February Wonderland and THE OLYMPICS

Just stopping in to share some photos of our house in the recent snow and ice. We were stuck at home on Wednesday due to ice on the train tracks. I won’t complain about the non-commute at 6:00 pm.  I actually made dinner.  Oh, the novelty.IMG_6401IMG_6404IMG_6408 How cute is our neighborhood!?  I think it’s fantastic.IMG_6409

I sat and watched the pairs figure skating last night. Scott was working late, so what is a child of the early nineties to do?  Sit and watch figure skating and relive the glory days of Kristi Yamiguchi, Nancy Kerrigan, and Scott Hamilton, of course.Figure Skating

Maybe it’s because I’m no longer in my single digits, but I feel like figure skating just isn’t as…glorious… as it used to be. I’m looking forward to learning the names of the new crop of skaters.  And finding the next person I’ll love to hate (and hate to love) – just like Oksana Baiul.  Anyone? Anyone else nerding out about figure skating and the Olympics?  You’ll know where to find me during the opening ceremonies tonight!