Football Confession Time

I have a confession.  And it’s shameful.  Here it goes.  I didn’t know what teams were playing in the Super Bowl until this past Saturday.  (Picture me hanging my head.)

Now, to those that have known me for some time, like my parents, my sister, my besties and my husband, this isn’t very surprising news. They would probably laugh and shake their heads but not be all that shocked.

However, for Scott’s friends who are still getting to know the true depth of my girly-ness, they were shocked.  It came out on Saturday at a bar with some of our NYC friends.  Someone asked who I was rooting for in the Super Bowl.

My response?  “Oh! We know what teams are playing in the Super Bowl?”

There was a lot of staring.  I actually heard someone lean over to Scott and whisper in shock and awe, “Did that just happen?”

Yes. Yes, it did happen.

I suppose they are just surprised because last year I was up to date on the NFL happenings AND at this point last year I had hosted a playoffs party and was busy sending out emails about what everyone could bring to my Super Bowl party.  So they thought Scott had landed himself a wife who was with it.

There’s one big difference between 2012 and 2013, my friends.  And they are called the New York Football Giants.  They got kicked out early in the playoffs and then all of a sudden Sunday afternoons were for West Wing marathons and not football in the Fitzgerald household.  And lets be honest, if Scott isn’t keeping me informed about football, I’m not exactly seeking that information out on my own!

Sigh.  I suppose I’ve brought shame to the Fitzgerald name.  So who am I rooting for?

I remember the 49ers coach from watching him last year and he seems mean.

Growing up in Northern Virginia (aka Redskins land) I don’t have much love for the Ravens.

So. I will be rooting for the half time show and the yummy food!

Please still be my friend!

Christmas in January

We had the Fitzgerald Family Christmas last weekend.  It was nice to see each other after spending Christmas with all of the “in-laws” so to speak.  Lets be honest, it’s mostly for these little guys! IMG_4912

I love Liam’s little serious face!  (And that peek of a chubby thigh – pants were optional, apparently).  Who loves his button up and argyle combo?  That’s an Aunt Rebecca special 😉


Avery is still in full Princess mode, which I love.  IMG_4910Between me taking photos for the blog and the proud parents capturing the kids antics, there’s always lots of paparazzi-ing going on.

IMG_4914Speaking of kiddos…there will be another one joining the clan this Spring!



And Nanny Fitz made sure the new little one will be properly outfitted in both Giants (G-men!) and Jets (ppphhhhht) gear.

IMG_4907“A Fitzgerald is always prepared for St. Patrick’s day, Liam.  You must learn this early, young grasshopper.”

IMG_4927Of course, the grown ups got in on the action too!  We do Secret Santa to keep costs manageable and to keep things interesting.

IMG_4923My brother-in-law was my Secret Santa this year and here are my gifts!  I was pretty specific in my wish list – which paid out in dividends!  I got the Young House Love book (!).  So excited!  I had also been hankering for a beautiful wood cutting board to use for serving (mainly cheese, naturally).  Look at this Martha Stewart beauty!  I felt spoiled rotten and so grateful.

IMG_4921It was fun extending the Christmas cheer for a month.  But I think my in-laws were grateful to finally take the tree down. 🙂

Below Freezing

Is it strange that I sort of love how cold it is outside?  It was driving me crazy that the weather was in the 50s last week.  That’s just inappropriate weather for the North in January.

NYC WeatherI have all of these great sweaters that I couldn’t wear, for fear of heat stroke on the subway.  But now – I’ve been bundling up all week and I. Love. It.  It’s winter – it should be cold!  Bring on the ear muff-ins, scarves, fuzzy socks and gloves.  Leave the wishy washy weather for the Spring!

Go grab some hot chocolate, snuggle up to someone special and enjoy the season. 🙂


Birthday Celebrating

Y’all!  I had an event last week and it just completely took over my life!  So this is EXTREMELY late, but…I had a lovely birthday.  As we’ve started year number two in New York, its hard not to compare to last year, when I was a New York baby.  I had just started my job and found out that I shared a birthday with one of my coworkers. So she obviously had seniority over me, a veteran of one week.  So our birthday celebration was skewed to her direction, as it should!  But it meant red bean, green tea, and lychee flavored ice cream cake.  She’s a bit of a free spirit.

But THIS year, we joined forces and had wine and cheese for me and fruit for her!  Woo for shared birthday interests 🙂photo-140

Birthday Girls

After work, some special people joined us for a delicious birthday dinner at my favorite neighborhood restaurant.  I broke out the sparkles, because I can!


