Fitzgerald Fourth of July

We had a Fourth of July full of family and friends. And alliteration.  The whole big Fitzgerald clan was in town for our annual summer get-together.IMG_5249

We were blessed with a gorgeous beach day on Friday (and a day off of work! even better!)IMG_5256

We are lucky to see our nieces and nephews as often as we do, despite the distance.


July 3rd is a big day in the family so we had a celebratory dinner out.  We celebrated 11 years of marriage for Mark and Steph.  I hate that I didn’t know them when they got married!  I would have loved to be there.


And Millie’s birthday!  I believe it was your 29th, right, Mil?IMG_5258

The Fourth wasn’t beach weather (insert sad faces here).  But Uncle Scott still got some good ol’ fashioned American football time in with Liam.   IMG_5275

Liam picked up the football after breakfast and said, “Who wants to play football with me?”  I think Scott walked away from me mid-sentence.


He’s not even four years old! Look at him go.  Scott was so proud he nearly burst.IMG_5269

We spent the afternoon at the track.  It’s outside, you can bring your own food/drink and the kids can run around.  I highly recommend it.


Winning ticket, y’all!


We ended the weekend with a huge cookout.  There was limbo, a pinata and a dance party.  IMG_5316


IMG_5300 IMG_5343 IMG_5341IMG_5353

And my favorite – SPARKLERS!  Most of the kids were in bed so I asked the adults to humor me.  While I was spinning and dancing, I turned around to see this.  A line of people standing.  Just standing!  IMG_5356

Oh well.  Not everyone can have my flair! 🙂

IMG_5366 IMG_5361

A big thank you to our family for making the trek to Jersey and making our Fourth festive!


Fourth of July Festivities

Getting back to real life after a three day weekend is rough, no?  Lets relive the three day weekend again, yes?

Thursday I had the trifecta – early dismissal from work, a glass of wine with an out-of-town girlfriend before catching the boat for my commute home.
photo 5

It was so beautiful I sat on the deck for the whole ride 2-7I got to see Lady Liberty to start off the holiday weekend on the right 4-2photo 3-3Scott and I popped by the beach on our way to dinner at our new favorite place, Eventide in 2-5How can you not love a place where the buzzer is a lobster?photo 1-5Arther got the better of most of our Fourth of July, so we spent the rainy day at the outlet mall.  When the sun did break through, I made sure our new, beautiful yard was putting it’s most patriotic face 5-2 We joined friends at a beach club for the evening.  Palm trees: native to Jersey, 4-3The rest of the weekend was spent beachin’, brunching, trying a new church, working on the house, catching up on TV shows, painting furniture, seeing friends and 2-6 Basically, living free, loving America.  I hate to sound trite, but I truly am so grateful for and humbled by the freedoms we enjoy here thanks to the men and women in service, protecting us and our way of life.  photo 1-6