What I Learned in February

A blog I read posts “What I learned” at the end of every month.  It’s light-hearted and fun and I thought I would join in this sunny, final day of February.

1. For being a show about zombies, The Walking Dead has a pretty good soundtrack.  Mostly rock, but listen to the girls (Beth and Maggie for other fans) sing Parting Glass.  It’s beautiful.


2. Weekends have taken on a new, mythical wonderfulness now that I live in the ‘burbs.  Who knew that was possible?  There is so much more sun in my life these days.  I walk around the house like it’s brand new and I’ve never seen it before. It looks completely different in the daylight than night!

3. Red Bank, NJ is happening on a Saturday night! No more date nights without a reservation for us!

4. On the flip side, not having a reservation on a busy, Saturday night might help you discover a fun, new restaurant you wouldn’t have usually noticed.  Jamian’s, I’m looking at you.  Surfer joint with delicious ahi tuna wrap and the promise of open-air dining and live music come spring and summer!? Check.

5. Prince wants a puppy.  He is transfixed anytime there is a dog on TV.  Prince February

6. Having a half-empty living room makes for a good dance floor on Valentine’s Day (or any other day).

7. Josh Turner’s voice is just as deep and melty in person as it is on the radio.

8.  It is possible to have good hair days, even living in New Jersey with a 2 hour commute to work.  Rebecca of November 2013 wouldn’t have believed this simple fact.  I didn’t think I’d ever have myself (hair, face, food or otherwise) put together again.

My coworker saw me this morning and said “You look frazzled…but you’re having a good hair day!”  Frazzled may not qualify as ‘having yourself together’ but I’ll take what I can get.

RF FebruaryCheers to the weekend!


He’s Gone Country

My husband ‘went country’ a year or two into our dating.  He was raised in Jersey, then went to college in Rhode Island. Not a lot of opportunity for good ol’ fashioned country music amongst all of the Bruce Springsteen.

Then he met me.  And mocked me for being a country music fan.  Then he fell in love with me, spent a lot of time around me and had no choice about the country music in his life. And from there, the following happened.  (Apparently this is a common occurrence for dating couples.  Our pastor even mentioned it in a sermon…)

1. You let your girlfriend play country music while in the car together.

2. You make one of your radio pre-sets a country station to impress your girlfriend.  You even tune to this station when she is in the car to further impress her.

3. You find yourself tuning into the country station even when she isn’t in the car.

4. You are a full-fledge country fan that wears flannel to country concerts.

Scott Josh Turner

This past Saturday night, Josh Turner came to the little concert venue in town.  Scott found the concert and suggested we get tickets. I am so glad we went.Josh Turner

A date night was just what we needed after Scott’s crazy work schedule for the past few weeks.  He got home after I went to bed most nights.

Josh Turner 1

And going to a country concert in our hometown was just what I needed after feeling a bit isolated and out of my element in my new home.Josh Turner 2We had a ton of fun, rocked out in the balcony and made friends with grandmas in line for the bathroom.  I guess that was just me. We may have been on the younger side of the age spectrum.

Josh Turner 4

Josh put on a great show. His baritone is out of this world.  I mean, its hard to believe that his wife gets to listen to that all the time!

We had a great time and now I *really* want a pair of cowboy boots!  (Scott almost got me a pair for Christmas – before I even mentioned wanting a pair!  The man is seriously good.)

S and R Josh Turner

A Before and ‘During’ Update

The one room that has been the most updated in our house is definitely the bedroom.  Unfortunately, it’s lacking furniture and anything on the walls, which make the most impact in pictures.

Do you know what doesn’t make a huge impact in pictures but DOES make a difference in real life? Ripping out and replacing base molding.

Bedroom base molding removalBedroom base molding

And do you know what is terribly time-consuming? Ripping out and replacing base molding!  We are still not done installing it.  Turns out that old houses are very imperfect.  Meaning, the molding doesn’t cover all of the gaps in the floors. So we’ll be adding quarter round to cover the gaps.  Bedroom new base molding

I wanted a sultry, moody master bedroom.  That is weird to say/type.  I actually wanted a pale blue bedroom, but as it turns out, I want pale blue in EVERY room.  And I don’t want our house to be a one hit wonder.  So after trolling blogs and pinterest, I was drawn to rooms that were described as sultry.  Well, alright.  If you’re going to have a sultry room, it should be the master bedroom, because a “sultry kitchen” sounds like burns waiting to happen, amiright?

So I decided I wanted to try dark charcoal walls, like the color in the middle below.  But I ended up chickening out.  Our room is so large – 28 feet long – that I thought it would feel like a big cave.  It probably didn’t help that it was the dead of winter and I never saw the sun anymore while I made the decision.

Bedroom paint samplesWe chose the color on the far, top left. Still not a light, airy color, but not overwhelmingly dark.  You could never mistake it for white, which was my problem with the lighter colors.

I was in charge of edging the walls.  Bedroom cutting in

Somehow, the girl who can’t stand too close to balconies on a second floor did all of the ladder work.Bedroom Rebecca painting

Scott rolled the walls.

Bedroom Scott painting

It’s actually a great metaphor for our relationship.  Scott is the big picture person.  For example:

  1. He decided we should buy a house
  2. He figured out the mortgage, the cable provider, etc.
  3. He decided when we should get married
  4. He forced me to just fiiiiiinally make a decision about the paint color because he wanted to paint the walls

I am all about the details.  Or as he says – I make his decisions look good:

  1. I was constantly on the phone with the realtor to actually find the house
  2. I pay the mortgage, the cable bill, etc.
  3. I planned the wedding
  4. I picked and tested the 1,835 colors of paint we needed to consider in order to paint said walls.