I usually just have wine and cheese when I go to this restaurant, but we all got to splurge and get pasta.  I had the truffle gnocchi.  Three of us got it and we all died of sheer happiness.


After dinner it was on to a night of dancing with the whole crew.  Another notable difference between last year and this year?

This guy!

IMG_4881He was out of town last year, so we were both pretty pumped he was around this year.  Him making me breakfast and DJ-ing Whitney Houston for me while I got ready made it even better than I had expected!  But it was just best to have him with me.

It’s My Birthday!

And it’s already been a great one!

I have decided that Whitney Houston will be the soundtrack to my day.  Obviously.

I am wearing sparkly shoes.  My boss will probably call me “Twinkle Toes” for the second time this week, but I take it as a compliment!

Two very special ladies came over and made me feel celebrated and special last night.  Thank you for the flowers, cupcake and champagne, Maggie and Bridgette!

Scott got up and cooked me breakfast – with bacon!

I opened a few birthday cards – including an insanely funny, yet somewhat inappropriate one from my bestie.

Prince let me sleep through the night.

I got to open my present from my wonderful husband this morning!  And I love it! He did a great job.  (It’s a new purse…and it’s very nice and pretty!)

I watched the latest episode of Nashville while getting ready for work.  It made me spend way too much time on my hair trying to make it look like Rayna James.  But who wouldn’t?

I’ll be having a celebration at work at 4:30 – holler for quitting early!

Then it will be on to dinner, drinks and HOPEFULLY DANCING with my man and some wonderful friends tonight!

The only thing that would make it better would be to have all of my lovelies who don’t live in NYC with me tonight.  So here’s hoping that they play Whitney tonight and I can close my eyes and pretend I’m dancing with y’all – you know who you are 😉

Happy to be starting another year.  Lets make it a good one!

Georgia State of Mind

The day after Christmas, Scott and I packed up and drove down to Savannah, Georgia!  We enjoyed our time for just the two of us on our anniversary trip so much, we planned this as our “pre-busy season vacay.”

We drove through a torrential downpour and a 9 hour trip took 11.  No matter!  We prevailed, stopped for North Carolina barbecue for lunch and arrived at our beee-autiful hotel in time for a night cap at the bar before enjoying our glorious room.  We stayed at The Bohemian, a Marriott property on the river front.  I’m a hospitality snob, as I’ve said before and this room made me quite happy.  There was a (faux) fur draped elegantly across the foot of our bed and velvet drapery separating the bathroom area from the rest of the room.  Enough said.

Lucky for us, we woke up the next day to a bright, sunshine-y day in Savannah. All the better to enjoy the Spanish moss in all of the squares.

We were good little tourists and hopped on the trolley tour of Historic Savannah.


This is the capital building and the dome is plated in 24 carat gold.  Apparently it is worth more than the building itself (or it was when it was built…ahem, I really did pay attention on the tour, I promise).

Touristing was hard, so we rewarded ourselves with quite the delicious lunch.  We had to walk a ways through some questionable areas of town to get there, but it had great reviews.

Here is my beef brisket, collards and fried pickles.  Fried pickles are my favorite!  Oh yes and corn bread.IMG_4796

Scott had a half rack of ribs, fried okra and mac ‘n’ cheese.IMG_4797

I think he enjoyed it.  Notice he didn’t really mess with anything but the ribs!IMG_4798


Ahem, I got the cider.  I am so not hard core.

After lunch we explored some areas of the city on foot.  This is the fountain in Forsythe Park.IMG_4803

Isn’t this little garden statue so “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil?”  That movie was filmed in Savannah and its quite the big deal there.  Other famous movies filmed there?  The bench scene in Forrest Gump!  You know, when he tells his life story to the little old woman?  It was filmed in one of the many squares there.  Also, Something to Talk About.  Scott and I had a beer at the British pub where Julia Roberts caught Dennis Quaid with another woman.  Scandalous.IMG_4806

This was in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.  Catholic churches certainly can be beautiful.IMG_4815


Their nativity scene was too cute not to share.  The stable was about 5 feet tall, but the entire scene was probably about 15-20 feet long and so intricately detailed.  IMG_4820

Look, even little mice were celebrating Jesus’ birth!IMG_4822

This wall of tombstones was in the cemetery.  During one of the wars…Revolutionary…Civil… (there I go, being the perfect model tourist again) soldiers had to set up camp in the cemetery.  Being the belligerent men that they were, they kicked and defiled countless graves.  When the soldiers finally left, the citizens didn’t know how to match tombstones with graves.  The solution was to put the headstones all along the back wall.  It’s quite sad how much of the wall was covered and how many graves are left unmarked.IMG_4826


We finished our day off by watching the sunset on the rooftop terrace of our hotel.IMG_4832

And then we restaurant hopped!  We had a bite to eat everywhere we went.  This was our final stop and we split paella.   See that painting to my right?  Yeah, it fell on my head.  Didn’t get anything comped either!  IMG_4834

And then! The next day was our shopping day!  Wooo!

