No Lilly for Me

Y’all. If you are a guy and have made it this far, I’m sorry that I am about to lose you.  But. Like almost every other female out there, I was eagerly anticipating the Lilly for Target collection.  As in Lilly Pulitzer.  As in a dress for $38 which would normally cost you $238.  I scoped out the products online and there were quite. a. few. I found adorable.

Spoiler alert: it was a big bust for about 98% of the female population.  However, I think this story is worth telling.

So on Sunday morning, I crawled out of bed at 7 am (claiming a bathroom trip to my sleepy husband).  Everything was sold out online.  Completely gone.  By this time it was 7:03 and the nearest Target opened at 8.  I went into full confession mode with Scott at this point.

Tap tap. “Honey.”


And in one breath, I laid it all out there. “I have to tell you something.  Lilly Pulitzer released a line for Target and it’s soldout online but I have time to make it to the closest store and it’s a big deal and this is where you tell me not to go.”

To which my love replied, “I think you should go and have fun. But you’re going solo, you know that right?”

Of course I knew that! Then he asked me what it was.


“Oh, I thought it was books.”

Books? Did he think I had just asked him to go stand in line for a book a la Harry Potter releases in the early 2000s?

“Umm no, it’s not books.”

“Oh, you know…like…Pulitzer”

And then he rolled over.  Yes, yes I have heard of Pulitzer award winning books. Sadly, that is not what I was after.  My poor literary aspirations aside – what a bust!  There was a line out the door and I’d say 15-20 women literally grabbed everything and hoarded it.  It didn’t help that Target had four – FOUR – racks of stuff.  That is nothing. What are you gonna do?  Maybe I would have had more luck with the Pulitzer authors.