The “During” Stage of Life

{House} facelifts don’t just happen.  But weren’t those “After” pictures nice?  Working on the house has been consuming our weekends and weeknights for awhile now.  I wanted to be sure to document the people doing the “during” work, not just the “after” pictures.  Because one day we’ll be able to just enjoy our house and our weekends, and I don’t want to take that for granted.



We have had some incredible help from our family and friends.  Look at this sooty fireplace.IMG_5416

My family visited for a weekend at the Shore, but cold, rainy weather turned it into a work weekend!  Hi Megan!  Poor girl got roped into re-painting our fireplace.IMG_5172

And it looks so much better!IMG_4317

Mom helped me weed.  ALL the weeds.  They are the absolute bane of my existence.IMG_5178

Dad and Scott replaced rotted boards on the deck. IMG_5175IMG_5174 IMG_5179

And then Scott and his dad re-stained the whole thing.  It’s a BIG deck.IMG_5232IMG_5245

We also painted our 2 downstairs bedrooms.  Somehow we talked our friends, Todd and Allie, into helping us.  IMG_5235

You go to bed thanking Jesus for that sort of blessing.IMG_5238 IMG_5239

And when it’s all done – or feels like it won’t end – I employ my good friend, tequila.IMG_5217We have one more weekend of housework to push through.  Send good thoughts, prayers and maybe tequila!

House Face Lift

We have been working on our house like crazy recently and we just finished some curb-appeal projects this weekend. Mainly, we painted the shutters black and stained the front porch.  Here’s the house, looking all spiffed up.  I couldn’t be happier with the new black shutters.  Buh-bye faded merlot eye sores! IMG_5412

Here is the “curb-appeal” progression. When we moved in to the jungle:Front Yard

Post-ripping out all of the trees and bushes.IMG_1253

After laying sod.IMG_1320

And the finished product!  With black shutters and a stained deck.  And pretty pink hydrangeas.  I’m debating painting the front door black (we have leftover paint).  Or a different color?  Thoughts?


Not for the faint of heart.

Demolition of half of your house is not for the faint of heart.  It is tough on your sanity, your comfort and your marriage, if I’m real with you.  Picking contractors (or picking a different contractor than the one your spouse prefers…), making decisions, deciding how much money to spend and where to cut corners in your home.  The home where you live and have to stare at said decisions for years to come.  It’s quite a bit to take in.  And then there is the deadline of visitors on Labor Day Weekend.  Everything must be done by then! Gah.

photo 1-14

Scott was at a bachelor party last weekend.  Which meant I was alone with nothing but the studs of our house and no window treatments.  I met with contractors galore.  Electrician’s, dry wallers and flooring, oh my!

And then I was out of town for work the past few days.  Needless to say, this project has been a logistical spider web.  We’ve had to get ok with strangers coming into our home while we aren’t there.  And hoping that tape boxes on the wall properly communicate where we want the TV mounted.


When the electrician stopped by to get his check the other day, Prince greeted him like an old friend.  So there’s that.

But here’s the good news.  Demo is DONE.  As of 3:20 pm yesterday. And electrical is as done as it can be until the dry wall is up.  And the dry wall – yeah, its getting started on WEDNESDAY!  Like, in two days, people.

And living in a state of craziness continues to provide unforeseen marriage strengthening exercises.  Scott and I could win one of those marriage competition reality shows at this point.  For example: Fish your house key out of the debris-filled hole in the floor.  That is too narrow for either of your hands to fit in.  In under a minute so you don’t miss your train.  If you fail, your contractor can’t get into the house to do his work and then you will be behind schedule.  GO!   (We totally rocked that challenge – thank you, salad fork!)