This was at the Paris Market.  I wanted to buy most of the store and redo our apartment from ceiling to floor, but I settled for a pretty, swirly, pearl-y “F” ornament.  I’m keeping it for Christmas, but it could potentially stay out all year if I wanted it to.

BTW, that is a large chalkboard in the back left with a cute fireplace scene drawn on.

We also found a great interior design/custom furniture store.  And apparently alligator is in. As in, alligator heads and alligator skins.  One skin (I must use italics for skin every time, it’s that creepy) was a table runner!  I wouldn’t be able to eat off of that table setting, let me tell

In the afternoon, we went to Tybee Island, aka Savannah’s beach.  We climbed all 178 steps of the Tybee lighthouse.  I think that might be where Scott dreamed up his plan to make us join a gym in 2013…photo-139

There was a lovely view from the top.  But I got out the door and my fear of heights kicked in.  I didn’t get very far.  I pointed the camera in a few random directions and hoped one of the pictures came out.IMG_4843

Then I got a death grip on Scott, slowly pivoted around so he could get this picture and I hightailed it back inside.IMG_4846

After the lighthouse we walked down to the beach to stick our toes in the sand.IMG_4854

I actually loved Tybee.  Cute little houses and a 20 minute drive from Savannah?  I think it would be an awesome place to vacation in the summer.  Too bad it’s so dang far from New York!IMG_4862

Looking slightly more relaxed than atop the light house!IMG_4859

The rest of our evening was spent walking along the river front, restaurant hopping and watching the Virginia Tech game.  Things got a little heated, because Scott forgot that he is a Spokie (spouse of a Hokie).  He started saying “we” and “us” when referring to Rutgers.  I don’t care that it was one ugly game (which VT thankfully won).  He is married to a Hokie and always will be.  He had to be reminded several times who the “good guys” were and to get back in line. Hmmph.


Not to confuse anyone, however, we had a great evening.  Which ended in watching a band back at our hotel’s rooftop bar.  They played blues with classic rock and some New Orleans style thrown in.  Their harmonica player proved that you can absolutely rock out with your whole body while playing the harmonica.  Who knew?

Scott and I are Savannah fans.  I wish we lived closer, because I would love to go back in the warmer weather. Maybe one day.  In the mean time, I’m so so glad to have a husband who pushes me outside of my “sweat pants on the couch” mentality and gets me to go have adventures with him!  It always works out well and I get to do things like put my feet in the ocean in December.  Love you, Scott!

And So This is Christmas

Whoa, I’m late.  Like other blogs have already posted not only their Christmas photos, but also their resolutions!  Oh well!

Scott and I were gone for over a week, which meant that we had to bring the kitten-baby with us.  I would have been so sad to think of him home alone on Christmas, but we didn’t feel comfortable asking anyone to check in on him for that long.  So Prince went with us on all legs of our trip to Virginia, including taxis, Penn Station, New Jersey Transit and the car ride.  We spent the first night of our journey at my in-laws where Prince adapted pretty darn well to “Nanny and Pop Pop’s.”  He fit right in and even somehow got to play the Game for Cats on Nanny’s iPad. So spoiled.

It’s a good thing that he was comfortable and the Scott’s parents were so flexible and welcoming.  Because Scott got incredibly sick while we were there and we ended up spending an extra, unplanned day in New Jersey so he could recuperate.  You can tell Prince was just as comfortable here as anywhere. And just as concerned for Scott as we all

Luckily, Scott was able to travel the next day and off to Virginia we went!  Speaking of the Prince, he made so much progress with mean, “Auntie Em,” as we affectionately call my family cat, Emily.  She was NONE to pleased to see him, but they went from stand offs to sleeping in the same chair over the course of the week.  It was a Christmas miracle!

