New Years Eve

2014 started in fine fashion at Casa Fitzgerald with plenty of old friends, our first party in the new house and, of course, sparkle.

NYE14 Glitter Prosecco

I was the one throwing the party, so OF COURSE there was sparkle. And crafts.  And crafts WITH sparkle.

NYE14 Cheers Banner 2
NYE14 Chalkboard

NYE14 Champagne Countdown

NYE14 Cheers Banner

My life-long friend, Lauren, and her husband, Hugh, made the trip to New Jersey to spend Scott’s birthday and New Years Eve with us.  They also just bought a house (we closed the exact same day) so it was fun visiting each other’s homes over the holiday season.  Please note I not only got Lauren to wear a tiara, but it is also captured in a photo.  This was a once-in-a-lifetime situation.NYE14The tiaras were a hit with the girls.

NYE14 Fireball

And the men.  Well, they wore the hats for a little while.

NYE CousinsSome more (or less) than others.NYE HatBut only someone as special as our friend Danny could rock a “Canjo” and a corn cob pipe.NYE Canjo

After the countdown, the party resumed in our basement bar, complete with bartenders, a laser light show and dancing.  Oh, was there dancing.NYECountdown

I felt so lucky to have not only our New York/New Jersey friends travel to our house to ring in the New Year but also my dear friends from Virginia.  If its true that your New Years Eve is an indication of your upcoming year, I say bring it on.  I’ll gladly take a year with a {new} house full of good friends, laughter, prosecco, food, love, dancing…and glitter!



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