We’ve Been Married for Three Years

Scott and I have been married for three years today!


If you want to catch up on the wedding, you can do that here:

The ProposalRehearsalGetting ReadyCeremonyCelebration

But today, I want to do an “Ode to Scott” in list form, what else?  I don’t remember where I saw someone do a list like this before, but it stuck with me and I wanted to give it a try.  I could get really sappy, but I think I’ll keep that special for Scott.  Lucky him.  So, here is more than you ever wanted to know about Scott.

If Scott were an animal, he would probably be a really happy, yet very focused on what he wants, Yellow Lab.  A close second would be an eagle.  A Bald Eagle.  America.

If Scott were a rock star, he would be Bruce Springsteen.  Because he is proud of New Jersey, loves America, rocks out for four hours straight, is unexpectedly sweet and insightful when you aren’t looking and I never get tired of either of them.  

If he were a song, he would be “Love Your Love the Most” by Eric Church.  Don’t believe me? Check out these lyrics.

I love sleeping in on Saturdays
And I love college football games
I love not acting my age
And good barbecue

If Scott were a color, he would be red.  I mean, yes, he does have red hair.  But he can get pretty feisty and sticks up for himself and what he wants. I call it “going Jersey.”

If Scott were a plant, it would NOT be any of the plants we ripped out of our yard this year.  He would be a no-nonsense, easy to care for, provides shade in the summer, pretty leaves in the fall kind of tree. Lets go with Oak.

If Scott were a car, he would be a Ford truck.  With a yellow lab in the front seat.  Being helpful and selfless, carrying heavy loads with the windows down and country music playing a tad too loud.

If he were TV show, he would be Sports Center.  Is that a show?  Or is it a network?  All I know is that Scott says everything sports announcers say on TV every Saturdays and Sunday – he just says it a minute before they say it.  Man is clued in.

If he were a sports star he would be Michael Strahan.  Loyal to the Giants, played defense, good-humored, but takes the game ser-i-ous-ly.  And he has a good personality in a profession where you don’t necessarily have to.  Strahan now hosts morning television and Scott can actually talk to and charm people…in the public accounting profession.  That is not the norm, people.

If he weren’t a CPA, his perfect job would be a high school football coach.

If Scott were a drink, he would definitely be Dogfish Head IPA 60 minute.  Or a tall drink of water on a hot day.

If Scott were a movie, I think he would be Armageddon.  Because: its my favorite, makes me laugh while I’m crying (laughter through tears is my favorite emotion! but that’s a different movie for a different list), there are handsome men, and the world is saved.

If he were a Super Hero, he would be Captain America. Or Superman. He’s definitely my Superman and he’s got the jawline.  I mean, come on.

And if he was anyone’s perfect man – he is mine.  America obsession and all.

Happy Anniversary, Scott.

The Best Outfit I Ever Wore

I like to think of my corner of the bedroom as my dressing area.  I have big plans for pretty mirrors and girl-ifying.  We may end up turning that area into a master bathroom, but that is years down the road and momma’s gotta add some pink and sparkle where she can!

So my first project in my dressing area was to order some canvas prints of the detail shots from the best outfit I ever wore.  My wedding dress, obviously.

Oh my, I love it!

Dressing Area

Dressing Area 3Dressing Area 2Dressing Area 4Between these and the larger canvas I ordered of Scott and I for the living room I may be tapped out for wedding photos in our house.  But this eye candy makes me smile.  And encourages me to keep putting things on the wall to make our home our own. It’s quick and easy and warms the room right up.

Next up – I want to paint the vanity.  A friend suggested shiny black paint, almost like lacquer. I also could go glossy white.  There is such detail on this desk, I want to do it up right.  I’d welcome thoughts.



Wedding Week – Celebration!

Scott and I had just said, “I do,” in a beautiful ceremony and it was time to celebrate!

But not before we squeezed the last light out of the day and got some crazy gorgeous pictures of Scott and I overlooking the Newport bridge.

I can’t imagine my wedding day without the wind now.  The pictures just wouldn’t be the same without my dress blowing around being all dramatic!

Speaking of dramatic…

Meanwhile cocktail hour was in full swing.

And from the pictures, it looked like a great time.  And we haven’t stopped hearing about how great the food was – in particular, the lobster bar!

Scott and I weren’t able to make it to the cocktail hour between our individual, bridal party and family photos.  I had high hopes, but it just didn’t happen.  I wouldn’t give up the pictures, so such is life!

The boys were finally allowed in our bridal suite and they were a bit jealous when they saw where we got ready, versus their hotel room with seven men and two photographers.

