Our babies are a full year old!  We celebrated with a party this weekend with all of our family and friends. The girls are so loved and were just a tad spoiled, if I’m honest.  Today is a quiet day full of their favorite foods, playing, waking them up by singing “Happy Birthday” and taking a picture on the exact minute they turn one!


Leila Grace


Leila’s top 4 teeth are just starting to poke through.IMG_0820

Her hair is getting redder and starting to curl!  It’s longest on the crown and back of her head so she has a bit of a cockatoo hair do going on, in the cutest way. IMG_0821

Her emotions are always right on the surface and she seems to walk a line between wailing and laughing.  It doesn’t take much to go from one extreme to the other.IMG_0822She’s so sweet, loves eating and being held.  Once she is used to a new situation, she takes off and doesn’t stop.  IMG_0823

Blake Evangeline

IMG_0824Blake is so very close to walking.  She tools around on push toys and barely holds our hands when we help her along.IMG_0825

She is waving, clapping and holds up one finger to tell you she’s one.IMG_0826

She’s a sweetie, but with an independent and stubborn streak.  For example, she prefers to feed herself, so she grabs the spoon from me and growls if I don’t give it to her. Or she spits out pieces of food I feed her so she can then put them in her mouth herself.IMG_0827

We are done with our monthly photo updates, and I think all three of us are pretty relieved, because it is getting hard to keep them still and focused.

They are off and running!IMG_0828

This has been the best year of my life.  As emotional as I’ve been over the past week about how much time has passed and losing a tangible connection to my girls (they have fully transitioned to cow’s milk), I am so happy to see them thriving and happy.  I love watching them learn, grow and become their own little people.

Eleven Months

Our girlies are so big and fun.  They are full of personality and love to play.

They both started clapping all on their own.  Because they are so active and hate sitting still, bath time has gotten super stressful for me! I’m basically trying to make sure two slippery little babies don’t climb out of the tub and knock their head!  And nothing makes them more wiggly and giggly than bath time for some reason.

Blake Evangeline

Blakey girl loves to dance.  She will start bopping around to anything even sort of resembling music.

She is pretty independent at home but at the play place we go to, she is content to sit and play with one toy near me the whole time.DSC01914

She got her top two teeth and I was so glad when they broke through.  She had a runny nose for weeks!DSC01919

If she isn’t paying attention, she can stand without holding onto something.  But then she realizes she isn’t holding on and immediately sits down.DSC01921

She likes to lean her forehead against us and nuzzle.  It’s the sweetest thing.  She puts her forehead against mine and Scotts and will also try to nuzzle Leila.  Leila clearly has no idea whats going on, so Blake usually ends up nuzzling the back of Leila’s head or her back.DSC01924

Leila Grace

Miss Leila had to have a hearing test this month, after failing a hearing exam at her 10 month appointment.  Her hearing is just fine.  Scott says she just chooses not to listen to us.DSC01930

When we are at the play place, she is on the go!  She wants to explore everything, which is so surprising, because she seems to be a momma’s girl at home and doesn’t want to be put down.DSC01934

She snorts when she cries hard, belly laughs (her belly laughs are amazing) or if she gasps in delight.DSC01935

She has started to shake her head no. She doesn’t seem to actually be saying no to anything, she just likes to shake her head and laughs if we mimic it back.DSC01936

Leila is also starting to dance more often, but it’s more of a side to side shimmy while throwing her arms back and forth.DSC01937

They are just the best.


Ten Months

Our girlies had a big month! Their Aunt Megan got married and they were the world’s cutest flower babies in the wedding.  They went on their second set of flights to Savannah and got to meet almost all of my extended family.  They did incredibly well with all of the new people, being way off schedule all the time and loved the wagon they rode down the aisle in.  They started giggling as soon we put them in it during the rehearsal.


Leila pulled herself up to standing on Easter day surrounded by my cousins.  I was in the kitchen, of course and came running after hearing a bunch of shouts.  DSC01890

She is constantly pointing with her pointer finger.  She tries to pick up food with just her pointer finger and touches everything – my nose, my cheeks, pulls in the rug, cheerios, all the toys and her sisters eyes – with it.  DSC01892

Her new favorite facial expression is pursing her lips, scrunching up her nose and turning her face up to us.DSC01893

She mastered drinking from a sippy cup.  Tip: just buy the take & toss from the grocery store.  We wasted money on lots of different types and none of them worked.  DSC01895

She still loves reading and turns the books’ pages now.  Oddly enough, both of the girls constantly kick their feet.  Leila alternates her legs, while Blake kicks both in and out at the same time.DSC01897

