Shotgun Rider

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that Scott and I went to a Tim McGraw concert on Saturday.  And you might think, “What fun those two have!  So glad they are enjoying their weekend.”  To which I would say, “Fooled you!” IMG_5443

Don’t get me wrong, the concert was a blast. It was an absolute lifesaver from the sheer amount of home improvement that consumed our weekend.  I’m still finding paint and caulk on my arms and legs.  I think my hand will forever be a claw that can only hold a paintbrush.


But. We have finally…FINALLY…finished every project we have started.  I’m so excited to share finished pictures this week.  This has been such a long, grueling process.  And frankly, I’m just so happy I married someone who I can do home projects with all day and turn around and head straight to a country concert together.  We weren’t sick of each other and had so much fun dancing the night away.


Tim McGraw always puts on a good show.  You know all of his songs and can dance and sing along all night.  He’s like Kenny Chesney – always a good bet for a live show.


And he looks darn good in a hat.IMG_5450

Flashback Friday: Cape May

It’s summer time dreaming around here. Just last weekend we commented that we skipped spring. Scott said it with dismay, and I said, “Good! That is what I grew up with!”  Northern Virgina skips rainy springs and skips straight to hot and humid.  I love hot, so I love that about it.  Well, the weather decided to drop 25+ degrees and rain for the past week here in Jersey.  Blergh.  And brrr.

So we’re looking back at our vacation to Cape May, NJ last summer.  The past 2 summers Scott and I met my family there as a sort of halfway meeting point.IMG_2002

The beaches there are just beautiful and never too crowded.  We stayed right across the street from the beach that year and that made ALL the difference.


These two.  Always with the playing.IMG_2020

Our vacations are pretty low-key.  Lots of reading while sitting on the beach.IMG_3454

I started the Outlander series on this particular vacation.  I’m now on book four (five?).  I am happy to have a series and I love the show on Starz.  They brought it to life just like I imagined it!IMG_2102 IMG_2101

Here we have an Irishman not in his natural habitat (under the portico).IMG_2100


We try to do a couple outings because not everyone has my skill for sitting in a beach chair for a week straight.  I highly recommend Cape May Brewery.  IMG_2028

They have great beers (not all IPAs which is my complaint with most microbreweries).  And their complimentary glasses are always a unique shape. IMG_2030

And they grow their own hops on the outside of the converted airplane hangar where they set up shop.IMG_2032

We also like to have at least one seafood dinner out.  IMG_2005

And new last year – SUPPING!  Or Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  No pics, since only “the kids” went and no one wanted to chance a dropped phone.  We did celebrate with post-supping bloody mary’s.IMG_2039

I earned mine.  I ran into a pylon. Twice. IMG_2042


We have a family fantasy football league.  We got to do the draft together in-person that year, which is always fun.  My sister had her manager on the line, just like in Draft Day.  It doesn’t look like he’s happy with her choice.IMG_2037

Cape May has quite a few wineries, so we decided to try one.  I’d prefer not to type the name.IMG_2060

I don’t think the East Coast will rival the West Coast or Europe (or New Zealand – Sauvignon Blanc for the win) for wine anytime soon, but the winery was beautiful. Our sommelier/host was phenomenal and the sangria was good (mom and I took it home and mixed it with sprite!).

We asked everyone their favorite part of the vacation. Megan chose stand up paddle boarding.IMG_2078

Scott said his favorite part was getting a “shiner.” He and my sister were horsing around and Megan clocked him in the face.  Or he walked into her fist.  There was much debate.  Runner up was supping.IMG_2068 Mom appreciated that every single day was “paradise.”  I’m not sure we could have asked for better weather.


And winding out the group, Dad and I both voted for the winery.  We both have a slight fascination with France and love to try cheese and wine pairings, so I’m not surprised.IMG_2079IMG_2084We visited the Cape May Lighthouse on our final day.  IMG_2116

It’s nice. You get a workout climbing 5,325,8754 stairs.  And you get to feel like you are on a field trip again.  I mean, there was bird watching.  Come on. IMG_2118

It was beautiful, I’ll give it that.IMG_2114

And I can always count on this one for comic relief.IMG_2107 Good vacation, family!!

A Very Full Valentine’s Day

We celebrated {love} this Valentine’s Day, that is for sure.  Love of Family.  Love of Friends. Even a little bit for each other.  Scott and I had a lovely meal at our new favorite restaurant.  It’s called Mezze Cantina – or maybe the Gas Light – depending on who you ask.  But regardless of it’s identity crisis, the food is always spot on.  These are broiled oysters with lemon, garlic and butter.  Oh, yes.


Valentine’s started on a high note with pork roll and my favorite rook coffee.


But quickly devolved into changing a tire in the freezing cold.  Oh well, real life marches on – even on Valentine’s Day.


For the rest of the day we had a bit of an impromptu reunion with my mother-in-law’s family.  We had people in from Ohio and North Carolina and the local contingent, of course.  We had lunch at the same restaurant – in the same room – as my surprise bridal shower!


It was loud, crazy and fully what I would expect from this clan.10959834_10204748175536313_5800384933182324611_n

Look at this little Valentine sweetie!  Can you even handle the awesome-ness that is his shirt?  Is my Jersey showing? Because I want one in my size.


After lunch, a group went to a local brewery (Carton Brewing).  It has a great vibe and is only $5 for 6 beer samples.  I can’t finish that many, but enjoy my time there whenever we go.  Probably in part because we are always there with a fun group of people.

