Descending on Blacksburg

In November some far-flung Hokies converged on Blacksburg from Jersey, Philly, Maryland and Northern Virginia.


For Scott and I, this was our first trek to Blacksburg from The Jersey.  I’m rethinking my firm stance on all of our future children being automatic, no-choice-about-it Hokies, because the drive took for-e-ver.  Sniffle and tear.

But it was totally worth it to be back, oh my word!  Pretty Blue Ridge.


We fit as much as we could into our weekend.  The first stop was obviously Cabo Fish Taco followed by a trip to the bookstore to buy even more Hokie gear.  You can never have enough.  The benefit of not being in college anymore is that you can afford to buy not only T-shirts nowadays, you can buy new tailgate chairs.  Or an “infrastructure” purchase.  Score.

photo 2

We couldn’t fit in every favorite bar and restaurant, sadly.

photo 3

But we did our best to pretend we were still in college, complete with dancing and shenanigans.

photo 1

Seriously, Jessie Lynn and Lauren, how many pictures like this do we have from college?  It makes my heart 5

On Saturday, we were up and out for tailgating.  This was my mimosa, plus an uninvited ingredient.

photo 4

Besides leaf-flavored mimosas, there was much bourbon, fried chicken and biscuits.  What more could you want on a rainy, chilly game day?

photo 1(2)

The traditional group photo (same positioning, always) with Lee Family Scarves compliments of Lauren’s momma.  We are lucky to have these friends.

photo 3(1)

Lane Stadium, you pretty lady.

photo 4(1)

Lets Go!

photo 3


photo 4

From Enter Sandman to frozen toes, there was so much goodness.

photo 2photo 5

Sadly, our beloved Hokies were not victorious. We drowned our sorrows in gumbo and jambalaya at Boudreaux’s and parked it at Champs for tunes, Hokie football trivia and dancing.  The weekend was definitely a success.   photo(5)

Which game are we going to next year, friends?photo 1(1)