What can I say?  I enjoy being pampered 😉

We had champagne and hors d’oeuvres brought up and it was just silly and fun.

I really wanted a shoe picture, considering how obsessed I was with both mine and the girls!  The photographer and the girls didn’t quite get my vision, but I made them stay there until we got it right.  Are you surprised?

We took so many different family shots!  Here we are with my wonderful grandparents.  I’m so grateful they were able to make the trip and be with us on our day.  My grandma told my dad that I looked like I was walking around on a cloud in my dress. 🙂

And the Fitzgerald clan!  We were lucky to have everyone at the wedding.  We’d just had the newest member, Liam Hugh, join us six weeks earlier, so we were quite glad that the whole family could be together to celebrate.  And can we discuss how great my sister-in-law, Stephanie looks (gray dress on the left)?  You would never, ever guess she’d just had a baby.

So you may have noticed a baby theme.  The little ones were definitely out in force!  From top left we have Walker, our pastor’s child; Carmen, sweet Megan’s daughter; Liam, our nephew; and my cousin’s two week old, Sophie Rose.

Time to make our grand entrances!  I love how happy both of our parents look in these photos.

Nothing could make me happier than them enjoying the day.

And then there were those crazy friends of ours.

I have to say, Scott’s sister, Jess, and her husband, Dan, did a pretty good “wind up ballerina” bit.  It’s an entrance I’ve never seen it before and it was hilarious.

But even funnier was the role-reversal my sister, Megan, and Scott’s brother, Mark, pulled off!

Unfortunately Scott and I didn’t get to see any of this, since we were hidden away.  I’m so glad they were all on the wedding video!

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fitzgerald!!! (And the crowd goes wild!)

We shared our first dance to Van Morrison’s,”Crazy Love.”

I loved the moments of our first dance.  It was one of the few times I got choked up during the day.  I was so happy to be married to Scott, surrounded by everyone we loved.  Most of the day I never stopped moving, but in the moments where I could pause and savor, I would get so overwhelmed by how blessed I was.

My dad put a lot of thought into our first dance and he landed on “This Moment (Dance with Cinderella).”  It was so sweet, since its about a little girl who loves dancing and her father sees her as Cinderella.  It was quite fitting for me and dad.

Millie chose Elvis Presley’s, “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” since she used to sing it Scott as a little boy.

Before we get to the toast…a few detail shots for you.  I love discovering all of the details come to life after planning them out all year!

My dad did a fabulous job welcoming everyone and toasting me and Scott.  I was so proud of him, since public speaking isn’t his favorite pastime.  He was funny, heartfelt and truly welcoming – both to our guests and to Scott into our family.

I think Dad just called Scott, “Good People.”  Love it.

Aah, my cake.  Isn’t she a beauty?

Scott fed me a piece of cake so very nicely.  But I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to smash a little in his face (he claims it even got on his neck inside his shirt).

He paid me back by laying a big, fat kiss on me.

I mentioned that our niece, Avery, was excited for my sparkly shoes and most importantly, my princess dress.  I don’t think she was disappointed!  Half the time I would turn around to find her just standing behind me, dancing and playing with the ruffles.

I may be biased, but we had THE cutest kids in the world at our wedding.

Mr. Mike!  The only man who could swing me around in a gazillion pound wedding dress like it was nothing.

There are so many stories and pictures from that night and I simply can’t include all of them here, as much as I want to.  But all I really want to say is that I had the most amazing time dancing at my wedding.  I loved every. single. minute of it, from our guests’ antics to the amazing DJ who kept the dance floor packed with all ages from start to finish.

Shout! A little bit softer now… (Please notice me sitting on Scott’s lap…my feet had gotten a workout that day and weren’t up to the rigorous “Shout” dance.)

Dad holding court with the men and cigars outside.

We had a little break dancing as well as “The Rebecca” dance and one lucky lady who caught the bouquet!

I asked Scott what he would want to include about our reception.  He said that he was handed approximately 20 glasses of whiskey but only drank about 4 ounces over the course of the night.  He also said “Being scared for my life while the guys threw me around….oh yeah, and YOU being scared for my life while the guys threw me around!”

I LOVE this picture!

All too soon, it was time to leave.  I would have stayed forever, but we had a ’57 Bentley and a parade of sparklers waiting!  The best advice I received was to walk through the line of people slooooowly, rather than running, which was my first inclination.  Slow was definitely the way to go, because its all still a blur!

And so ends Wedding Week.  I have loved writing about that time and reliving all of the details.  And the crazy part is that I know I didn’t include every memory or photo or story that made that time special for me and Scott.  To each and every person that played a part in that day – thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It means more to me than I can ever express.  And goodness knows, I’ve used a lot of words to try to express my feelings this week.  So I’ll leave you with my final thought…

And they lived happily ever after!