Not to be outdone by her sister, Blake pulled herself up to standing right after Leila.DSC01898

She started waving at the wedding rehearsal and does it all the time now.  She particularly enjoys waving to our cat, Prince.  We’re even mostly convinced she tries to say “Kitty” when she sees him. When we ask “Where’s the kitty?” her head whips around to Prince, she starts waving at him and whispers “Kkeeyyy.” DSC01900

She’s so sweet.  When we play peekaboo, she leans her head into my hand.  She also likes to touch foreheads with Leila and nuzzle into her. DSC01904

She likes to constantly blow raspberries.  She also puts her arms out to her sides and leans forward.  It looks like she’s making an elaborate bow.DSC01905

She suddenly has major food dislikes, complete with a scrunched up face, gagging and shaking her head “No.”  DSC01908

Nine Months

It’s official, the girls have been on the outside longer than the inside!

There were quite a few firsts this month.  They had their first plane trip (to Miami).  They saw the ocean, went to the beach and to the pool for the first time.  And they both started crawling!

They have started being very aware of each other and are even starting to play.  They “race” to the hallway corner and sit on either side, peeking around and giggling at each other.  They also crawl all over each other, which turns into a baby wrestling match or one sitting on her sister as she cries.

Blake Evangeline

Blakey girl loved the pool immediately.


She started crawling while we were in Miami.  She plops her hands down when she crawls and it makes the cutest noise!  When she wants to get somewhere fast you’ll hear her making high pitched, almost heavy breathing noises as she makes a beeline for you.DSC01711

She has great rhythm and will start bopping around and dancing whenever she hears music.  This includes actual songs, music from their toys or someone singing or whistling.  DSC01712

She is a fidgety mover and will constantly whip her head around to look at everything in the room while being held.  But when she’s playing on her own, she will sit and focus on one toy.DSC01713

She loves her pacifier and also has a “Honey Bunny” (bunny blanket).  She does such a good job keeping track of both when she is going to sleep or cuddling.DSC01716

Leila Grace

Leila took some time to warm up to the pool and played and napped on the beach.  The ocean was very scary to her and made her “koala” onto us whenever we took her near it (arms and legs around us as tight as possible with her head tucked in).  She must like this position, because she’s started doing it all the time, especially when she’s super tired.


Her hair must be growing, because she has started having bed head when she wakes up.  It makes me so happy.DSC01697

Leila gets SUPER upset and wails when her bottle or bowl of food is gone.  She quickly gets over it, but you have to brace yourself.DSC01689

She really found her voice this month.  Her “talking” is much more lyrical than typical baby babbling and is always accompanied with funny facial expressions.  She also started yelling (not upset crying) on the plane to Miami.  Luckily we had kind people surrounding us!DSC01696

Lastly, she crinkles her nose when she smiles.DSC01694

The girls are sweeter and showing more personality every day.  I can’t believe we’re already at the nine month mark.

Seven Months

Happy almost Valentine’s Day from the Fitzgerald girls. They are so fun right now!  They are starting to interact more and more. Sometimes that just means that they want to play in the exact same place at the same time.  So it looks like a baby wrestling match and we have to stop them from kicking each other in the head or grabbing each others eyes.  But then they will also make eye contact, gently pat each other on the head or smile at each other.  It’s adorable.

Blake Evangeline

Blakey Boo is weighing in around 17 pounds.


She can sit up on her own with minimal toppling.  To be fair, we have to get her to the sitting position.  This prompted us to start big girl baths, using little seats in the bathtub instead of individual sink baths.  They both love bath time and I love getting both baths done at the same time.


She is great at “feely” books.  Her hand shoots straight for the spot on the page with the part she is supposed to feel.  She’s learned how to take off her bib and after she’s done eating, I’ll look over and she’s got it off and is playing with it.

She has a tendency to get her teething rings around her wrists or ankles.  I’m hoping this means she’ll like jewelry.


Her love of mirrors has grown.  She smiles at herself and leans into the mirror, resting her forehead on it, gazing into her own eyes. They are pretty cute eyes.


She is discovering her voice.  She can be very talkative and babbles nonstop.  Sometimes you’ll look at her and her mouth is moving away but no sound is coming out.  And other times she lets out high pitched squeals or noises that are basically growls.  She mostly growls when she’s playing and something is out of reach.  She hasn’t made any progress toward crawling, so she will get herself into “super man” position and growl when she wants to move, but can’t.


She is just so sweet.  It takes a lot to make her upset or cry.  You can always count on a big smile when you come in to get her out of her crib.

Leila Grace

Leila is weighing in around 19 pounds.


