Life Without Internet

So many photos I want to share and so little Internet! I should have the blessed web when I get home tonight, but in the meantime, here is life via my iPhone.

The move was fairly smooth. Trying to maneuver a huge moving truck through Manhattan was the worst part.

After the closing, when they handed us the keys and the house was really, truly “ours” Scott and I raced back, pinching ourselves, the whole way.


Scott carried me over the threshold (sweet man) and it went much better than the last time he carried me over a threshold on our wedding night. That one ended in a bruised, bleeding elbow. So we high-fived for threshold success and then stood in our empty rooms. After running through it a few times, it seemed fitting to break in our deck and have our first “cheers” in the house.


It already felt like home, and for the first time ever, I didn’t want to leave New Jersey and go back to the city! Crazy. But once we pulled ourselves away and got back to our neighborhood, it started to hit us. We were giving up a lot by leaving the city. Like tons of great restaurants and bars right within walking distance. That is no small thing. So rather than finish packing, like good children, we went out with dear friends for dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Penrose, and then for drinks at this great Scottish bar, Caledonia. It was a perfect farewell to our beloved corner of the Upper East Side. And it was only fitting to do our last cheers in the city.


And then it was moving day. We rented a uhaul, packed up our life with the help of two very committed friends (our life savers, Rick and Dana!). And sooner than I would have liked we were done. And my cozy, little home…the place I learned how to be a wife and spent my first two years of marriage (the best two years of my life yet)…was empty.


But there were people waiting for us in Jersey. And a house. And the Uhaul was blocking traffic. And Prince was already making strange sounds of distress in his crate.


So off we went to the next adventure.



I LOVED getting over a foot of snow this past weekend.  Love love loved it!  And I loved that they named it Nemo.Snow 2

Scott and I met up with some friends after work on Friday and it was so cozy to watch the snow fall in the puddles of lamplight outside the windows while we were bundled up inside.Snow 1

We slipped and slid our way home in the winter wonderland.  I had my best ski bunny outfit on.  (It’s all a ruse though – I don’t ski on principle.)Snow 6

Our pretty little street!Snow 4

Snow 3

And when we woke up, this is what we found in our back yard.IMG_4949

The grill cracked me up the most.  He looked like he had one of those Russian fur hats on.IMG_4951

Oh and I used the back yard as extra refrigeration.  Why not?IMG_4952

We probably should have explored our neighborhood or Central Park to see how pretty it was.  But I decided to put on ruffly pink leg warmers and catch up on my shows.Snow 5

And make delicious cheese tortellini soup.  It was my first time trying the recipe and it was delicious.  I may add Italian sausage or meatballs next time at Scott’s request.Cheese TortelliniHope that everyone else had a lovely weekend!


Order from Chaos

Hello Friends!  It’s been pretty quiet over here.  Life is chugging along as normal, so between that and traveling for work, I just haven’t had much to report!

However, I am quite happy to report that I finally found an entertainment/media center that fit our very strict size constraints AND fit both Scott’s and my aesthetic.   That is pretty hard to do.  AND I had a coupon.  We got it from World Market and I had received an email code for 25% off.  So I asked Scott if we could get it while he was in the shower (I tend to run purchases by him then – I find I usually get the answer I want.  It might be evil). I got the go ahead and I pounced.

First, let me show you the area before.  You see it there under the TV beyond the amazing Michael Jackson dance moves?

That’s a radiator cover acting as the media console.  It had a lovely neighbor as well – yes, a college style set of plastic drawers.  Shudder.

Here is another view.  In my excitement to get the new media center set up, I forgot to take a good photo of the “before.”

But here she is!

I don’t even care about the bad, late night lighting. She’s a beauty.

There’s still the mess of cords, but that can’t really be helped.  The space just feels SOOO much more put-together now.

And it gave me a chance to decorate and create this little fall vignette.  Yay.

Next thing to go – the Eiffel Tower lamp.  It will go into storage just in case I have a little girl and get a hankering to, say, spray paint it white and put a frilly pink lamp shade on it.  But it will do for us for now.  This media center is a HUGE victory.  Big.  HUGE.  It’s been on my list since Day 1, so I’ve waited a long 13 months for this bad boy.  Big sigh of contentment.

