Nine Months

It’s official, the girls have been on the outside longer than the inside!

There were quite a few firsts this month.  They had their first plane trip (to Miami).  They saw the ocean, went to the beach and to the pool for the first time.  And they both started crawling!

They have started being very aware of each other and are even starting to play.  They “race” to the hallway corner and sit on either side, peeking around and giggling at each other.  They also crawl all over each other, which turns into a baby wrestling match or one sitting on her sister as she cries.

Blake Evangeline

Blakey girl loved the pool immediately.


She started crawling while we were in Miami.  She plops her hands down when she crawls and it makes the cutest noise!  When she wants to get somewhere fast you’ll hear her making high pitched, almost heavy breathing noises as she makes a beeline for you.DSC01711

She has great rhythm and will start bopping around and dancing whenever she hears music.  This includes actual songs, music from their toys or someone singing or whistling.  DSC01712

She is a fidgety mover and will constantly whip her head around to look at everything in the room while being held.  But when she’s playing on her own, she will sit and focus on one toy.DSC01713

She loves her pacifier and also has a “Honey Bunny” (bunny blanket).  She does such a good job keeping track of both when she is going to sleep or cuddling.DSC01716

Leila Grace

Leila took some time to warm up to the pool and played and napped on the beach.  The ocean was very scary to her and made her “koala” onto us whenever we took her near it (arms and legs around us as tight as possible with her head tucked in).  She must like this position, because she’s started doing it all the time, especially when she’s super tired.


Her hair must be growing, because she has started having bed head when she wakes up.  It makes me so happy.DSC01697

Leila gets SUPER upset and wails when her bottle or bowl of food is gone.  She quickly gets over it, but you have to brace yourself.DSC01689

She really found her voice this month.  Her “talking” is much more lyrical than typical baby babbling and is always accompanied with funny facial expressions.  She also started yelling (not upset crying) on the plane to Miami.  Luckily we had kind people surrounding us!DSC01696

Lastly, she crinkles her nose when she smiles.DSC01694

The girls are sweeter and showing more personality every day.  I can’t believe we’re already at the nine month mark.

Two Months Old

Our babies passed the two month mark last week.  Month two meant that Daddy had to return to work.  It’s been tough but I’ve had so many helpers and have also survived some days entirely on my own.  I have to say I love being a stay at home mom right now.  It’s also helped us settle into a routine.  I always take the 2 am feed, while Scott gets up with them at 5 before he gets ready and heads to work.  I’m sure I’ll look back at this time and wonder how I was awake for 1.5 to 2+ hours every single night.  But we’re managing.  I love coffee.

Leila Grace


Two months old is treating Leila quite well.  She had been having trouble sleeping during the day until we pulled out the second-hand swing I had almost forgotten about. It works like. a. charm.  Seriously a life changer for me.  She actually sleeps on her own during the day!  Hooray for mommy!


Sleeping more means she’s happier when she’s awake. Even with her newfound sleep miracle, she still runs things around here.  We are on her schedule, thank you very much!  As her thyroid levels have evened out, she has also started to eat much better, which makes everyone very happy.


She weighed in at 11 pounds, 13 ounces and is 22.25 inches long at their 2 month appointment.


Not to brag, but she smiles the most for me.  And it melts my heart.  She especially likes when I sing Miranda Lambert to her.


Her hair is coming in looking rather ginger.  She gets that from her daddy’s side, where she’ll join a long line of auburn and strawberry blonde beauties.  Her eyes are still blue and her skin is darker than Blake’s.


Blake Evangeline


Blake is still so mellow and happy.  She’s slowed down on her eating but is a champion sleeper.


She weighed in at 11 pounds, 1 ounce and is 22.25 inches long.


Again, not to brag (I’m totally bragging), but she smiles up a storm for me, especially in the morning.  I try to keep the middle of the night feeds very quiet and quick. I can usually make it through without Blake even really waking up.  But sometimes when I re-swaddle her, she wakes up, catches sight of my face and simply lights up.  A full mouthed smile complete with coos and giggles. It makes those 2 hours I’m up every night seem like a breeze.


Football season started this month and the girls have seen several Hokie games and Giants games.  Scott swears Blake enjoys watching football with him.  She really is a mini-version of her daddy.  She even runs hot, just like him.  When I get her up from naps, half of the time she’s a sweaty little hot potato, while Leila is perfectly content.


After losing most of her hair on the top of her head, it’s grown back and is looking rather dark.  Finally, something from me! She has the most adorable cowlick swirl directly in the middle of her forehead.  I need to always remember that so I can always advise her against bangs.  Her eyes are a bright blue and her skin is still perfect porcelain.


Our lives changed on a dime as soon as we had them and I can barely remember what it was like before.  As much as I want them to stay little forever, I love watching them grow and change every day.  Such an honor to be their momma.

Bump Pictures – Part 2

Week 20


  • Finally found out what we are having!!


  • Had my first baby shower at my childhood home with lifelong friends and plenty of my second-mommas from childhood.



  • Scott got in on the action during the Tutus or Touchdowns gender reveal, proudly showing off two little pink tutus!  We are having two precious little girls!

