One Month Old

Last Thursday, our girls had their one month birthday!  It’s trite, I know, but HOW did the time fly by so fast? They are already growing out of some newborn clothes and I can’t even handle it emotionally.

They are both over 8 pounds and got a great review at their one month check up.  They are starting to be more alert and are enthralled when I sing to them – I’ve introduced them to Disney’s Greatest Hits and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Little Miss Blake Evangeline, nicknamed Bright Eyes by her Grandpa, still weighs a few ounces less than her sister.  Her skin is so smooth and as pale as can be.  After a weekend away, Scott came in and asked if Blake had gotten paler.  She is also losing her hair, mostly from the top of her head.


Is there anything better than baby yawns? I haven’t found it if there is.DSC01202

She still loves to eat and she turns her upper lip red because she eats so voraciously.  When she is done eating, she makes “Grandpa face” – pulling her bottom lip under the top lip.  DSC01204

She needs just a little bit of cuddles and loving to fall asleep.  I don’t mind at all.  Since she had more room during the pregnancy she likes to stretch out, so she’ll lounge in the nook of my arm while I lounge on the couch.  She also needs tons of time to wake up.  She stretches and squirms and stretches some more.  We un-swaddle her and lay her out on her back about 5 minutes before we want to feed her so she can get it out of her system.


And Miss Leila Grace, nicknamed Little Girl by her Grandpa, still has ALL of the snuffling, snurfling noises and faces to go along with them. DSC01224

On our second day home, we found out she has hypothyroidism.  It was caught super early and she started medication when she was 8 days old.  She’ll likely be on it for her whole life, but it’s very manageable.  It was sad and scary at first, but we have seen her start to eat and sleep better since starting the medication.  She has filled out so nicely and her color/jaundice is improving.  We’re so grateful it was caught early and that she takes her medication like a champ.


Leila definitely runs the show around here.  Feedings are done on her schedule – we hear about it if we miss her preferred schedule by even a minute! She tends to take her time with feedings, which can be hard for momma and daddy at 3 am.  She’s also introduced us to the joys of diaper rash and gassiness.  But I’m not complaining – she is such a sweet, happy little love.  DSC01213

She loves to cuddle, especially on daddy’s chest.  She spent the whole pregnancy slightly squished by her sister so she still curls up in the fetal position and just lays right on your chest. It’s the best thing ever.DSC01220

We are so in love with our girls.

Leila and Blake

Our daughters are here!  They were born Monday, July 11.  Meet Leila Grace and Blake Evangeline.  They are fraternal twins and have had their own personalities and have been easy to tell apart from day one.

Leila Grace was born at 8:41 am.DSC01173

Her name is pronounced Lay-la, like the Eric Clapton song.  We didn’t anticipate the issues with pronunciation we’ve already encountered!  I chose to spell it with an “E” and “I” because I think it’s prettier.  DSC01175

She weighed 6 pounds 8 oz and was 18.75 inches long.DSC01176

She had (and still has) a touch of jaundice and has funny faces and silly noises to spare.   She looks like her daddy’s baby photos but may have mommy’s eyes.  DSC01177

And Miss Blake Evangeline was born at 8:42 am.DSC01184

She weighed 6 pounds even and was 18 inches long.DSC01182

She is a champion eater, has perfect porcelain skin and loves to stretch out.  She had more space in the womb and definitely squished her big sister!DSC01185

Blake looks like her mommy’s baby photos, but she has her daddy’s mouth and her facial expressions look just like her daddy right now.   DSC01186

We are so in love with our girls.

Bump Pictures – Part 3

Week 31

  • New Jersey Baby Shower!  I had a beautiful shower surrounded by our family and friends.
  • I had the perfect dress to show off the girls/baby bump.  I wouldn’t wear anything that tight in real life, but there’s just a freedom that comes with pregnancy, I guess.
  • We introduced my Midwestern family to my New Jersey home! They approve.  It was so sweet having my and Scott’s family together.  Jersey pizza combined with our midwestern tradition of family dice games? Priceless.

