Decorating for Christmas!!

I love Christmas.  I always have.  Decorating is probably the best part.  I think it’s in my nature to enjoy the preparation, decoration and organization of an event just as much as (or more than) the actual event.  It’s good that I’m an event planner, I suppose.  I mean, I used to organize the buttons in my mom’s sewing kit…for fun.  That’s embarrassing so, enough about that!

After the TV Saga and the Virginia Tech game on Saturday, Scott and I regrouped for dinner and then spent the evening decorating our new home for Christmas!

Scott was in charge of putting up the tree.

I was in charge of “floofing” and fluffing.

Prince oversaw the stringing of the lights.

This is the ornament we bought on our honeymoon.

And this is where I think Prince will spend the month of December.

The finished product!  Scott and I each brought a tree topper to the marriage.  We couldn’t agree on either (I don’t know why he doesn’t like my Tinker Bell sitting on top of a snowflake and his tinsel star didn’t have enough flair for me).  So I made this bow and I think it actually works really well!

Scott strung up lights in our backyard!  I love turning them on at night, even though we may be the only ones that can see them.  I think they frame the tree nicely.

A few other details around the house.  We only used ornaments and decorations that we already owned.  I would love to buy some more that coordinate in the future, but that will come in time.

A glittery cat door hanger.  I believe this was a gift, but I may have bought it myself.  I need to put a picture of my kitten in there!

We got this bowl as an engagement gift.  It says “…and they lived happily ever after.”

I even put some Christmas cheer in the bathroom. I usually keep my Lush bath bombs in there.

Our kitchen table centerpiece.

I definitely missed my Christmas traditions from home, particularly decorating trees with my mom.  So I decided to carry one of the traditions over and watch my favorite Christmas movie, “White Christmas,” with a bowl of popcorn before bed.  It was fun decorating our new home together. Here’s to our first Christmas as husband and wife!

The TV Saga

This past Saturday, Scott and I had big plans…we were going to mount the flat screen on the wall, decorate for Christmas and then head to the NYC Hokie bar to watch the Commonwealth Cup at 3:30 pm.  So after breakfast, Scott got down to business, promising me it would be an hour long project.

Where the TV needed to end up (wall to the right of the fireplace):

Where the TV started.

There was much measuring and I marked everything off with post it notes.  Very clear, right??

Scott then starting drilling the six holes needed.  That’s when we found out that a little over an inch behind the dry wall was solid brick.  So off Scott went to the hardware store for a masonry bit.  It helped, but it wasn’t easy going.  I soon stopped thinking we’d get Christmas decorating done and just hoped it would be up in time for the 3:30 pm kickoff.

Well, a little after 3:00 this was our scene…

Poor Scott, putting all of his weight behind the drill.

And my feelings about it all…

So my sweet husband hooked up the little TV to tide me over and kept working away.  You know he was frustrated – he hadn’t showered yet and was continuing to attack the wall rather than kick back with a beer and football.

Making progress.

And done!  Scott doing his happy dance!

And here is the finished product.  Go Hokies 😉


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Scott and I traveled to New Jersey to spend it with his parents and his brother’s family.  His sister and her husband couldn’t join us since they have a large move to prepare for.  We had a great couple of days visiting with family and friends.  We even managed to sneak in a surprise second Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday (thank you to the Eadons!).

One of the best parts about spending the holiday in New Jersey for us was the one hour (!) train ride to get there.  It was one of the easiest holiday travel days Scott or I have had in a very long time.  It was so nice for neither of us to have to drive or worry about traffic.  However, it was strange for me to not spend any time with my family.  It’s hard to be in a new household, away from your family, comforts and traditions for the first time.  On the other hand, Scott and I have spent holidays apart until now.  So this is the first year we get to wake up together in the same place on a holiday, which is something I was so looking forward to at this time last year!  So I have to count my blessings.