    IMG_6769IMG_6766IMG_6777Week 21

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Scott felt the babies move for the first time.


Week 23

  • Babymoon in Palm Springs, CA!
  • Lost my maternity bathing suit top over the balcony of our hotel.  Proceed to cry, berate myself and need a nap to recover.  Scott took me to a local mall to buy another top.  Hormones are real.
  • On the last day of vacation, our favorite band (Needtobreathe) released 2 new songs.  I cried tears of happiness at how good the songs are.  Again, hormones.
  • I drank virgin margaritas daily, swam in the pool, read 3 books and got a maternity massage.  Heaven.
  • I got antsy to pick names. Scott finally asks for a deadline because “he works better with a deadline.” I gave him one week.
  • Almost had an anxiety attack on a tramride to 8,000+ feet elevation on the top of Mt. San Jacinto. I’m pretty sure I convinced myself I was going to go into premature labor.
  • Stood on a stump to get a picture next to the San Jacinto sign.  An older momma yelled at me to be careful.
  • I was one of “those” people on the airplane, walking the aisles for my circulation.



DSC01001IMG_4113Week 25

  • Scott’s one week name deadline is up!  He came to the table with two well thought out, pretty names.  I was so impressed.  We picked first names and then when I said it was time to talk full/middle names, I was informed that was not part of his original assignment.  He needed a new deadline.  I was basically in agony.
  • Two baby firsts, including:
    • First Newport trip
    • First celebrity sighting: Robert Redford
  • We went back to where it all started – Castle Hill Inn.  Had a very full circle moment.  I walked up that driveway and saw Scott for the first time. Ever.  And now we’re married and having two daughters.
  • Craving = Stuffies aka Stuffed Quahogs aka deliciousness you need to try if you are ever in Newport.

DSC01061DSC01058DSC01062Week 27

  • I can now see the girls’ movements from the outside.  I even captured it on video.  It gives Scott the heebie jeebies.
  • My little sister got engaged!
  • Prince, the musical icon and my cat’s namesake, passes away. I played  Purple Rain into my stomach for the girls.
  • Scott went to the Bruce Springsteen concert in Brooklyn.  I gave up a ticket to this show because I knew I’d be too big and uncomfortable.  When I dropped Scott off, he casually said, “What if Bruce plays a Prince cover and you decided not to go to the concert?”  I may have freaked out a bit.
  • Bruce OPENED HIS SHOW WITH PURPLE RAIN.  This is my life.  Luckily, I had given Scott explicit instructions that if this happened, he was to record the entire song, not just a clip.  We watched it over coffee the next morning.


Week 29

  • Craving = milk.  It manifests in craving oreos, cereal and peanut butter.
  • I’m going to the doctor weekly and continually getting wonderful reports. The girls are each on track with singleton babies.  It blows my mind.
  • According to Scott, I have an “unwillingness” to accept that I need to move slower.
  • I get out of breath. Frequently.  And sometimes my heart pumps like I’m running, even if I am laying down.
  • I feel like I’m doing an impression of an overturned turtle when I get out of bed.
  • Sitting hurts my back, making work, the couch and car rides over 7 minutes very uncomfortable.
  • We scheduled our c-section.  We are less than 2 months away! Gah!
  • (How am I going to grow for two more months??)IMG_7015

I’ve Missed You

Oh blog, how I’ve missed you.  I have missed writing my thoughts, processing out loud (in a way).  I took time for plenty of reasons.  It wasn’t planned or purposeful.  But I was discouraged and so I petered out and gave up.  I just looked and I actually posted up until November (see: petering out).  But that post was about August.  So there’s that.

But now, I’ve got space, I’ve got perspective and I’ve got a new job! A job that my iPhone tells me is only 11 minutes away from my house but I make it in less.  So I’m starting to become myself again.  I’ve got time on my hands!  And I’ve got things to say!  We’ve been doing fun things I want to remember!  So there.  Exclamation points ended.

Get ready for out of season holiday recaps.  And weddings from September.  Birthdays. So on and so forth.

So about this new job of mine.  I started in November.  I am the Event Manager at a small technology firm in the town next door.  They didn’t have an Event Manager before but decided to give it a go when I came through the door.  They are hoping to grow by leaps and bounds over the next few years, so they are building the “back of house” or the people who make and create policies to support growth.  And you know, the people who go out and foster and sell the business.  So I fall somewhere in that realm.  And we are hiring developers/computer coders! If anyone is interested.

It’s a definite shift for me.  At my three previous jobs I was always part of the life blood of the company.  In other words, my work was billable.  There were clients who hired us for my particular set of skills.  Not so anymore.  I’m relegated to the odd balls like the accountants and sales positions of my old companies.  I use the term odd balls lovingly and with much empathy.  To those sweet, young coders – I am quite the odd ball.  They don’t really know what to make of me.  I don’t have any sort of “mentor” or teacher here which is a real first and a real shame, if I’m honest.  I’m trying to figure things out and define my role.  I get lonely and frustrated.  But then I leave and am home 10 minutes later and it all seems to be worth it.