Just add it to the long list of things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving season!

Backyard Before and After

I’ve done before and afters on the blog before.

Like the apartment, for example.

And this pretty, little bookcase.

So I thought it would be fitting to do an official before and after of the backyard.  We’ve spent a lot of time out there this summer and expect to be out there this fall as much as possible.

Here is what we started with.  I took these pictures while we were looking for an apartment in New York.

I dubbed this apartment “The Secret Garden” because of all the greenery.  It felt like a little getaway.

Here is the view looking back at the apartment.

And here it is during move in.  It was a lifesaver to have this area to throw the boxes.

And here it is in a live-able state after Scott went to town on the ivy.  I think it looks so much bigger this way!

It’s not eligible for a magazine or anything, but we love it.

So do our friends.

It’s given us the chance to grill,


and do projects.

Basically,I feel so grateful and blessed to have it!

Our First Backyard Cookout!

Who’s excited about our backyard area and having a grill?  This girl (and her husband)!

Even though Scott and I have started using our outdoor space, there is just something about having friends over that makes it really feel like summer is right around the corner. So I was so excited to have our friends, Ricky and Dana, over for dinner last week.  Rick and Scott have been friends for, oh, ever and was a groomsman in our wedding party. His beautiful girlfriend, Dana, is one of my favorite New York City ladies AND our much-appreciated cat sitter!  (We can’t thank her enough).

Don’t they look like they came straight from a yacht?

Since we obviously needed to grill at least part of the meal, I turned to the adorable grill master himself, Bobby Flay.  And he did not disappoint.  We had his Korean Grilled Chicken with the Bibimbap rice on the side.  Scott masterfully grilled the chicken, zucchini and mushrooms.

I took care of the rest.

The finished (delicious) product!

Even better than the food was getting to spend time with friends.  In perfect weather, no less.

One four-legged member of our party didn’t have as much fun until we bent our “No Prince Outside” rule.  And then he chased bugs to his heart’s content.  He knows how to lay on the guilt.

I foresee many more evenings spent this way in our future.  Doesn’t it just look so cozy and inviting?

Building Forts

In the flurry of laundry a few weeks ago, one set of sheets didn’t get fully dry.  Rather than forking over more money to dry them in the shared laundry room downstairs, I just draped them over our kitchen chairs so I could *finally* go to sleep.

And then this happened.

“Wait. Mom. Where am I?”

“What IS this?”

“I’m tired.  Can I have some food?”

That’s my Prince.  I think he would have stayed there all night if  I hadn’t pulled him out.  I wasn’t actually sure if he was enjoying it as a fort or if he didn’t know how to get out…

More Frames, Please!

Remember my collage of photos above our dining table?  When we put them up, I had wanted to switch out the pictures and add to it over time.  Well, I still don’t want to remove or switch any of the photos, but I did add three new frames.

For reference, here is the collage before.  Oh and it looks much better due to lighting.  Try not to judge my late-night picture taking.

I wasn’t sure if I liked the additional frames at first.  I spent so much time figuring out the perfect arrangement for the original collage, it felt strange to tack the other ones on.  But I’ve gotten used to it over the past few days.  It helps that I love everything that was added.

And now for a close up of the newbies.

These are Scott and my place cards from our wedding.  I hear it caused some confusion for my in-laws when they were picking up their place cards 🙂

Lane Stadium at Virginia Tech.  Go Hokies!

And this print from Art Shark Designs – a shop on Etsy.

I actually received this little guy when I bought a gift for Scott’s sister (aka my sister-in-law, still getting used to saying that!) and her husband.  They had just moved into their first home together in Boston, so I bought them the Boston print.  All of these prints are in cities around the world and always depict a couple with red umbrellas in front of a well-known landmark.  They are the sweetest thing.  The artist is local to the Northern Virginia area, I believe.  So she included this little print for me in the shipment of my Boston print and I absolutely love it. So much of Scott and my time dating took place in the DC area.  Although to look at pictures you would think it was all in Newport.  So it’s nice to have this little memento.

So there you have it! Oh, and I got the frames on a ridiculous sale at my favorite store – Tar-jay.  Oh how I miss thee, Target.  I picked them up when I was home a few weeks ago for shower-palooza.