The Jersey pride shall be strong with these two.  I approve because it came with a tutu!DSC_0355

My Aunt Barb made these teddy bears!DSC_0363

The architects of the day – friends that are actually more like family.DSC_0401

Still so grateful at the friend-family I married into when I married Scott.DSC_0389

Family from far and wide.DSC_0382DSC_0378DSC_0364

My mom, a happy grandma-to-be!DSC_0366DSC_0410

Week 32 (Memorial Day Weekend)

  • Got myself down to the beach.  Aaaand left after 10 minutes. Opted for food and ice cream over strong winds and an aching back sitting in the sand.
  • Went clothes shopping for my girls! I just wanted to buy them some clothes too, even though they’ve been so blessed!  Prince approved.
  • I can’t do much these days.  I’m slow. I waddle.  I have to stop for “exhaustion attacks.”  I grab Scott’s arm until my heart stops racing and I have the breath/energy to go on.



Week 33

  • Scott went to Chicago.  For a bachelor party.  It didn’t seem like a big deal when we decided he could go, back in January.  But I am huge now.  And we have great reports on the girls, but lets be real. I could go any minute!
  • My mom spent the weekend with me, washing baby things, helping me run errands and eating Five Guys with me.  And we found the cutest stuffed animals we hope become the girls’ comfort items.  My favorite stuffed animal, Puff Puff, wasn’t retired until I got married – I’m not even ashamed.  So I’m hoping that Ellie and GiGi do the trick for my girls!


Week 34

  • First legit experience with Baby Brain.  I straight up missed a doctor’s appointment, left the sunroof open in the rain and forgot an entire (important) conversation with Scott.
  • Got three baby bellies together.  My friends, Lauren and Jessie, are both pregnant right now and are both due (with one baby each) in October.  Try not to compare our bellies too hard.


Life-long friends, starting the next chapter of life together.  Obviously.DSC01084

Week 35

  • I feel like I’m on display wherever I go. I do my best to not make eye contact with anyone.  Note to all human beings: the only appropriate things to say to pregnant women: “You look wonderful!” “Can I open that door for you/pick up that item on the floor for you?” “Want a cookie?”
  • I’m glad I did ballet because the only way to get anything located below my hips is doing a grand plié.
  • Recently heard the line “Pregnancy is like a time bomb of responsibility” and it perfectly describes my life and state of mind.
  • I can’t WAIT to dress up my little girls!!
  • Craving: ice cold lemonade or peach iced tea and burgers

They will be here SO SOON! Any words of wisdom are appreciated 🙂

Bump Pictures – Part 2

Week 20


  • Finally found out what we are having!!


  • Had my first baby shower at my childhood home with lifelong friends and plenty of my second-mommas from childhood.



  • Scott got in on the action during the Tutus or Touchdowns gender reveal, proudly showing off two little pink tutus!  We are having two precious little girls!

    IMG_6769IMG_6766IMG_6777Week 21

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Scott felt the babies move for the first time.


Week 23

  • Babymoon in Palm Springs, CA!
  • Lost my maternity bathing suit top over the balcony of our hotel.  Proceed to cry, berate myself and need a nap to recover.  Scott took me to a local mall to buy another top.  Hormones are real.
  • On the last day of vacation, our favorite band (Needtobreathe) released 2 new songs.  I cried tears of happiness at how good the songs are.  Again, hormones.
  • I drank virgin margaritas daily, swam in the pool, read 3 books and got a maternity massage.  Heaven.
  • I got antsy to pick names. Scott finally asks for a deadline because “he works better with a deadline.” I gave him one week.
  • Almost had an anxiety attack on a tramride to 8,000+ feet elevation on the top of Mt. San Jacinto. I’m pretty sure I convinced myself I was going to go into premature labor.
  • Stood on a stump to get a picture next to the San Jacinto sign.  An older momma yelled at me to be careful.
  • I was one of “those” people on the airplane, walking the aisles for my circulation.



