Demo Demo Demo

Much to my surprise, we started demolishing our house this Saturday.  No, it was not the plan when we woke up Saturday morning.  But now, it’s Tuesday and my house looks like this.IMG951307We knew we wanted to have our walls redone.  We just couldn’t bring ourselves to paint (and live forever in) a room with walls that looked like this:

photo 2-13

And this:

photo 1-13 photo 3-11 photo 4-10

And lets not forget the ceilings.  Which are either popcorn or the below.

photo 5-9Lovely, no?  NO.

So while there was no structural issue, we knew that everything either had to come down, get skim coated (messy!), or have new drywall put right over the top.  Saturday morning we received a quote to have the drywall replaced in our living room, dining room, entry way, awkward extra entry way and hallway.  It was a fair quote, so we decided to go for it.  We went to Home Depot, bought a sledge hammer and a pry bar.  We didn’t like the idea of piling drywall on top of what we thought was plaster, so we were going to demo it all ourselves.  We felt better about taking everything down to the studs and starting fresh.

We discovered that the “plaster” was some sort of wall treatment on top of drywall.  Huh?  And under the “plaster?”  Three layers of wall paper.  Snowflakes (just what I want up year round).

photo 2-12

Lace on 3-10

And the sixties.

photo 4-9

After Day One and Two we had the main room and entry way done.  And pieces and parts of other areas.

Main room before and after:

photo 5-7

Main entry before and after:


photo 4-8

After Day Three (aka yesterday evening for 2 hours) we have the rest of the hallways and most of the dining room 1-11

photo 2-11

Tetanus anyone?  Seeing these all around makes me chant the date of my last tetanus shot in my head (July 2011, well within the 10 year limit).

photo 3-9

The only major change to the layout includes closing the second archway in the entry.  There is no reason for that little arch below.


So now she is all framed up and ready to be a wall to my new mini-mudroom!IMG_6468Tonight should be the last day of demo.  Just need to finish up the dining room!  And then we’ll have an electrician come to run wiring for recessed lighting and to the TV mount before the dry wall is put up!  Giddy doesn’t even begin to cover it.