Things I Learned in February

Linking up with Chatting at the Sky with What I Learned in February.

1. You know on Pinterest how they throw some “Suggested for You” pins in with the ones you actually follow?  I got this gem recently.  I honestly saw it in my feed and thought, “Who pinned that gaudy thing!?”  And then saw that Pinterest picked it out especially for me.  I learned a little something about myself, not gonna lie.  That I’m a Barbie come to life.  Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.56.02 PM

2. I also learned my first teensy bit of coding.  I found myself Googling how to code at work.  Watch out developers, I’m coming for you!

3. I learned that I won’t lose my soul if I follow celebrities on Instagram.

I just started following my first celebrities on Instagram.  I’m pretty anti-celeb-gossip.  I don’t watch any celebrity shows and don’t do magazines.  At all.  I’m firmly in the “it makes me feel worse about my life” camp.  If it’s not body image, its money.  I’m dangerously close to materialistic on a good day so I don’t need to go around coveting things I absolutely don’t need, like big diamonds and Hermes Birkin bags.  Also? You put back out in the world what you consume.  So I try not to let the Kardashians be the content I consume.  (However, if someone is what they consume, I’m oreos and Outlander books.  So I’m not coming at you from any high horse.)

On Instagram, I now follow Ellen and she helps me laugh and put good energy back out in the world.


Reese Witherspoon is sweet, southern and sassy.  She has sparkle, love for her mom and great inspirational quotes for ya.  Reese

I also follow Monica Potter (aka Christina Braverman) now.  She has corny jokes on Fridays and helpful tips on Tuesdays!  This Tuesday had a zit zapper recipe.  Gotta love a celeb posting about zits.   MonicaI also follow The Kensington Royals because that is the one celeb stalking indulgence I allow.  Because I’m convinced that Kate and I are besties in another life.  But if you have to choose just one, choose Ellen and don’t look back.

4. Lastly, in yet more pink news…

I’ve been accepted into the fold at my new job.  Everyone has a nickname on their computer and I’ve received mine.  It is Blossom.  As in the pink powerpuff girl. It’s a long story.


As for what I learned from this?  Well, I learned {again} that I am a pink cartoon character.  Need proof? At my last job, my alter ego was My Little Pony.  I think I need to go paint my nails black and trade in my sequin shirt for…something not sparkly.  Have a great weekend!!


What I Learned in March

I really enjoyed the “What I Learned” post in February so I’m back!  Here is what I learned in March.

1. The entrance to the old terminal at JFK – which now houses only the commuter flights – is straight out of the early ‘6o’s era. It was very Pan Am, art deco chic.  It feels like you are walking back in time when you pass from the car drop off to the ticket counter.

JFK TerminalI fully expected to see these ladies.

Pan Am

2. Daylight savings – how I hate the dark, dreary mornings. But when you take a long train home and suddenly you get to see the sunsets instead of riding home in pitch black every day?  Not too shabby.Sunset


3. Sectional couches are THE BEST.

New Couch

4. This isn’t new, but I was reminded that flowers are always, hands down, the best part of any event.Event Flowers5. Incidentally, flowers are also a great way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid.  I’m a bridesmaid in my friend Maria’s wedding – which is taking place in VEGAS y’all! Rumor has it that the dresses are going to be bling-y.Bridesmaid Flowers6. I learned that I am not a huge fan of doing events in Philadelphia.  I did an event there this weekend and the staff I had to deal with at every turn were un-helpful and full of attitude.  I do apologize to Philadelphians out there.  I would welcome a chance to see a different side of Philly.

I also had to schlep A LOT.  And grown men (that I was paying!) stood by and watched as my colleague and I lifted and moved 25 heavy boxes in and out of a loading dock.  What type of man does that without offering to help!?  It was terrible.

Jeep 1

But the Jeep was a champ.Jeep 2