We decided to head in on Wednesday evening.  The night before Thanksgiving is the biggest going-out night of the year, after all.  Nevermind that we now live in the same city as all of Scott’s high school friends…we all needed to gather in their hometown and go out together there!  I didn’t mind.  I love Scott’s friends and have always felt very welcome with them.  They are also some of the funniest guys around and we always have fun together.

Playing some shuffle board.


On Thanksgiving morning, Mark, Steph, Avery and Liam joined us.  We had a very laid-back day watching football and spending time together.

This was the first time we’ve been able to spend quality time with Liam since he was born.  The last time we saw him was at our wedding and we were a bit preoccupied…and he slept through the whole thing anyway. 🙂

Avery making cookies with her mom and Nanny.

Avery and her great-grandmother, Grammy.

The feast.

After everyone had changed into jammies (and we made our way home from dinner numero dos), Scott and I gave out the presents we got everyone while on our honeymoon.

A Caribbean reversible doll for Avery.  I was worried she wouldn’t like it due to lack of pink and sparkle, but it was a hit!

Liam’s bobble head turtle.

On Friday afternoon, Scott and I went to Red Bank to do some antiquing. There is a strip of six or seven antique stores in a row downtown.  I’ve been saying I want to go since my first visit to the great state of New Jersey and four years later it finally happened!  We didn’t buy anything but it’s amazing what you can find in some of these places.

I wanted to buy this table and paint it a fun blue or smoky gray (there was glass over the top).

This dollhouse was built in the early 1900s – and looked it.

A knight’s helmet?

A light from a movie set in Hollywood.

A ships wheel.

Aaaand vampire stakes – has Twilight permeated the antiquing crowd too?

Friday night we went to the town’s Christmas concert and tree lighting.   We met up with Scott’s cousin and his little girl, Julia, there.  Some scenes from the night.

So sweet, two little girls on their daddy’s shoulders.

Who says little girls can’t pull off light-up Kanye shades?

Steph with her amazing camera trying to get a good picture of Avery.  Unfortunately, Avery has decided she’s in an anti-camera phase.  But she’s full of energy and is constantly moving and dancing and doing cute things – which you want to capture on camera.  It’s quite the problem!

Me and Steph!


The Fitz’s

Scott getting in on “Chase Avery” duty.

Caught her!

And finally, the Big Man himself made his way into the crowd… He actually made his entrance from Tiffany’s…perhaps he was picking up something for Scott to put under our tree??

Avery wasn’t the biggest fan, but it was exciting all the same.

I’m all primed and ready for Christmas now.  Let the season begin!

The Before

So I wanted to share the “before” of our apartment.  I know not everyone has seen it.  I’ll be back after Thanksgiving with the “after.”  It’s more of a work-in-progress, but it’s much better than when we first started settling in.  So here we go.

Our front entry way.

The living room (and a view of the backyard).

The kitchen.  This is taken standing in the middle of the living room.

The kitchen as you stand in the entry way.  Look at all the counter space and cabinets and drawers!  That is NOT the norm in NYC.

The door to the backyard.  It’s actually a dutch door, which I find so charming.  It’s been wonderful for letting fresh air in.

The backyard.  Look at all of that ivy!  Scott actually talked about being excited to attack it while we were on the honeymoon.  We inherited the chairs and the pots (also several sheets of glass…not the safest thing to discover).  I’m going to plant an herb garden and maybe some flowers in the spring.

Here is the view from the backyard into the house.

The teeny tiny bathroom.  Again, I can’t complain, because at least it’s not a pedestal sink and there is storage in the mirror as well.

Aaand the bedroom.  Here is Scott pacing it off.  Believe it or not we fit a Queen bed and a dresser in here.

There you have it.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Our first house guest!

This past weekend my little sister, Megan, came to visit us.  We were so excited to have her and she was a perfect first guest.  She arrived on Saturday morning, and that afternoon we spent time looking at wedding pictures and just hanging out.  That evening we made our way to midtown to see Grand Central Station and Scott’s office.  We spent a lot of time walking around the city while Megan was visiting.  This was my view for a lot of her trip…

Probably a result of constantly pulling out my camera.  I must have looked like the biggest tourist.  If I have been to Grand Central before, I never took the time to really appreciate it.  It has a beautiful ceiling and architecture.