It was so nice to be back in my childhood home for Christmas.  The tree looked just like it always did, decked out in gold and angels.IMG_4673

And Megan and I shook up and spied on the presents just like we always did.IMG_4667

Since we had lost a day, we weren’t able to see friends like I had hoped.  I was still able to see most of my favorites, even if it was just sneaking 15 minutes here or an hour there.  At one point I had two of my besties, one of their husbands and one of their daughters all standing in my kitchen.  So what if it only lasted 15 minutes?  My heart was so happy just being with my people, laughing and hugging and catching up.  The reunions lasted into the Christmas Eve service that evening.  I was too busy enjoying myself to take pictures, but suffice it to say that I have such wonderful friends and I miss them terribly.

After church back at our old home, Portico (love!), we had our now-tradition of taking family photos by the tree.  And I even got to have my little family of 3 together this year 🙂IMG_4681

Mom and Dad – so adorable.  I’m loving this.Mom and Dad

Here we all are!

And at Megan’s request – we took an “Awkward Family Photo.”  I don’t think we quite qualify for this infamous website, but it made us all laugh pretty hard.  I think Prince and Megan make the whole picture.IMG_4707

Scott informed me and mom that he doesn’t need the traditional Christmas Eve new set of pajamas.  He got Glenfiddich instead.  I need to seriously rethink my stance on new PJs.
Christmas scenesChristmas morning!!  Look at all the happy kids!





Scott got a helicopter – it’s that blur in the upper right hand corner of the photo…Prince was entranced and terrified all at the same time.IMG_4730

Our little Christmas afternoon schmorgasbord and martinis.  Please notice “my” seat.  I can’t leave it for one second without the child jumping into it!  IMG_4764

This is my “I got my martini first and no one has assigned me any tasks in the kitchen” face.Martini Collage

We had a lovely time being together on Christmas.  I love that Scott fits right in as if he’s always been there.  He teases my sister, takes his turn “playing Santa” (delivering presents), and lets us have our unique and quirky Christmas traditions.IMG_4778

All in all, I’d say it was a rather wonderful, successful Christmas time with family and friends.  We were quite blessed materially, but it wasn’t even about that.  This year, I felt as if I was really understanding the “true meaning of Christmas,” as cheesy as that saying sounds.  I’ve always known, of course, but I just felt it differently this year.  I felt the anticipation of our Lord’s birth. I felt the weight of what it meant for a King to lower himself to be born as a baby.  And I celebrated, worshiped and was so grateful. IMG_4774So there’s our merry little Christmas!

It’s Been Awhile…and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, y’all!  Scott and I had a quieter than expected New Year’s Eve, but it was really nice all the same.  All of our guests came down with the flu and cancelled last minute, so we had an abundance of food and libations.  And although I was super bummed, I kept a running list of the benefits in my head all day so that I didn’t mope.  Not putting on makeup/curling my hair and not having to clean the apartment were the highest on my list!  I’m just glad I got to ring in 2013 with my husband while curled up on the couch in my yoga pants.  How about you?

So I took a bit of a blogging hiatus in December.  It wasn’t intentional, I just never seemed to find the time to sit down and blog since I was so busy just…doing.  Here are a few scenes from the lost month of December.

Scott and I hosted a small Christmas party for some special couples from our community group.  I meet about every other week with these ladies for a Bible study and we wanted to include our men for a change!  We had a great evening and I got my Martha Stewart on – with cranberry filled ice cubes and all.  Oh, and Prince was the belle of the ball as always!

Christmas PartyI also had my work Christmas party (Scott did too, but there are no pictures that I’m privy to).  We got all dressed up, which I loved!

IMG_4626It’s safe to say we had a good time.

IMG_4627We also had a lovely Saturday celebrating “New York at Christmas time” with the Fitzgeralds.  We saw some of the city’s best trees (my favorite was the one in the parlor of the New York Public Library) and ended up at a great, little wine bar called Ardesia on the West side.  Its owned by a Rumson, NJ native and I highly recommend it.  They had a fantastic wine list with knowledgeable servers (ours was from Blacskburg!), the food was divine and the decor was very cool (chalkboard walls and a balcony with a walkway for the wine display?!).  That’s high praise of the trifecta from a hospitality major.

Fitz Visit

Scott and my Christmas shopping took us to the Toys R Us in Times Square.  Holy board games, Bat Man!

We also had some nice, cozy evenings at home by the

And I really enjoyed New York City all dressed up for the Christmas season.  I like the smaller parts of the city I see on my commute as opposed to the craziness of the tourist traps.Christmas ScenesAnd all of the shop windows were gorgeous.  My favorite displays were ones that had quaint little “vignettes” from the North Pole or other Christmas-y locales.  Who knew Santa had a collie?

photo-130Back soon with photos and stories from our Christmas break and mini-vacation to Savannah, GA!