I Think I’ll Go to Boston

How about those figure skaters? Gracie Gold is fantastic and I’m looking forward to watching more of her in the individual competition.  I’m also super impressed with the Russian figure skaters.  How could you not be with their 15 year old star?

Scott had to travel to Boston for work quite a bit in January and I was able to join him for a weekend. We’ve spent  a fair amount of time in Boston over the years and I’ve always loved it. It’s a pretty compact city, so its easy to feel like you’re getting a full taste of it, even in a weekend.  We didn’t feel pressured to be too tourist-y and just took the T to the old, quaint part of town and spent the day meandering together.  Which was a nice change from me sitting home along in a big house! (He’s back for good now, so yay.)

Ok, so maybe I went a little tourist in my plans.  We stopped by The Liberty Hotel which is a luxury hotel which used to be a prison!  I just kept picturing the Cell Block Tango from Chicago while we were there because there was an actual cat walk all around the lobby.

We also went to Acorn Street, one of the oldest, original cobblestone streets in America.

IMG_6387 Can you imagine living on this street?IMG_6384 IMG_6388 I think the people who live here take the history seriously.  You can tell by the care taken of their entry ways and decorations.IMG_6390 We explored the Boston Common park after checking out the shops along Charles Street.IMG_6392 Then we saw a movie and went out to a cute, modern enoteca on Charles Street (Bin 26 Enoteca in case any one ever finds themselves in Boston).  Getting a date night/day in the midst of busy season was such a treat.IMG_6395 On Sunday we spent time with Scott’s sister’s family in the Boston suburbs.  They live in a cute, little seaside town, which definitely takes the ocean and beach theme to heart!  Have I mentioned I love octopus (octopi?)?

IMG_6397The best part of our day was of course spending so much time with this little guy!  IMG_6398

Owen Chase, you are the happiest and cutest. Owen2