Half a Year!

My babies turned 6 months on my birthday.  I love that we all have “11” birthdays, exactly half a year apart.  This was a big month!  We started solid foods and have introduced oatmeal cereal, applesauce and sweet potatoes so far.  All get a thumbs up, except applesauce does get a “this is sour!” reaction.

They survived their first colds thanks to the snot sucker and plenty of Tylenol.

They are incredibly active and mobile.  They aren’t crawling, but they still seem to move wherever they want to go by rolling and spinning like a top while they are on their tummies.  We rearranged the living room and it’s now baby central with a play mat, bouncers and toys everywhere.  Both girls got multiple limbs stuck in between the bars of their cribs when they started rolling around and spinning in their cribs.

We celebrated their first Christmas and they met their Uncle Justin for the first time.

Leila Grace weighed in at 18 pounds, 2 ounces.


She is 26.5″ long.


Within the past week, she has been getting up on all fours and rocking forward and back.  She’s just itching to crawl!  Sometimes she does get forward momentum, but can’t move her arms, resulting in a face plant and her legs up in the air. Between that and how often we find her with her head up against the crib rails, her Daddy nicknamed her Crash.


She has discovered her feet, as you can see.


To Leila, there is no greater indignity than seeing a bottle in the room but not being FED the bottle.  You will HEAR about it.  Sleeping is also a challenge.


She loves to grab my face in her hands and look straight in my eyes.  It’s sweet until she starts scratching.


She has become such a happy girl as her physical therapy works out her stiff neck muscles.  Between that and her medication regulating her thyroid, she has become so much more content than when she was tiny.  It makes us so glad.  And when she smiles (which is so much more often) she looks like the happiest little elf!


Blake Evangeline weighs 16 pounds, 7 ounces.


She is 26″ long.


The day after Christmas we discovered her first tooth!  Her bottom left tooth was poking through and was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen.  It amazed me how proud I was!  The bottom right tooth followed January 2.


She has dropped one, and sometimes both, overnight feeds.  The morning that we discovered she had slept 11 hours was a celebration.  Of course, that meant she was up at 6 and Leila slept until 8 – and they were on the exact opposite schedule all day.  It’s just a transitional phase, right?  And in the meantime, lots of coffee for Momma.


She still dances her little jig with her feet and twirls her feet while she sits in her high chair or boppy.


When she sees a bowl of food come around the corner of her high chair she gasps with delight.  She gets a big, excited smile before every bite of food.  She is like a little bird that opens up, waiting to be spoon fed.


She has some pretty amazing motor skills.  She holds her bottle (and even pulls it away for a break and then brings it back in), can put her pacifier in by herself and is really good with all of the new toys they got for Christmas.

When she gets startled, she clutches her hands to her chest.  Peek-a-boo is hilarious, especially since Leila reacts the exact opposite.  If she is startled she throws all of her limbs out wide.


The girls are such a blessing and challenge. I love being home with them to witness all of their smiles, pouts and constant changes.