Four Months Old

This past month has really been a change in the girls.  They are out of the “fourth trimester” and are alert, active little things.  They are sitting up in their Bumbo seats and exersaucers and are able to bat and grab their toys.  Both of them can roll out of tummy time but can’t roll off of their backs yet.

While they don’t really interact with each other per se, they do notice and observe each other.  And they definitely watch me!  I’m the center of their little worlds.  When I walk into a room, I can count on two pretty little faces looking at me, taking their cues from me.  And if I am holding one, the other is almost always watching us.  It is so very hard to split my attention and to “choose” one to comfort first when they both need me equally.  It’s the worst part for me so far.  Feeling like one of my girls is suffering because of a choice I have to make.

They now need to be entertained.  Sometimes I feel like I’m playing with a cat – just dangling something in front of their faces.  While OF COURSE it’s a joy and a privilege, it does get a little monotonous at times.  I’ve been singing nursery rhymes but have to break it up with real person songs too.  There has been plenty of Disney, Needtobreathe and the girls’ favorite is Forever Country (the country song mashup sung by every country music artist ever) and Octopus’ Garden (The Beatles).

We have one overnight feed (around 1 am) and one early morning feed (around 5 am).  I take the overnight and Scott takes the early morning.  They tell me that this will eventually end…

Leila Grace

Nicknames: Leila Loo, Leiloo, Leila Girl, Leila Full of Grace, Little Girl

She is 25 inches long and weighs 15 pounds.dsc01434She has higher highs and lower lows than Blake.  And she can swing from one to the other more easily.

dsc01435But she is always great in a crowd of people! She was all smiles at my sister’s bridal shower and at a company party we attended.  She can certainly turn it on.

I think she’s starting to understand how to get her way (aka manipulate us).  It’s almost disconcerting how fast she’ll stop crying as soon as she sees she’s getting what she wants. Like being brought out of the dark room she should be sleeping in to be with mom and dad watching TV…

dsc01436Her hair is still coming in reddish/strawberry blonde.

dsc01439When she is “talking” to us, Leila always sounds like she’s having a back and forth conversation or asking questions.  She also likes to stick her tongue out a lot.



Nicknames: Blakey Boo, Blakey girl, Bright Eyes, Big Eyes, Schnoopsy <– a personal favorite of mine that I use equally amongst my human children and my fur baby, Prince

She is 25 inches long and weighs 13 pounds, 5 ounces.

dsc01427She is a talker! She babbles away and always sounds like she has so much to tell us.  She alternates between high pitched squeals and when she is “talking” in her regular voice, it is a bit throatier.  But she always looks like she is sharing a secret or up to something mischievous when she’s talking.

dsc01424She’s picked up that her sister gets attention with crying and screaming and seems to be trying it out for herself.  It makes me sad because I want her to stay a happy little thing.

dsc01423She is fluttering her eyelashes and flirts with people.  And she is giggling!  Oh my word, the giggles are the best.  If something makes her unhappy she pouts out her bottom lip.  This was my trademark as a baby, surprise surprise.


That’s all for month four!