She’s a little army crawler!  She mostly pulls herself with her left arm and can book it around the play mat. Both she and Blake also like to get themselves in the “Mermaid” position.  They balance themselves on one side/elbow, with their feet together up in the air.


And she is sleep trained!  Which basically means our quality of life has improved 100 times from the last post.  I set aside a week that my mom was in town to sleep train her.  We had our game plan in place and anticipated several sleepless nights.  But Leila  got it down the very. first. night.  I couldn’t believe it.  In the matter of one week she went from crying from 9-11 pm every night (unless I was holding her in a dark room) and needing to be fed twice overnight to sleeping from 7 pm – 6 am.  WHAT?!  If she does wake up, I just pop her pacifier back into her mouth and she falls right back asleep.  And she doesn’t need to be rocked to sleep either.  In fact, she seems to prefer no cuddling and to be put straight into her crib.

I have joked before that Leila was in charge around here.  And through sleep training, it was like I was telling her that I was in charge.  I took control of the situation and we are all so much happier for it.  I’m sure that lesson can (and should) be applied to many future parenting situations.


She loves books.  She often crawls to our book basket and will also sit and look at books endlessly.  Needless to say, her Grandma (the former Kindergarten teacher) is super proud.


She is discovering what she can do with her mouth.  But instead of babbling like her sister, she has recently been spitting.  Just pursing her little lips and spitting.  Onto my shoulder, the floor and even her sister’s head once.


She loves when I play peekaboo with her.  If she’s in her little play saucer, I can hide behind the kitchen cabinets and pop out to surprise her.  She jumps in surprise every single time I pop out and then breaks out into big, baby belly laughs.

We are having so much fun with our girls.

Four Months Old

This past month has really been a change in the girls.  They are out of the “fourth trimester” and are alert, active little things.  They are sitting up in their Bumbo seats and exersaucers and are able to bat and grab their toys.  Both of them can roll out of tummy time but can’t roll off of their backs yet.

While they don’t really interact with each other per se, they do notice and observe each other.  And they definitely watch me!  I’m the center of their little worlds.  When I walk into a room, I can count on two pretty little faces looking at me, taking their cues from me.  And if I am holding one, the other is almost always watching us.  It is so very hard to split my attention and to “choose” one to comfort first when they both need me equally.  It’s the worst part for me so far.  Feeling like one of my girls is suffering because of a choice I have to make.

They now need to be entertained.  Sometimes I feel like I’m playing with a cat – just dangling something in front of their faces.  While OF COURSE it’s a joy and a privilege, it does get a little monotonous at times.  I’ve been singing nursery rhymes but have to break it up with real person songs too.  There has been plenty of Disney, Needtobreathe and the girls’ favorite is Forever Country (the country song mashup sung by every country music artist ever) and Octopus’ Garden (The Beatles).

We have one overnight feed (around 1 am) and one early morning feed (around 5 am).  I take the overnight and Scott takes the early morning.  They tell me that this will eventually end…

Leila Grace

Nicknames: Leila Loo, Leiloo, Leila Girl, Leila Full of Grace, Little Girl

She is 25 inches long and weighs 15 pounds.dsc01434She has higher highs and lower lows than Blake.  And she can swing from one to the other more easily.

dsc01435But she is always great in a crowd of people! She was all smiles at my sister’s bridal shower and at a company party we attended.  She can certainly turn it on.

I think she’s starting to understand how to get her way (aka manipulate us).  It’s almost disconcerting how fast she’ll stop crying as soon as she sees she’s getting what she wants. Like being brought out of the dark room she should be sleeping in to be with mom and dad watching TV…

dsc01436Her hair is still coming in reddish/strawberry blonde.

dsc01439When she is “talking” to us, Leila always sounds like she’s having a back and forth conversation or asking questions.  She also likes to stick her tongue out a lot.



Nicknames: Blakey Boo, Blakey girl, Bright Eyes, Big Eyes, Schnoopsy <– a personal favorite of mine that I use equally amongst my human children and my fur baby, Prince

She is 25 inches long and weighs 13 pounds, 5 ounces.

dsc01427She is a talker! She babbles away and always sounds like she has so much to tell us.  She alternates between high pitched squeals and when she is “talking” in her regular voice, it is a bit throatier.  But she always looks like she is sharing a secret or up to something mischievous when she’s talking.

dsc01424She’s picked up that her sister gets attention with crying and screaming and seems to be trying it out for herself.  It makes me sad because I want her to stay a happy little thing.

dsc01423She is fluttering her eyelashes and flirts with people.  And she is giggling!  Oh my word, the giggles are the best.  If something makes her unhappy she pouts out her bottom lip.  This was my trademark as a baby, surprise surprise.


That’s all for month four!