Fashion Week

First things first…Happy Valentine’s Day! ¬†MWAH and thank you for being here ūüôā

Secondly, though…I got to go to FASHION WEEK on Tuesday night! ¬†Whaaaa?

And this is how it began the second I crossed the threshold of the very glam Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tent:

“Oh my God! Your face is beautiful!”

Said the fabulous man handing out a magazine daily at the door. ¬†Die. ¬†I died and and then came back to life and gushed a “Oh my gosh, thank you, you’re just the sweetest!” (I am from Virginia after all, and we like to be polite).


So things started out on a pretty high note and the rest of the evening definitely lived up to my expectations!  My sweet friend and co-worker, Amy, invited me to join her for the evening.  Her sister-in-law, Erica, works with Fashion Week and she graciously let us come in, showed us around and took wonderful care of us!

Here Amy and I are reveling in the glamorous-ness of it all!  IMG_4958

Erica took us back stage where we got to see “hair and make up” in action. ¬†I couldn’t believe how many people were crammed into such a tiny space! ¬†Most of them were photographers. ¬†Erica was telling us all sorts of behind the scenes details about some of the larger “household” names. ¬†They get pretty creative and over the top with their set designs. ¬†As in having seven grand pianos brought in to be played by¬†seven siblings…from the same family. ¬†Can you imagine having seven brilliant pianists in one family??

We also got to play celebrity and pose in front of the step-and-repeat back ground.  Good thing Amy had on a fabulous blazer or we would have gotten lost on the back drop.  When in doubt (and I was in serious doubt about what to wear) wear black!IMG_4960

We had some time to kill before the show we were going to watch.  We had been planning to take in two shows but the first was cancelled at the last minute Рoh, the drama!!

So we got to walk around the different activations and play a little bit. IMG_4965


We couldn’t resist letting out our inner models at the Style Lounge. ¬†Heidi and Giselle would be proud.

When it was time for the show to start, Erica got someone to take us past the line and directly to our seats.  (Pinching myself!) We saw Vantan Tokyo.  IMG_4971

Clearly, this isn’t a major household name (I’d never heard of them/him/her?). ¬†But I was still blown away by the amount of press at the end of the runway.

IMG_4969It looked just like you see on TV!


The music was bumping, there were fans and air conditioning going full blast and then the lights went completely out.  Then the room absolutely came to life and the models started!

There were three mini shows (two women’s and one men’s line). ¬†
Between each show, the room would go dim and then light back up with different music playing each time.


The final walk through with all of the models at the end.  It was over in just 20 minutes!IMG_4990
But we had the absolute best time. ¬†I can’t express to Amy and Erica how much I enjoyed myself and how grateful I am! ¬†I mean, not everyone gets to go to Fashion Week – it’s invitation only. ¬†I don’t know how I got so lucky and I will definitely remember that evening for a very long time!


I LOVED getting over a foot of snow this past weekend.  Love love loved it!  And I loved that they named it Nemo.Snow 2

Scott and I met up with some friends after work on Friday and it was so cozy to watch the snow fall in the puddles of lamplight outside the windows while we were bundled up inside.Snow 1

We slipped and slid our way home in the winter wonderland. ¬†I had my best ski bunny outfit on. ¬†(It’s all a ruse though – I don’t ski on principle.)Snow 6

Our pretty little street!Snow 4

Snow 3

And when we woke up, this is what we found in our back yard.IMG_4949

The grill cracked me up the most.  He looked like he had one of those Russian fur hats on.IMG_4951

Oh and I used the back yard as extra refrigeration.  Why not?IMG_4952

We probably should have explored our neighborhood or Central Park to see how pretty it was.  But I decided to put on ruffly pink leg warmers and catch up on my shows.Snow 5

And make delicious cheese tortellini soup. ¬†It was my first time trying the recipe and it was delicious. ¬†I may add Italian sausage or meatballs next time at Scott’s request.Cheese TortelliniHope that everyone else had a lovely weekend!