I wish we lived closer to Scott’s cousins from North Carolina.  We always have the best time with them!  Although we do have a Virginia Tech vs. NC State game in the works and I could not be more thrilled!10420424_887636894593189_3409804528201068084_n

After yet another group get-together at dinner, Scott and I snuck in a drink a local bar, where the mood was anything but romantic.  Lets just say we encountered a couple who had discovered a love for chocolate martinis who wanted to tell us ALL about it.  We couldn’t do anything but laugh.

We ended the day with dear friends.  Scott and Stu are forever friends.  You know, the kind that fight in the snow on Valentine’s Day.


Leslie and I lucked out that we get along famously.  As Scott says, “It makes things so much easier.”  He’s right.  I love doing life with these two.  IMG_3948

I hope everyone else had a love-filled, if not quite as FULL Valentine’s day!

A Farewell to New York. Again.

You guys. I had the best send off from my old company, Eventive.  I was their resident pink and sparkle girly girl and they honored that in my farewell soiree.  For SURE.

EM1photo 5Let me paint you a picture.  All of the doors to the conference room are closed.  As I walk up I can hear Bruce Springsteen’s “Jersey Girl” playing.  I open the doors to find the whole company there, ready and waiting (that NEVER happened – we always had to track people down).  On the wall, there is a MASSIVE pink New York City skyline.  And on the TV a sparkly farewell slide show with co-worker messages and pictures from my 3 years at the company.

photo 1The theme was Good Bye New York, Hello New Jersey.  It was my favorite thing ever, including New York pizzas and soft pretzels…

photo 5…paired with Bruce Springsteen.  My boss and I may have been known to break out into the Courteney Cox dance whenever we heard Dancing in the Dark. So naturally, this was part of my farewell slide show.EM05I even got a send off gift (a hot pink “I Heart NYC” T Shirt).  And as much prosecco as I wanted, of course.

photo 2 I made some dear, dear friends in my three years there.

EM24One of the things I miss most about that job is the people and doing day-to-day life with them.

EM34They were my daily support network.  They knew me and Scott and I could always count on someone to talk to, to make me laugh, for advice or the occasional sip of vodka in the middle of a particularly challenging day.

EM28It was not perfect and wasn’t without it’s problems, but what is ever perfect?  EM27I learned so much and we had some SERIOUS fun along the way.

EM21You can tell I was myself with them and I felt pretty darn comfortable and accepted there.  Ahem.


I don’t get emotional easily in the moment.  I process things more slowly and get emotional later.  Well. After seeing the slide show and reading the quotes people wrote about me (SO sweet) they asked me to make a toast.  Dang it if I didn’t get all choked up!

IMG_0041After a photo shoot in front of my own personal NYC skyline, many of us made our way out to continue the farewell.FullSizeRenderThis man.  I was lucky to have him as a mentor and friend.


After more fun and antics, we had one more prosecco/martini toast.

photoAnd all too soon it was time to head home (in a car on the company, no less) and I got my last view of New York as a commuter.

photo 1

Thank you, Eventive, from the bottom of my heart.  I miss you.   EM36

Fourth of July Festivities

Getting back to real life after a three day weekend is rough, no?  Lets relive the three day weekend again, yes?

Thursday I had the trifecta – early dismissal from work, a glass of wine with an out-of-town girlfriend before catching the boat for my commute home.
photo 5

It was so beautiful I sat on the deck for the whole ride 2-7I got to see Lady Liberty to start off the holiday weekend on the right 4-2photo 3-3Scott and I popped by the beach on our way to dinner at our new favorite place, Eventide in 2-5How can you not love a place where the buzzer is a lobster?photo 1-5Arther got the better of most of our Fourth of July, so we spent the rainy day at the outlet mall.  When the sun did break through, I made sure our new, beautiful yard was putting it’s most patriotic face 5-2 We joined friends at a beach club for the evening.  Palm trees: native to Jersey, 4-3The rest of the weekend was spent beachin’, brunching, trying a new church, working on the house, catching up on TV shows, painting furniture, seeing friends and 2-6 Basically, living free, loving America.  I hate to sound trite, but I truly am so grateful for and humbled by the freedoms we enjoy here thanks to the men and women in service, protecting us and our way of life.  photo 1-6

He’s Gone Country

My husband ‘went country’ a year or two into our dating.  He was raised in Jersey, then went to college in Rhode Island. Not a lot of opportunity for good ol’ fashioned country music amongst all of the Bruce Springsteen.

Then he met me.  And mocked me for being a country music fan.  Then he fell in love with me, spent a lot of time around me and had no choice about the country music in his life. And from there, the following happened.  (Apparently this is a common occurrence for dating couples.  Our pastor even mentioned it in a sermon…)

1. You let your girlfriend play country music while in the car together.

2. You make one of your radio pre-sets a country station to impress your girlfriend.  You even tune to this station when she is in the car to further impress her.

3. You find yourself tuning into the country station even when she isn’t in the car.

4. You are a full-fledge country fan that wears flannel to country concerts.

Scott Josh Turner

This past Saturday night, Josh Turner came to the little concert venue in town.  Scott found the concert and suggested we get tickets. I am so glad we went.Josh Turner

A date night was just what we needed after Scott’s crazy work schedule for the past few weeks.  He got home after I went to bed most nights.

Josh Turner 1

And going to a country concert in our hometown was just what I needed after feeling a bit isolated and out of my element in my new home.Josh Turner 2We had a ton of fun, rocked out in the balcony and made friends with grandmas in line for the bathroom.  I guess that was just me. We may have been on the younger side of the age spectrum.

Josh Turner 4

Josh put on a great show. His baritone is out of this world.  I mean, its hard to believe that his wife gets to listen to that all the time!

We had a great time and now I *really* want a pair of cowboy boots!  (Scott almost got me a pair for Christmas – before I even mentioned wanting a pair!  The man is seriously good.)

S and R Josh Turner