The main business here is computers and the cloud.  It’s complex, impressive and difficult for me to explain.  Every project is different, so its a bit of a moving target.  There is a veritable genius running the ship and that is cool to watch.  So when I say technology and computers, you can imagine that there are plenty of young computer coders and computer science grads to be found. There is much love for Harry Potter (count me in), Dr. Who (who?) and video games (oh, most definitely not).  My first week on the job I got pulled into a conversation about Harry Potter.  Which led to discussing other epic fantasy and sci-fi series.  For the record, I did not start or steer this conversation.  When they found out I had seen Star Wars (thanks, Dad!) and had also not only watched Game of Thrones but read all the books one sweet guy asked me in all seriousness “So are you a real person or are you a nerd?”

I honestly didn’t know how to answer?  “Nerd” seemed like the quickest way to be accepted, but I’ve gotta say, I hope I’m a “real” person!  Needless to say, day-to-day life is looking pretty different around here.  It’s kindof funny that Scott and I both made a job change and are each at small(ish) technology companies.  We are both no longer part of the main business at our firms (Accounting for him, Event Management for me).  It’s been an amazing move for Scott.  I’m at my 60 day mark so I’ll withhold judgment but the commute does speak for itself.

So glad to be back!

Five for Five

That would be five trips in the fifth month of the year. I could barely keep up with life in May. We had weddings, graduations, birthday parties, work trips (boo) and one well-deserved getaway (yay).

That will all be coming soon. But in between all of the traveling, we have managed to sneak in our first beach afternoon as official residents of “the shore.” Yes, please. But what we’ve really been focusing on in our spare minutes and hours has been the yard. We have been diligently pulling everything out of the front yard and replanting it in places that make more sense around the sides and backyard. For example:





And next weekend? We’ll be laying SOD!! Oh, the strange things that bring you joy when you own a home.

We were actually home last weekend and had an impromptu night out.




I could get used to a bar where I can watch live music while sitting on a dock. It’s just my type of night. Summer is here, people! Let’s get some Jersey shore visits planned!




Things I Learned in April

I’m linking up over at Chatting at the Sky. You can find March and February here.

In April, I learned…

1. I love my dryer.

2. Scott and I taught ourselves how to replant hydrangeas. And oak leaf hydrangeas. And azaleas. And Japanese Andromeda.  We also learned that we have hydrangeas, azaleas and Japanese Andromeda.  To name a few.

3. All of the digging up and replanting How much easier it is to tear apart your yard than the inside of your house. It seems more resilient and less precious somehow. And our house just happened came complete with full grown plants to rearrange.

R Planting

4. Easter dinner is WAY easier to prepare than Thanksgiving dinner. More on that later.

5. I love living here! I mean, I enjoyed the winter.  Cozy nights by the fire and all that. However.  Beach. Beach and sun win every time.  Even yard work is amazing in the warm weather.

S&R Beach

Prince loves it too.

Prince Outside

6. Rachel Zoe has a “daily dose of glamour” email. I signed up. I usually try to be discerning about what I read and take in.  Just like you “are what you eat.”  But I can’t help myself! I thoroughly enjoy Ms. Zoe and always love the celebrities she styles.  Kate Hudson, hello.

7. And lastly, I learned that Shakespeare is definitely meant to be experienced live.  I’d heard it before, but I’ve never seen one of his plays live.  A few weekends ago I went to the New York Shakespeare Exchange’s ShakesBEER.  Basically professional actors performing scenes from Shakespeare, live in a bar. Several bars in a bar crawl actually.  The scene I saw was hilarious!  And I know if I had read it in a book I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much out of it.  As it was, I couldn’t stop laughing.  ShakesBEER


House Updates

We have officially been in our house for four months.  I wanted to show you what our house looks like four months in because it has started to feel like my house.  Sort of.  But looking over the pictures, I came to the conclusion that we still have a lot of improvements to make.  It’s not exactly a mind-blowing difference!

For example, in our kitchen, what I should have done is take pictures of the inside of our cabinets for the before and afters, because that is probably the most impressive part. All of my beautiful wedding gifts finally have a place to live!

Kitchen on move in day:


And now.  The main addition (you can see) is my pink Kitchenaid, Juliette.  And there are fresh cookies on the stove. And proof of life (wedding invitations, letters, Robert Frost poems) on the fridge.IMG_6435

Move In:IMG_6265

Now. We’ve got a coffee station, which is right next to the scotch station, apparently. We also have some pretty cookbooks and cards from the latest holiday.IMG_6424

The living room on move in day.
IMG_6255And here it is in its current state.  This is all going to change in a few weeks when our new sofa (!) is finally delivered. Right now, this looks like we just recreated our apartment on one half of the living room.IMG_6430IMG_6431The biggest difference in the dining room is probably the view of the back deck.IMG_6257
Which is covered in snow at the moment.

IMG_6434And there is more proof of life via cat toys and scribbles from Avery on the chalk board.IMG_6427It’s good to us, this house. I am looking forward to showing it some more love as the weather gets warmer and Scott isn’t in busy season anymore!