This weekend a lot of the city’s holiday markets opened up.  There was one in Grand Central, which Megan and I both thoroughly enjoyed.  Scott spent most of his time marveling at how woman are able to choose “what they want out of the thousands of other sparkly things”.  I personally loved the crazy knitted hats 🙂

We spent some time walking around seeing some of the sights.  Midtown is so different from our neighborhood on the Upper East Side!  So much busier and everything is so much taller.  We saw Scott’s building on Madison Avenue – he’s a true “Mad Man” now.

Then we found our way over to the New York Public Library.  We didn’t make our way inside, but my lovely husband and beautiful sister decided to “pose” for my many photos.

I think that this is how Prince sees himself…

Bryant Park was right next to the library and it had it’s own holiday market/winder wonderland/skating rink.  I loved it! It was so fun and there was a wider variety of stores here as well.  The first place we went had the most amazing hot chocolate I have ever tasted in my life.  I don’t even regret paying $5 for a cup smaller than a tall at Starbucks.

The Empire State Building all lit up for Christmas.

After dinner, we met up with some of our friends, who knew how to show a girl from Virginia a good time…and pose like a boy band?

On Sunday, we went to church, had brunch and then walked home through Central Park.  It was such a beautiful day.  I know the winter is going to get brutal so I’ve been trying to enjoy the weather as much as possible.

That night I made us a home made meal and we had friends over for the Giants game.  All in all, a nice little weekend!  Any volunteers for our second visitors??

One Month Anniversary

So this is a few days late, but this Tuesday, November 15, was our one month anniversary!  Unfortunately, Scott was out of town for work, so we weren’t able to spend it together.  Although, I did get a sweet surprise that evening.  While I was on the phone with Scott, the obnoxiously loud buzzer went off.  It always scares the living daylights out of me when it goes off, especially when I don’t know who it is.  And the “talk” feature conveniently doesn’t work.  Scott had to convince me that I should let the potential killer into the building, and once I did, I found a man carrying a pretty bouquet of pink roses!

I of course did some rearranging and here they are!

It’s been a wonderful month.  Love you, Scott!

Settling In

For the first week of November, Scott and I were able to spend the whole week settling in and exploring our neighborhood.  In a way, it was like an extension of the honeymoon.  We didn’t have work responsibilities, were able to spend all of our time together and go out to dinner every night!

Once I was pretty much finished with the kitchen, there truly was nowhere else to put  away any of our things.  We have two small closets in our apartment which we split up for each of us to use for our clothes.  Which left us with no hall closet or other storage.  So the priority our first day was clearing enough floor space to put together our new nine foot armoire. Scott was such a trooper.  I did have to help at certain points when he claimed that the Ikea directions called for a “wife” to help.

Once we were up and running, it was so nice to put everything away.    Here is the finished product.  See if you can spot a Prince…

Another challenge was the couch – or lack thereof.  While we were moving in, we realized that Scott’s old couch would not fit in the apartment.  All it took for Scott to admit defeat was 3 guys trying to move the couch (and 5 more people watching and “giving advice”), a half hour of trying and a gouge out of the hallway outside of our apartment.  So out to the curb it went.  There was already a lovely red velour couch sitting out there, so we just added to the pile.  They were both gone the next morning, which was actually quite impressive.

So we were in the market for a new couch.  One of our first trips on the subway was to Chinatown to buy a couch and dresser.  I was secretly (or not so secretly) happy to get a new couch in the color of our choosing.  The bad news was that it took a week for our new furniture to be delivered.  I never realized just how much we rely on couches and how comfortable they are!  So until the new, pretty couch was delivered, we had to get creative.

We weren’t able to assemble our kitchen table for a few days, so a bookshelf my grandfather built was our table for our first meal at home.

And when Modern Family came on (I could have cried when Scott asked if I wanted to take a break to watch it!) here was our set up.

So that was our first week in the apartment! More details to come!