And here are the pretty finished walls! (Thanks to marriage teamwork.)Bedroom paintThis shot gives you an idea of what the finished molding will look like.IMG_6415

As a reminder, here it was on move in day.IMG_6294

IMG_6295And now.IMG_6418Who needs curtains, finished molding, art or night stands when you have the best accessory around?  Some things never change, no matter where you live.  Like the fact that Prince’s ‘spot’ will forever be at the foot of my side of the bed.IMG_6411

I thought you’d never notice me here.  Now please leave me to nap for the next 5 hours in peace.


House Updates

We have officially been in our house for four months.  I wanted to show you what our house looks like four months in because it has started to feel like my house.  Sort of.  But looking over the pictures, I came to the conclusion that we still have a lot of improvements to make.  It’s not exactly a mind-blowing difference!

For example, in our kitchen, what I should have done is take pictures of the inside of our cabinets for the before and afters, because that is probably the most impressive part. All of my beautiful wedding gifts finally have a place to live!

Kitchen on move in day:


And now.  The main addition (you can see) is my pink Kitchenaid, Juliette.  And there are fresh cookies on the stove. And proof of life (wedding invitations, letters, Robert Frost poems) on the fridge.IMG_6435

Move In:IMG_6265

Now. We’ve got a coffee station, which is right next to the scotch station, apparently. We also have some pretty cookbooks and cards from the latest holiday.IMG_6424

The living room on move in day.
IMG_6255And here it is in its current state.  This is all going to change in a few weeks when our new sofa (!) is finally delivered. Right now, this looks like we just recreated our apartment on one half of the living room.IMG_6430IMG_6431The biggest difference in the dining room is probably the view of the back deck.IMG_6257
Which is covered in snow at the moment.

IMG_6434And there is more proof of life via cat toys and scribbles from Avery on the chalk board.IMG_6427It’s good to us, this house. I am looking forward to showing it some more love as the weather gets warmer and Scott isn’t in busy season anymore!

<3 Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Happy Valentine’s Day! No over-the-top plans here tonight. We are in money-saving mode and lets face it, it’s busy season.  So Scott’s present to me this year is coming home on time.  And I’ll be making us heart-shaped pasta (thanks to my sister-in-law for the adorable gift) and we’ll split a bottle of wine.  And probably watch True Blood.  True love at work, people.

I thought I’d post pictures of everyone I loved today, but then I’d have to repost my entire blog. So this one is for you, Scott Michael.

Thank you not being phased by my Saturday morning jammy outfit of three mis-matched patterns of pink.

That’s just you being you. -Scott

photo (24)You are the love of my life and know me better than I know myself.  It’s scary, really.  (As am I with a mustache…)IMG_3933

Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone. And for being devastatingly handsome in ‘Merica glasses.IMG_3103

Thank you for wanting to spend your life with me, for buying me my dream ring, for wanting all of my crazy and letting me see all of yours.CIMG4622


Thank you for working so hard for us and getting us a house!!  IMG_6322

You are the man God intended for me.


I love you!

I Think I’ll Go to Boston

How about those figure skaters? Gracie Gold is fantastic and I’m looking forward to watching more of her in the individual competition.  I’m also super impressed with the Russian figure skaters.  How could you not be with their 15 year old star?

Scott had to travel to Boston for work quite a bit in January and I was able to join him for a weekend. We’ve spent  a fair amount of time in Boston over the years and I’ve always loved it. It’s a pretty compact city, so its easy to feel like you’re getting a full taste of it, even in a weekend.  We didn’t feel pressured to be too tourist-y and just took the T to the old, quaint part of town and spent the day meandering together.  Which was a nice change from me sitting home along in a big house! (He’s back for good now, so yay.)

Ok, so maybe I went a little tourist in my plans.  We stopped by The Liberty Hotel which is a luxury hotel which used to be a prison!  I just kept picturing the Cell Block Tango from Chicago while we were there because there was an actual cat walk all around the lobby.

We also went to Acorn Street, one of the oldest, original cobblestone streets in America.

IMG_6387 Can you imagine living on this street?IMG_6384 IMG_6388 I think the people who live here take the history seriously.  You can tell by the care taken of their entry ways and decorations.IMG_6390 We explored the Boston Common park after checking out the shops along Charles Street.IMG_6392 Then we saw a movie and went out to a cute, modern enoteca on Charles Street (Bin 26 Enoteca in case any one ever finds themselves in Boston).  Getting a date night/day in the midst of busy season was such a treat.IMG_6395 On Sunday we spent time with Scott’s sister’s family in the Boston suburbs.  They live in a cute, little seaside town, which definitely takes the ocean and beach theme to heart!  Have I mentioned I love octopus (octopi?)?

IMG_6397The best part of our day was of course spending so much time with this little guy!  IMG_6398

Owen Chase, you are the happiest and cutest. Owen2

February Wonderland and THE OLYMPICS

Just stopping in to share some photos of our house in the recent snow and ice. We were stuck at home on Wednesday due to ice on the train tracks. I won’t complain about the non-commute at 6:00 pm.  I actually made dinner.  Oh, the novelty.IMG_6401IMG_6404IMG_6408 How cute is our neighborhood!?  I think it’s fantastic.IMG_6409

I sat and watched the pairs figure skating last night. Scott was working late, so what is a child of the early nineties to do?  Sit and watch figure skating and relive the glory days of Kristi Yamiguchi, Nancy Kerrigan, and Scott Hamilton, of course.Figure Skating

Maybe it’s because I’m no longer in my single digits, but I feel like figure skating just isn’t as…glorious… as it used to be. I’m looking forward to learning the names of the new crop of skaters.  And finding the next person I’ll love to hate (and hate to love) – just like Oksana Baiul.  Anyone? Anyone else nerding out about figure skating and the Olympics?  You’ll know where to find me during the opening ceremonies tonight!