Wedding Week – The Ceremony and “I Do’s”

The time to walk down the aisle had finally arrived!  Two groomsmen were braving the elements to meet and greet our guests.

The programs were ready and the guest book was primed for “Wisdom and Well Wishes.”

The pashminas were sitting pretty and waiting for our guests, “To have and to hold.”

And to keep them from the cold!  I would say they were a smart choice for wedding favors and that it was prudent to have them available at the beginning of the ceremony.  They were put to good use!

My little cousins, getting a better view.  I love this picture.

And then it was time for the ceremony to begin!  Such a happy momma of the groom being walked in by her oldest.

And my momma in her fabulous dress (and accessories, I might add), being walked in by my future brother-in-law.

And here is my handsome husband, waiting as the girls began walking in.

At this point, I was waiting at the entrance to Belle Mer, watching everything.  I basically had to make a “U” after the leaving the building to get to the base of the aisle.  Basically, I was able to watch our entire processional from inside the building, which was awesome!  I don’t think many brides get to do that, without the fear of being seen by their groom.

I remember standing there with my dad, overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.  The music playing as the girls entered, a piano rendition of, “In Christ Alone,” was so beautifully ethereal and I loved being able to witness that moment.

And then it was my turn!!!  But it wasn’t quite to simple.  As we left the building, the wind (or the hand of God) shot underneath my veil, picked it up and pulled it right off my head.  In the most perfect way…the comb pulled right out without pulling a hair out of place.  At this point, I didn’t care one bit and was ready to keep on going without it.  I was ready to marry the man I loved!  I was anxious to get there and didn’t need a veil.  But my sweet, wonderful father took off running after it!  He caught it before it went over the wall to the property and brought it back to me.  We then started to make the “U” to get to the aisle.  It’s behind a fence/wall so the groom and guests can’t see you.  Well the two event coordinators were busy whispering and trying to “calm me down” and put my veil back on.

Well, I was perfectly calm and knew perfectly well I didn’t want to wear that traitorous veil.  It had already proven it was no good and I didn’t need distractions during the ceremony.  When they understood that, we started moving again.  Well then, I heard a “riiiiiip.”  The girl holding my dress had stepped on one of the ruffles (How?! How are you holding the dress UP and still able to STEP on it?) and it had ripped off the dress.  I told her, quite calmly, that I could walk easier without someone holding my dress, so just drop it and we’ll keep moving.

Well this took a bit of time, when it was all said and done.  I heard later that everyone was starting to wonder where I was!  There was not one ounce of cold feet going on, but I’m sure it looked like it!  My dad and I laugh now at how calm and single-minded I was during all of the hiccups.  “Just leave the veil, I don’t have to wear it.  No, it’s fine you ripped my dress, please just hand it to me so I can keep moving.  We eventually made it to the beginning of the aisle, almost in one piece!

I loved walking down the aisle with my dad.  He did great about keeping a slow, even pace.  I think I may have been pulling him a little bit!  Haha.  He was so strong and supportive, literally and figuratively.  He held me up in my heels on those shells like a champ.

It was humbling to walk through the crowd of our closest, nearest and dearest.  To think they were not only sitting outside in 40 mile per hour wind for us, but had traveled immense distances to witness us getting married was so wonderful and I’m forever grateful.  I can’t say it enough.

And there he is.  My wonderful, patient groom.  And there is look everyone loves – the groom as he watches his bride walk down the aisle to him.

And how sweet is his brother, Mark, watching him?  That’s a good, proud, big brother.

We had a beautiful ceremony, performed by our pastor, Mark, whom we had grown close to over the past two years of dating and engagement.  He knew us well as a couple and it was so very special to have him there in Newport to marry us.  I remember him being one of the first people to see us that Sunday morning after getting engaged.  While I  was busy hugging and squealing and showing my ring to Megan D. he came to see what was going on.  When Scott told him we were engaged, he (and the entire hall way of people) reacted with such joy for us!  That whole morning is such a great memory, which I treasure.

Isn’t there such a stark difference between the view behind the men and the view behind the ladies?  Luckily, that storm behind the groomsmen never touched down over us!  Thank you, Jesus!

My cousin, Jennifer, gave the reading.  I was so glad she was there.  She had had her daughter, Sophie, a mere two weeks before our wedding.  And the whole family of four made it out from Indianapolis.  Have I mentioned how humbled we were enough yet?