DSC01001IMG_4113Week 25

  • Scott’s one week name deadline is up!  He came to the table with two well thought out, pretty names.  I was so impressed.  We picked first names and then when I said it was time to talk full/middle names, I was informed that was not part of his original assignment.  He needed a new deadline.  I was basically in agony.
  • Two baby firsts, including:
    • First Newport trip
    • First celebrity sighting: Robert Redford
  • We went back to where it all started – Castle Hill Inn.  Had a very full circle moment.  I walked up that driveway and saw Scott for the first time. Ever.  And now we’re married and having two daughters.
  • Craving = Stuffies aka Stuffed Quahogs aka deliciousness you need to try if you are ever in Newport.

DSC01061DSC01058DSC01062Week 27

  • I can now see the girls’ movements from the outside.  I even captured it on video.  It gives Scott the heebie jeebies.
  • My little sister got engaged!
  • Prince, the musical icon and my cat’s namesake, passes away. I played  Purple Rain into my stomach for the girls.
  • Scott went to the Bruce Springsteen concert in Brooklyn.  I gave up a ticket to this show because I knew I’d be too big and uncomfortable.  When I dropped Scott off, he casually said, “What if Bruce plays a Prince cover and you decided not to go to the concert?”  I may have freaked out a bit.
  • Bruce OPENED HIS SHOW WITH PURPLE RAIN.  This is my life.  Luckily, I had given Scott explicit instructions that if this happened, he was to record the entire song, not just a clip.  We watched it over coffee the next morning.


Week 29

  • Craving = milk.  It manifests in craving oreos, cereal and peanut butter.
  • I’m going to the doctor weekly and continually getting wonderful reports. The girls are each on track with singleton babies.  It blows my mind.
  • According to Scott, I have an “unwillingness” to accept that I need to move slower.
  • I get out of breath. Frequently.  And sometimes my heart pumps like I’m running, even if I am laying down.
  • I feel like I’m doing an impression of an overturned turtle when I get out of bed.
  • Sitting hurts my back, making work, the couch and car rides over 7 minutes very uncomfortable.
  • We scheduled our c-section.  We are less than 2 months away! Gah!
  • (How am I going to grow for two more months??)IMG_7015

My Little Sister is Engaged!

Y’all!  My baby sister is going to GET MARRIED!    13087611_10154134416857433_1666611892021476221_n

Who lets 12 year olds get married? Oh, she’s the same age I was when I got engaged? Right…

Older sister denial aside, Scott and I are so excited to welcome Justin to the family and to watch them build their life together.


Due to his career in the army, we haven’t been able to spend as much time with Justin as we’d like.  But we always have a blast when do.  It’s great having your sister and her future husband be a couple that you would hang out with every weekend, if you could.  I honestly wish they could be our neighbors.IMG_6197

Scott has been eagerly awaiting a brother-in-law on our side of the family.  IMG_6199

And now he gets one that shares his love for America, for Burtch women and who also pulls off red hair.IMG_5839

Congratulations, Megan and Justin! We love you and can’t wait for the wedding and your beautiful life beyond.  Let’s start planning!!


Bump Pictures – Part 1

Life has been a roller coaster over the past 6 months (2-3 years really).  Blogging has slowed way down but I really want to document my pregnancy and this joyful part of our lives.  And I want to share with family/friend/anyone that cares to read this!  So here is my recap of roughly the first half of my pregnancy with my precious twin babies.

Five Weeks

  • My pants still zipped.
  • We hadn’t told ANYONE yet.
  • I had started to feel twinges of nausea and pregnancy symptoms.  But I felt pretty good overall.  I was counting my lucky stars for no morning sickness.
  • No real cravings, other than FOOD.  I kept saying, “I haven’t done anything to warrant being this hungry.”  Scott always gave me a look and said, “You’re growing two humans.”  It just didn’t feel real yet.
  • Frank Beamer’s last home game.  Won in overtime against North Carolina. Go Hokies!DSC00922DSC00923DSC00924

Ten Weeks

  • Last Christmas before we become a family of four!
  • I used a hair tie to hold my pants up (but was anxious to try my newly purchased belly band and Target maternity jeans).
  • Had told both of our families and close friends.
  • Got 3 high fives per touchdown (one for me, one per baby)  during the VT bowl game on 12/26.
  • Exclusively used the “Virginia Tech Mom” and “Virginia Tech Dad” mugs during our stay at my parents house.
  • Got nauseous if I didn’t eat basically once an hour.
  • Felt like I was hungover every morning (this was the extent of my morning sickness – not nausea but tired/dehydrated/hungry).DSC00943


