Pretty Little End Tables

On Friday, I mentioned that I finally used Annie Sloan chalk paint to redo two little end tables for Scott and I to use in our bedroom.  I snapped a few quick pics of the finished product here. I am pretty happy with how they turned out.  Here you go!

The first is on my side of the bed, cause she’s pretty.

photo 1-9 As a reminder, here is the before.

photo 3-5Hello, gorgeous.

photo 2-10I like all the girly curves and 2-9 I decided to try distressing the tables.  I figured, I had nothing to lose.  I was always to scared to try it on other pieces I’ve done.  I actually like it.  And there were plenty of edges and cut outs that lend themselves quite well to distressing.  I just used a sanding block before the waxing step required by Annie Sloan 4-6

And here is Scott’s table.  There was weird lighting in the room.  It’s the same color as the other one, not pink, I promise.

photo 3-8


photo 5-4

photo 5-6Overall, I think chalk paint is fun. It hasn’t changed my life or my mind and I’m not in a hurry to purchase another {expensive} quart for my next project.  It is thick and does cover very well.  It does show brush strokes, but because of the consistency, I feel like it just adds to the rustic charm.  And I thought that the waxing step was fun.  It made me feel like I was a legitimate furniture re-finisher.

In my opinion, the benefit to paint lines such as Annie Sloan (or Serena and Lily or Milk Paint, etc.) is the limited number of color choices.  Someone else, with a good eye for design, has already curated the thousands of paint colors into just a few of their top favorites.  And then they name them something fancy and you have a much easier decision to make.  I hate standing and staring at the wall of paint chips at Home Depot.  Because as much as I love that Turquoise over there, it would make a great ring but would be garish on my walls.

That is probably why when Pottery Barn releases a line of paint, everyone jumps on board.  I was talking to the guys at Benjamin Moore and they told me that whenever Pottery Barn releases their paint, they are just Benjamin Moore colors.  But Pottery Barn has taken much of the guesswork and paralyzing amount of choices and narrowed them down for you.  And they weeded out the costume jewelry colors and only left the colors that look good on walls!  But I digress.    I hope you like our new bedside tables!

Painting Furniture, Soccer and Heat

Life has been pretty quiet for the past few weeks.  We’ve actually been able to spend time at home and work on the house.  We are almost done with the molding in our bedroom, finally.  And I finally decided to do something about these two little end tables that have been sitting around our house.  We found one on the street in NYC (free) and another at a yard sale here in NJ (free since it was the end of the day and teenagers were left in charge).

They are about the same size and the same yucky orange.  photo 5-4

photo 3-5 I decided to finally give chalk paint a go.  I painted them both Old White and they are now in our nightstands.  Scott has had his for two nights and both nights he has said he feels so grown up having a bed side table.  I’ll post the finished product on Monday, when I can snap a 4-5But there is a sneaky peek in the below selfie.  Ugh, shameful selfie in a messy room.  But I wanted to capture my America t-shirt! I wore this the day we played Germany.  It is my new 3-6 We definitely got into the soccer spirit around here.  There was even an official showing in our common area at work.  I feel like I always do at the end of the Olympics. I’m so sad to see the World Cup end.  Now that ESPN is covering more basketball (anyone else tired of LeBron?) and tennis (just not as exciting at soccer) I feel kinda let down.  I’m looking forward to watching the final match this 2-8

Last thing going on lately?  The heat.  I don’t actually mind it. I was raised in Virginia where it’s almost 100 degrees by May.  But Scott stayed home the week of July 4th and I got multiple text messages showcasing the 1-8
I think this poor buddy is getting the worst of it. Did I mention we don’t have air conditioning?photo 5-3