Summer Family Fun

We had an epic, all-encompassing, wonderful, exhausting, full-of-summer weekend.  Last weekend.  I sat at home and ate popsicles this weekend.  Please.  We kicked off with a 21 person cookout.  We had everyone there:  in-town family, out-of-town family and friends-that-are-family.

photo 1-15

Twenty one people is definitely the most I’ve ever hosted.  Lucky for me, I had helpers.  One even made a delicious concoction straight from my Pinterest board…you know, to keep my strength up.

photo 1-17
Please do yourself a favor and try Champagne Prosecco Margaritas.  My two favorite things in one sugar rimmed glass.  Also, I was reminded again that I do “have a brand” as Scott says.  I received no less than three hostess gifts of bottles of Prosecco. 🙂  And one bottle of Williams-Sonoma Margarita mix.  Happy Hostess!photo 2-18

We learned that our house is kid-friendly.  A mom actually told me that, so hooray!  photo 3-17Scott was pleased to see that kids could play in our backyard which is much narrower than our front yard.  photo 4-13

So many children!  photo 2-15 And all of them 4-16 photo 5-11

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit of a whirlwind rushing around.  But it made me so happy to see everyone at our 5-8

There were fireflies, popsicles, and playing with cousins.

Popsiclephoto 3-8There were adults acting like kids.  The boys raced in our street.  Scott smoked ’em.  Just sayin’.  He’s the blur in the 5-4 And best of all, we had a late night dance party.  To Michael Jackson, who else?photo 2-11


Our cousin, Jeff, taught the kids the Michael Jackson kick.   It was epic and wonderful and I may have joined in.

photo 1-11


Be still my heart. photo 3-9