Eleven Weeks

  • Scott’s 31st Birthday! Celebrated with friends, old and new from near and far.
  • Hosted a New Years Eve gathering.  I prepared by fighting with Scott because I was cranky from a week-long headache (no Advil for pregnant women!?) followed by crying in Scott’s lap because I was so happy.  Scott prepared by hanging out (hiding) in the basement and riding the hormonal waves of his wife.


Twelve Weeks

  • My 30th Birthday!
  • I squeezed myself into the pretty tulle skirt I bought pre-pregnancy.
  • Still felt hungover every morning.
  • The Bump had popped!
  • Scott and I saw our babies looking like babies (not beans) for the first time at our 12 week ultrasound appointment on my actual birthday.  After a broken ultrasound machine and a rush to the hospital, we got to watch our babies move and kick onscreen for a good 45 minutes!  One was nicknamed “The Kicker” aka The Scott Twin.  The other was much more laid back, aka The Rebecca Twin.  Yes, I am laid back in this equation. 
  • We officially passed into the “safe” zone and made the big announcement to the world (Instagram and Facebook).



Fourteen Weeks

  • Officially out of the first trimester.
  • Started to feel less hungover each morning.
  • Everybody knew and it was so fun to talk about it. DSC00995

Fifteen – Sixteen Weeks

  • Life started to feel ‘normal’ again.
  • I often commented that I hadn’t realized how bad I felt during the first trimester until now – I felt so much better than I had for the past 3+ months.  But I still think I got it easy overall.
  • Forget to do official pictures with the good camera, but I snapped a little something weekly for mom.
  • Craving=chocolate cake.

Eighteen Weeks

  • Feeling good!
  • Went on 2 mile hike with Scott.  Get shell-shocked at the difference in my 16 week picture and this one.  I believe I said, “Why didn’t anyone tell me!?”
  • Took advantage of the unseasonal warm weather (and my new pink Hunter boots) at the beach.
  • Was getting seriously anxious to start setting up the nursery, but had to wait until we found out what we were having!!
  • At this point, I haven’t worn pants that zip in months. Elastic is my friend and there are usually at least 3 layers of clothing over the belly at any given time.
  • Prince has to make accommodations for the new shape of my lap.
  • Still craving = chocolate cake.


So there you have it- the first half of my pregnancy!  Back with more soon!

This and That

Apparently I don’t feel like being a “share-er” anymore! Here’s what’s been happening.

We went to my favorite concert EVER. Needtobreathe at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. They were everything.

IMG_5571We went to Greece. For ourselves.

DSC00282We went to Delaware. For a wedding. Amazing dancing.

IMG_6067We had our fourth wedding anniversary. Scott bought me a trip to Greece for our anniversary.  I planned the trip to Greece for Scott for our anniversary. 🙂

We straight up quit doing work ON the house.  Now I’m buying pretty things FOR the house. Guess which I like better. I dare you.

We went to Bermuda. For a wedding. Bermudians=party!

IMG_6191I jumped on the Essential Oils bandwagon. Have only tried what came in the starter kit. I’ve ordered a few more for immune boosting.  I can’t handle Scott’s ongoing cough/sniffle that lasts all winter this year.

I started taking spin classes.  I love it. Great workout, but it’s such a mental game for me! The first two classes I almost broke down in tears.  I think I need to throw some yoga in for good measure.

Family time and mini golf with my pink-loving mini me.

IMG_6053We (I) have had my heart broken by Hokie football.

We (Scott) have had all our (his) dreams come true. The Mets are in the World Series. Lets Go Mets!

IMG_5683We saw Josh Turner right here in our hometown. His {deep} voice is just as good in person as it is on the radio. And it’s an excuse to wear cowboy boots in Jersey.

IMG_6043And I’ve knitted 6 scarves. Help.