One of the great things about having a pastor who knows you and your story is the personalized sermon/homily/talk.  Mark started us off on a great note, with everyone laughing by telling the story of my first attempt to start a conversation with Scott.  As Mark put it, Scott was wearing some baseball paraphernalia.  I approached Scott from behind, and asked him, in all honesty, what was wrong with his Yankees symbol.  He slowly turned around with a look of incredulity on his face.  You see, Scott is an avid Mets fan…my mistake.  Haha, I’ve since learned the profound error of my ways.  Mark had everyone laughing at that.  Those that know me aren’t surprised in the least by that story.  As Mark put it, Scott learned a valuable lesson of marriage during that fateful first encounter – one of forgiveness.

Mark delivered a beautiful sermon on Ephesians 5: 22-33, a passage about God’s design for marriage.  We had studied it in-depthly the year leading up to our marriage, so it was an easy decision for Scott and I to ask Mark to speak on it.

The exchanging of the rings.

And we are officially man and wife!!

We were a bit overjoyed, if you can’t tell.

We recessed to a Piano Tribute version of Journey’s, “Don’t Stop Believing.”  Journey was our anthem the summer we met, so I felt it was fitting and cheeky.

And off we went…to have the BEST party of our lives!

Wedding Week – Anticipation

Getting ready for the wedding – or “Anticipation” as our photographer dubbed it.  I decided this portion of our day would get its own post.  Because it was such a special time for me. And I’m in charge around here. 🙂

We had a brilliant, bright, sunny day for our wedding.  I could tell before I even opened my eyes that morning and my heart soared.  The day before had been brutally cold and rainy so my little, bride self was overjoyed!  God had answered my months of prayers for no rain on my mid-October, New England wedding day!

And then I stepped outside and got a taste of God’s divine humor.  “No rain, loved one, but you didn’t mention 40 mile per hour winds.”

Such is life.  So my bridesmaids had the extra duty of veil patrol all day.  No big deal.

We got ready at Belle Mer in the bridal suite, which takes up the entire second floor of the building in which our reception took place.  The bridal suite was one of the many selling points for Belle Mer.  It was so luxurious for all of us girls as we got ready.

And there she is!  My beautiful, ruffly, wedding dress – the favorite thing I have ever worn.

Le sigh.

After a delicious brunch at the house, which was lovingly prepared my mom and aunts, the girls spent some time at a salon getting primped.  It was great, but I was just anxious to get to Belle Mer and see all of the details I had been planning for months!

And nothing disappointed.  I was obsessed with every detail, as a bride should be, of course.  For example, my bouquet, which the florist modeled after the ruffles in my dress.


Speaking of details, my dear friend, Megan, then a new momma of a one month old didn’t miss a single one!  She even had her precious Carmen decked out in the most adorable outfit to match the wedding colors.  Megan was a bridesmaid (I’m forever grateful) and it was so fun having little Carmen with us during the day.  Did I mention I strive to be like Megan one day?  I don’t know how she does it.

Getting me into my dress was a…long…affair.  Fun for me, though!  I’m not so sure about my poor Maids of Honor, my sister, Megan, and my bestie, Lauren.  Neither of them are quite as girly as I am, so they probably don’t see the appeal of a corset.

The great thing about them, however, is that they both knew how important the corset was to me.  So they spent a good hour back there, slaving over making sure it was perfect.  I love them both so much for that.  I did get nervous whenever I heard whispering and giggles, since they are like two peas in a sarcastic pod.  Especially when the whispers sounded something like, “Where does THAT go??”  But I didn’t need to worry.  They did a fabulous job.  And there were others around for quality control, just in case. 🙂

But what about Scott?  He was getting ready at the hotel and something tells me it didn’t take quite as long for him to get, “camera ready.”

Just a little hunch I have.

I asked Scott what stood out for him about getting ready.  He said “Christian being late.”  Poor Christian showed up at the 11th hour, but hey, he got there and no one (except Scott) knew the difference.  Although I think he spent a bit of time texting him…

But speaking of the guys, Scott’s groomsmen gift to them was a very nice french cuff shirt embroidered with their initials.  He also got them personalized cufflinks which were maps of the town in which they grew up.  The guys then wore them for the wedding.  I loved them.

For the girls, I gave them pink havaianas flip flops to slip into for dancing later in the night, personalized note cards based on their personalities and gave them each a pair of earrings and a bracelet to wear the day of the wedding.  Oh and chocolate.  Each of them received a unique pair earrings and bracelet, based on their taste.  I realize their taste may not be to wear pink jewelry at all, but at least they hopefully liked the style!  Here’s my sister’s.

