This and That

Apparently I don’t feel like being a “share-er” anymore! Here’s what’s been happening.

We went to my favorite concert EVER. Needtobreathe at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. They were everything.

IMG_5571We went to Greece. For ourselves.

DSC00282We went to Delaware. For a wedding. Amazing dancing.

IMG_6067We had our fourth wedding anniversary. Scott bought me a trip to Greece for our anniversary.  I planned the trip to Greece for Scott for our anniversary. 🙂

We straight up quit doing work ON the house.  Now I’m buying pretty things FOR the house. Guess which I like better. I dare you.

We went to Bermuda. For a wedding. Bermudians=party!

IMG_6191I jumped on the Essential Oils bandwagon. Have only tried what came in the starter kit. I’ve ordered a few more for immune boosting.  I can’t handle Scott’s ongoing cough/sniffle that lasts all winter this year.

I started taking spin classes.  I love it. Great workout, but it’s such a mental game for me! The first two classes I almost broke down in tears.  I think I need to throw some yoga in for good measure.

Family time and mini golf with my pink-loving mini me.

IMG_6053We (I) have had my heart broken by Hokie football.

We (Scott) have had all our (his) dreams come true. The Mets are in the World Series. Lets Go Mets!

IMG_5683We saw Josh Turner right here in our hometown. His {deep} voice is just as good in person as it is on the radio. And it’s an excuse to wear cowboy boots in Jersey.

IMG_6043And I’ve knitted 6 scarves. Help.


He’s Gone Country

My husband ‘went country’ a year or two into our dating.  He was raised in Jersey, then went to college in Rhode Island. Not a lot of opportunity for good ol’ fashioned country music amongst all of the Bruce Springsteen.

Then he met me.  And mocked me for being a country music fan.  Then he fell in love with me, spent a lot of time around me and had no choice about the country music in his life. And from there, the following happened.  (Apparently this is a common occurrence for dating couples.  Our pastor even mentioned it in a sermon…)

1. You let your girlfriend play country music while in the car together.

2. You make one of your radio pre-sets a country station to impress your girlfriend.  You even tune to this station when she is in the car to further impress her.

3. You find yourself tuning into the country station even when she isn’t in the car.

4. You are a full-fledge country fan that wears flannel to country concerts.

Scott Josh Turner

This past Saturday night, Josh Turner came to the little concert venue in town.  Scott found the concert and suggested we get tickets. I am so glad we went.Josh Turner

A date night was just what we needed after Scott’s crazy work schedule for the past few weeks.  He got home after I went to bed most nights.

Josh Turner 1

And going to a country concert in our hometown was just what I needed after feeling a bit isolated and out of my element in my new home.Josh Turner 2We had a ton of fun, rocked out in the balcony and made friends with grandmas in line for the bathroom.  I guess that was just me. We may have been on the younger side of the age spectrum.

Josh Turner 4

Josh put on a great show. His baritone is out of this world.  I mean, its hard to believe that his wife gets to listen to that all the time!

We had a great time and now I *really* want a pair of cowboy boots!  (Scott almost got me a pair for Christmas – before I even mentioned wanting a pair!  The man is seriously good.)

S and R Josh Turner