E.B. White said it best in his book Here is New York when he wrote, “In New York you feel the vibrations of great times.” New York is Patti Smith, Henry James, Allen Ginsberg, Lou Reed, Arthur Miller, Bob Dylan, Jackson Pollock, Frank O’Hara, Hector Lavoe, Washington Irving, Andy Warhol, Billie Holiday, Jack Kerouac, The Ramones and other greatest.

New York is having everything to chose from and never having enough time to do anything. It’s being surrounded by people and feeling lonely. It’s also finding out you don’t need other people’s company, you just need the city.


New York is where the eastern European deli owner will never say a word to you despite the fact that you buy coffee from him every morning. But it’s where the eastern European deli owner will one day tell you “Hey, it’s nice to see you again” after you’ve moved out of your neighborhood and haven’t seen him in six months. After that, every coffee in the world will be tasteless to you.

New York is where you’ll probably live at least once (if not more) in an apartment where you’ll have occasional visits from mice. But New York is where you’ll learn to overlook the rodent situation because it’s never about the mice, it’s about the fact that you managed to score an apartment in a first floor walk up with windows and exposed brick in a prime location.


New York is finding comfort in the small things, like knowing your neighbor never picks up his subscription to the Sunday New York Times.

One day, New York will be the place you’re no longer in, but the place you won’t seem to be able to shake off your head.


New York is the place you’ll try to explain to everyone back home to no avail. You’ll find there aren’t enough words in your vocabulary. New York is not something you see, it’s something you feel. It’s a state of mind and hence hard to describe.

You’ll go back home and reminisce about the city. People will tell you New York will always be there. But you know better. The city will withstand — as it always has — but the city you left behind, you left for good. The city won’t miss you because you were merely a spec in its being and when you go back (and you will since the city is always calling) you’ll go back to a different New York. The city never stops and already, only a few months later, you know it’s changed: that’s it’s nature. New York is unapologetic and doesn’t wait for anyone. It’s a city that creates and a city that happens. New York doesn’t need anything or anyone and perhaps that’s exactly why you still crave it so much, because of it’s idyllic unattainability.”



We’re Moving to Jersey, Baby!

So.  We bought a house!  In New Jersey.

After looking on and off for about ten months we finally found it.  The ONE.  OUR house.  Our starter house?  Our forever home?  We don’t know yet.  But we’re excited to find out!

We’ll be moving on … get this … Saturday.  Holy moly.  This whole house hunting thing has been a bit of a roller coaster.  We’ve been in bidding wars only to lose out after 2 or 3 rounds;  we’ve had bids accepted, only to lose the house after telling our families.  So I’ve held off on announcing this little piece of news for well over a month because I had a hard time believing it was actually going to happen.   I was sure the other shoe was going to drop.  But it’s here!

So yes.  We are moving to a teeny, little town in Jersey just a few miles from where Scott was born and raised.  Forget all of the negative things you ever heard about New Jersey – because you won’t find any of those cliches in our little town.  It’s super close to the beach (the shore, if you will).  It is quaint and charming and we already have some friends and family close by, which is priceless.

New Jersey

Unfortunately, life (read: work) doesn’t slow down for major life events.  So we spent the better part of Sunday packing up as much as we possibly could.  And now our cozy, little apartment looks like this.




Transition is so tough.  And let me tell you, I am going to MISS living in New York.  There’s no better place in the world.  And I will mourn this apartment, our first home as husband and wife.  But as I have to keep reminding Scott, those feelings have NOTHING to do with my excitement about this new house and the new phase of life.  I cannot wait to *actually* decorate and renovate this house!  I’ve always held back in all of my past apartments.  I never felt like they were mine.

So here are the quick stats.  And there will be plenty more details in the next few weeks.

It has four bedrooms and two full bathrooms.  The kitchen is huge!  There is a little breakfast nook that I cannot wait to make cuter and comfier.  There is a white brick fireplace.  Most of the house is hardwood flooring.  There is plenty of natural light thanks to skylights.  The front yard is just completely overgrown with plants.  It doesn’t appear there is any sort of order or reason to it.  That will be a challenge, because I never really thought I’d want to do much gardening.

Once the house is officially ours I’ll post plenty of pictures!  We are so excited and will definitely be sharing all of the details here.  I think a new blog name may be in order!  Here’s to moving week!