They all wore platinum bridesmaid dresses with the same pair of pink shoes to complete the look.   I know it may not be the most popular thing to do (make the girls buy the same shoes) but I, for one, don’t care!  I had a specific look I wanted and the shoes were what made the entire outfit.  I loved the pop of the pink shoe against the platinum dress.  Pair that with the jewelry and the flowers and I thought it was the perfect punch of pink.  I think a dress in that color of pink wouldn’t have read as polished as I wanted.  And would have made Lauren break out in hives.  And in the end I absolutely loved how my bridesmaids looked.  I thought it was classy with a definite “Rebecca” touch.  Perfect.

Speaking of shoes…here are my lovelies!  They were sparkly, they were comfortable, they were perfection.

Did you know the last line of “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” is “And a six pence in your shoe?”  Apparently it is.  So when my parents found a coin (from England, I believe) on one of their walks the week of the wedding, Dad got right down to the business of taping it to the bottom of my shoe for luck.

Oh, and my something old and borrowed was a silk handkerchief that belonged to my dad’s uncle.  He took it with him to World War II and it belongs to my dad now.  My dad let me borrow it for the day and we pinned it to my garter.  The “new” was just about everything I was wearing.  And I had blue “unmentionables.”

And here the guys are.  Still relaxing.

And we girls have finally made it to the final fluffing!  I think my sister is inside the dress with me at this point.  She was tying the corset up but good.  She found Scott later to tell him “you’re welcome!” for what he would have to untie later. Ha.

Finished product!  I love this picture.

I wore my maternal grandmother’s engagement ring during my wedding, and made sure my mom was the one to put it on me.  It was a very emotional, special moment for me.  My grandfather gave me my grandmother’s engagement ring shortly after she passed away when I was just an infant.  My mom has had it for safe keeping all of these years and I thought it would be appropriate to wear on my wedding day.

After jewels, garter and shoes it was time to brave the wind and take some photos.  If there are any pictures of my veil behaving itself, it’s probably because someone is discreetly holding it behind me.

(Check out my mom’s bling!  I want to borrow that sometime, Mom!)

Such beautiful women!

Don’t my girls look fabulous?  What you can’t see is the phone my sister-in-law (second from the left) is hiding as she coordinated with the boys so they didn’t barge in on us!

And you have to have pictures of the bride!

Did I mention the wind?

While we were busy being glamorous, the boys were on their way over.  The hotel was close enough for the guys to walk, and I think it was Scott’s favorite part of getting ready.  The photographers walked over with them and got some great shots.


This may be Scott’s favorite picture of the day.  I try not to be jealous that its of the guys, not me.

Almost there…time for the slow clap!

They all look so handsome!

Scott Michael got in on the personalized shirts, as well.

And then it was the boys turn for the photo shoot.

Once the boys arrived, I was sequestered upstairs, away from the windows.  As it should be, of course, because the boys and Scott’s family needed their time to have pictures taken.  It had just been a long day at this point.  Our ceremony was at 5:30 pm and we had started with brunch at 10:00 am.  So I was starting to feel a bit like a caged animal and my mind had time to process and truly comprehend the gravity of the day.

I was about to get married…in front of almost everyone I love and care about…this is the biggest thing I will ever do…and SO MANY people are going to watch…what if I trip!?

Basically, I needed to do something to get out of my head.

So new momma Megan and I grabbed the poor back up photographer and told him we wanted to have a glamour shoot with the chandelier.  Megan literally sat nearby acting as creative director, probably while nursing, bless her sweet, girly, glittery heart.   Everyone was just sort of silly at this point, which was what I needed.   Doesn’t everyone decide a glamour shoot is the best way to handle stress?

And then it was time!  Back with more tomorrow!

Wedding Week – Getting to the Wedding

Since Scott and I decided to get married in Newport, Rhode Island, where we met – we decided to spend the week leading up to the wedding in town.  By “we” I mean my parents, myself and Scott.  We stopped half way to Rhode Island in New Jersey on our way up to spend time with Scott’s parents.  It was fun to have time with just us and our parents before the craziness began.

When we arrived in Newport on Tuesday, we had absolutely gorgeous weather.  It was the perfect New England fall day.  Scott and I used the drive to fiiiinally decide on a first dance song – which we changed a few days later.  Choosing the music for our wedding was probably the most challenging part of the entire planning process, believe it or not.  I didn’t have the songs for any of the ceremony entrances until about a week and a half before, and that’s only because I needed to pick them for printing on the program.  Luckily, I received some wonderful suggestions from our Pastor’s wife and loved each and every song we used.

But I digress! Here we are on one of the bridges you cross to get onto the Aquidneck Island, where Newport is located.  It’s beautiful and I take pictures every time we cross it.  We started getting seriously excited at this point, as we always do whenever we go to Newport, but this time was even better.  We were both just giddy knowing in less than a week we’d be married.  And my parents were right behind us with an SUV full of wedding details – most importantly a wedding dress!

I had an appointment with our wedding venue, Belle Mer, the afternoon we arrived.  So we decided to go straight to a little place for lunch next door to Belle Mer.  Even though it was October in New England, we were able to eat on the deck overlooking the Newport harbor.  We treated ourselves to a mid-day cocktail and had a round of clam chowder, naturally.

Mom and I continued onto the meeting while the men checked into our house for the week.  We had left a couple of wedding tasks to do in Newport, mostly things we couldn’t easily do ahead of time and transport with us.  When Mom and I finished, we made our way to the house and I had everyone sit down for a state of the union/assignment of tasks.  We got down to most of them that afternoon.  The boys (ahem, men) were so wonderful and helpful and rolled all of the pashminas, which were our wedding favors.  Mom, Dad and Scott were all so great about listening to me and doing things in the very particular way in which I wanted them done.  Even rolling pashminas and arranging them in an “organic way, rather than rows by color.”  You should have seen how they looked at me when I said that. 🙂

Dad didn’t know what a pashmina was. So I had to demonstrate one for him, hence the green one he is wearing.


I loved how they looked – almost like a bouquet.

We also needed to stamp the menu cards.  I hand stamped and embossed (with a lot of help!) all of our invitation pieces and wanted to have the same design on all of our printed materials at the wedding.  My friend, Lauren, designed the menu card layout for me and I had them printed ahead of time.  Mom was an old pro at embossing by that point, but we didn’t have the third member of our team – my sister, Megan.  So Scott stepped up to bat.  Dad took care of folding all of the letters for the welcome bags, with rocket science precision, I might add.

There’s my wonderful team!

The finished menu card.  The white flourish/design was what was added after the fact.

We also put together our welcome bags.  To personalize the bags, we put in a letter and snacks representing the states where Scott and I grew up as well as New York City – our new home as a married couple.

Virginia (Rebecca) – Virginia peanuts

New Jersey (Scott) – Saltwater Taffy

New York City (the Big Apple) – Apple

Our last little craft project was the sparkly base for the place cards.  Because my place cards couldn’t just be arranged on a table.  Heavens, no.  They had to be on a sparkly platform, but of course.  Dad put his rocket building skills to use and did a perfect job.

It didn’t take much time to get everything done, so we had plenty of time to walk around Newport, go out for dinner and visit with family as they started to arrive.

Scott and I had planned a date for ourselves on Wednesday night prior to the wedding craziness getting into full swing.  Almost all of our family would be in town Thursday and we had a big dinner planned.  Obviously, Friday was the rehearsal.  So Wednesday was our last chance to spend time just the two of us and I am SO glad we did.  I would recommend it to any engaged couple.  It was so nice to have that time to really savor what was about to happen.

We went to Castle Hill Inn for drinks since it is literally where it all began (Scott was the valet, I was the intern; enough said).   Then it was on to 22 Bowens for dinner.  It is one of the best restaurants in Newport and it is where Scott took me at the end of “our” summer as a sort of good bye dinner.  We went all out and had champagne, oysters on the half shell and lobster for me and filet mignon for Scott.  Delicious and decadent doesn’t even cover it.

Thursday I started getting anxious and nervous.  Scott left the house to stay in a hotel until the wedding and I missed having him with me.  Especially since that was also when all of our family started to arrive from every corner of the United States.  We were so incredibly blessed to have everyone there.  It struck me over and over again how wonderfully surreal it was to have our long distance relatives travel so far just for our wedding.  To see them standing on the streets of Newport – not even my home town! – was beyond humbling.  That was when I started feeling the pressure!  It was self-induced, sure, but present nonetheless.

That evening, we had dinner with Scott’s and my families.  The young’uns then went on to a night of fun with some friends from Newport.

And then it was Friday and rehearsal time!

Once I arrived at Belle Mer and handed everything over to the staff, I felt a weight lift.  I had my clipboard, checked everything off my (long) list and made sure both the staff, my mom and my godmother all knew what to do and had their jobs the night of the wedding.  I then proceeded to do our event coordinators job (it’s habit!) and everything went off smoothly.

Honestly, the thing that stands out the most for me from the rehearsal was rounding the corner and seeing the longest line of men waiting for me.  Between our pastor, Scott and his eight groomsmen, it was a bit intimidating!

Then it was off to Brick Alley, where Scott and I had our first date.  The Fitzgerald’s hosted a wonderful party and were gracious hosts.  The decor was football for Scott and princess for me.  They certainly get us!

And speaking of Princesses – there is Miss Avery in my arms.  She was pretty attached to Aunt Rebecca that weekend because there were rumors of a “Princess dress” and “sparkly shoes.”  I hope I didn’t disappoint!

My bestie and Maid of Honor, Lauren, had put together a surprise slide show/montage/movie of Scott and I growing up and our time together.  She definitely had help pulling everything off from the photos to the logistics, and I am so grateful to everyone who helped pull it together.

Because I love, love, loved it!  It made me feel so special.  Even when a picture of me wearing the very same dress I was in at the rehearsal popped up. Ha.  The slide show had everyone laughing and crying.  (Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.  Name that movie.)

The Fitzgerald’s graciously invited all out-of-town family and the wedding party, which turned into a sizable affair.  Which was great, because it gave Scott and I the opportunity to see everyone a bit before the wedding.

Did I mention how many families traveled with little ones?  There were four infants alone, not to mention all of the older siblings between 2 and 3 years old.  I have to say again how humbled and grateful we are to our wonderful family and friends.

The cast of characters for the next day.

But really, starring these two!

We had such a great night, it seemed like an embarrassment of riches that it was only the pre-cursor to our wedding day.

Wedding Week – The Proposal

We are one week from our one year anniversary, my friends!  And it’s about dang time that I blogged about our wedding!

But before we can get to the wedding, we have to go back to the beginning – the proposal!  Scott popped the question on October 16, 2010.  He tried for weeks (months?) to schedule a trip to Newport, RI, with no success due to a certain person’s schedule and stress level (ahem).  Luckily, I’m married to a resourceful, patient man, so he decided to take me on a day trip to Annapolis, Maryland.  Annapolis has a lot in common with Newport so he thought it would be the next best thing.

I honestly had no idea.  Scott hurried us out the door pretty early in the morning.  He hated getting up early on weekends, which should have been clue number one.  He bribed me to hurry “so we could get parking” with McDonald’s breakfast.

We honestly had the best day.  It was a perfect sunny, crisp fall day and the Naval Academy had a home game so there were football fans everywhere.  We spent the morning walking around the quaint downtown doing some shopping.  And I really mean a lot of shopping.  Scott agreed to go in every store I wanted to go in and was so patient at each and every one!  That should have been clue number two.  I got some great stuff which I still love to this day – jewelry, clothes, and even a hat, which ended up being very useful on the honeymoon.

We had lunch in an Irish pub, where the very Irish owner asked about my claddagh ring and our marital status.  He schooled us on the proper way to wear the ring based on your relationship status (which hand, facing which direction, etc.).  I distinctly remember telling him ‘No, we aren’t engaged, just dating!”  Scott says he was sweating bullets during the whole conversation and the ring was burning a hole in his pocket.

We spent the afternoon at the Annapolis Yacht Show.  You basically get to walk around the docks and go aboard various yachts for sale.  It was fun to pretend we could ever afford a boat, let alone a yacht!  Even though we didn’t make it to Newport, it found us.

We stopped to have a Pusser’s Painkiller.  You could order the drink at a level of two, three or four.  We figured we would go “medium” and order a three.  That meant three shots of rum, we came to find out.  Three shots in a drink the size of a cup of a coffee equals a bit intense.

When we left the show, I had to pour mine out since I couldn’t finish it.  When Scott did the same, that should have been clue number three.  I’d never seen him waste alcohol!

After the yacht show, Scott told me he wanted to go to a nearby beach to watch the sunset.  What I didn’t realize was how far away the beach was – I assumed we could walk.  I had no idea why we had to get in the car (which had a GREAT parking spot, right near the place we had dinner reservations, thanks to getting there so early) and drive to this beach.  But Scott was adamant  (clue number four) that we go.

But not before a hilarious trip to Starbucks, since I was getting sleepy and Scott wanted to make sure I didn’t fall asleep.  After I got my coffee and we were sitting down, I asked Scott if he was sure he didn’t want something for the 15th time.  At which point, the bundle of nerves that was my boyfriend said “Coffee?  Coffee!  I mean, I guess I could get a coffee!”  He didn’t seem like he needed caffeine, given the way that he tripped over my shopping bags on the way to the counter to order.  I tried to discreetly move my new purchases out of his way and it was a good thing, since he proceeded to spill the coffee all over our table when he returned.  I think we are up to 1,548 clues at this point.  I have to laugh looking back, because I was so relaxed and happy at this point in the day and poor Scott was just a wreck!

We finally made it to the beach (and I DID fall asleep in the car, much to Scott’s chagrin).  When we got there, we planned to set up a blanket and watch the sunset.  Well clearly, Scott planned to propose at this point.  He wanted it to be private, for obvious reasons, but the beach was positively full of families and fishermen.  Please note my beloved’s very un-relaxed expression.

He also didn’t appreciate me stopping to take pictures.  He was on a mission to find a quiet spot (which was turning into a sizable hike) and needed me to keep moving so we got there before the sun set.


We finally found our spot!  It was a bit inconvenient, given that the sun was setting behind us…but that just meant I got to be creative with my pictures!

So we settled in for what I thought would be a good hour or so.  We had plenty of time before our dinner reservations.  We reminisced about meeting in Newport and probably talked a lot about our day.  I don’t really remember specifically.  Because we honestly didn’t have the chance to chat too much before Scott said, “Hey, I think we need to head back for dinner.”  To which I responded in vague shock.  I said something along the lines of, “We just got here!  We just sat down…we have plenty of time til dinner.  And the sun hasn’t even set yet!  Why do we have to go?!”

The poor guy knew that once he proposed we were going to need plenty of time before dinner.  And he needed to get me to stand up for goodness sakes!  You can’t get down on one knee for a girl sitting right next to you.  He claimed it was a bit of a drive back to town (How would I know? I fell asleep on the way over) so I finally cooperated and stood up.

I tried to pick up the blanket but Scott stopped me.  He hugged me and looked me straight in the eye.  Thats when I started to pick up on what was happening.  Scott said “You know I love you, right?”  I said “…Yeeessss…”

And that’s when Scott hit me with the most romantic, biggest, most important question of my life.

He dropped to one knee, pulled out the perfect ring and asked me if I would marry him.

I was in complete shock that I was staring down at the man I loved, on his knees, his heart on the line, waiting for my answer.  I handled it with grace and breathed “Oh my God.  OH my God.  OH MY GOD!”  That’s when Scott gave me this look that said, “Umm, that’s not an answer…”

I got with the program and yelled, “YES!!”   He put the ring on my finger and I got down on my knees so I could hug him and kiss him and look at the ring on my finger behind his head.

A very sweet couple was walking by and stopped to congratulate us, ooh and aah over the ring, and offered to take our picture.

I am SO glad they did.  Because can you say “Joy”?  I treasure having pictures of us moments after decided to spend the rest of our lives together.

And I was enamored with my ring and SO proud of Scott for what he decided to get for me.  He knew what I wanted but spent a great deal of time picking out the perfect diamond and setting.  I zeroed in on that baby as it came out of his pocket and had the thought, “It’s PERFECT.”  So glad I had a manicure!

After we had calmed down a bit, we called each of our parents before leaving the beach.  Both knew it was coming but weren’t sure when, so we got some pretty suspicious greetings.  My mom positively squealed 🙂

I called my bestie, Lauren, on the way to dinner, knowing she would have to get back to me when she had a moment, as she was at a wedding.  Then I peppered Scott with questions about everything.  When did he get the ring, how long had he been planning, is THAT why he kept pushing for a Newport trip, who knew he was doing it, and on and on.  We laughed in disbelief and just relived the moment.

We had a wonderful dinner at an Annapolis small plates restaurant, Level.  It was quite delicious.  We really treated ourselves to whatever we felt like, including some celebratory champagne.

The questions and reliving continued, but by then we were already starting to fill our heads with plans.

We called our siblings on our way to my apartment, where my parents were going to meet us to continue the celebration.  Scott’s siblings knew it was going to happen that weekend and were quick to answer the phone and share in the joy with us.  October 16 is Scott’s sisters birthday, so we joked that Scott got her a little sister for her present.  It was so fun to realize I was going to be a part of their family!

My sister was harder to track down. She’s in college and it was ten o’clock on a Saturday evening, after all.  After missed calls from both Scott and myself, she called us back.  She was the only family member who didn’t know anything was going on and had the most genuine, wonderful, sweet, shocked reaction.  I love that I got to be the one to tell her I was engaged and hear the surprised, happy joy in her voice.

And those moments continued for the next few days as we told family and friends.  It was such a sweet, joyful time in our lives.  Some of my favorite moments were showing my mom my ring for the first time and remembering the way she held my hand.  And the way my dear friend, Megan, knew what I was about to tell her just by looking at me – and then promptly throwing what she was holding down so she could grab me.  And my mom doing her first and only (and last?) tequila shot in celebration with us!  And my Lauren, calling me late at night from a wedding and breaking down into tears.  It killed me that we couldn’t be together in person until the next day.


I have loved writing this post and reliving that day and time in our lives.  I was actually getting nervous butterflies in my stomach as I got closer to the proposal part of the post!  So here’s to Wedding Week.  Back with more wedding details tomorrow!