The New House – Upstairs

Let’s go upstairs, shall we?  The stairs are right off the dining room.IMG_6286 When you come upstairs, you U-turn and see this hallway.IMG_6290

The first door is a closet-like room.  It’s unfinished and has a sloping ceiling so you can only walk so far.  IMG_6287 It’s currently my vase/Christmas decoration storage room.IMG_6288 IMG_6289 Next up is another closet/room situation.IMG_6291 It’s rather long, but again, has a slanted ceiling.   IMG_6292 We’ve already got our summer clothes, suitcases, etc. stored in here.  I’ve already found myself saying, “I’ve got no idea how we fit everything in our Manhattan apartment!”IMG_6293 The first door on the left is the Master!  Which is roughly the size and length of our old apartment.  You’re looking at my side of the room and closet.  I call that little nook my ‘dressing area.’IMG_6294

IMG_6296 Here is the reverse view of Scott’s side of the room.IMG_6295 The view of our deck and back yard from our bedroom.IMG_6297 This is the fourth and final bedroom and the second one upstairs.  Doesn’t it look like a doll house or the perfect room for a {future} little girl!?  IMG_6298 IMG_6301This is the view of the front yard from the doll house bedroom.  Oh, the jungle.  That is a post for another day.
IMG_6303 And that is the end of the tour.   Thanks for joining!  Can’t wait to start showing the progress photos!  We’ll need to make some progress first.IMG_6308


Fourth of July Fun

You may remember our not-so-low-key Fourth of July celebration from last year?  Yeah, me too.  Fondly, but lets say I didn’t want to relive it.  So to me, our incredibly low-key Fourth of July this year was perfection.

We spent some time with friends at Central Park with a picnic lunch.Fourth of July Central Park

With Fro Yo after, of course.  What will we do when we don’t live within walking distance of three different frozen yogurt shops??  #spoiledbythecityFourth of July Scott and Becca

Scott and I had our own little barbecue for dinner and then decided to take the last ferry of the night to New Jersey so we could spend the weekend at the beach (“shore”).  IMG_5564


I’ve never taken the ferry at night before, so it was cool to see our pretty city all lit up with her Fourth of July outfit on.


The Freedom Tower.  IMG_5597

It’s almost a must that she sports red, white and blue.



It was incredibly hard to capture our view of the fireworks.  So let me paint you a mental picture.  As our boat rounded the southern part of Manhattan and started to head south, we had a view of the Statue of Liberty on the left and lower Manhattan on the right.  And the fireworks were going off smack dab in between Lady Liberty and the Freedom Tower!  It was so beautiful and it is something I will never, ever forget.

I thought that watching the fireworks in DC several years ago was quintessential “Americana.”  And it is, especially if you are IN the district.  But there was something about watching the fireworks flanked by the Statue of Liberty and the Freedom Tower that made me feel very proud of our country and so grateful to live here.  IMG_5605Hope everyone else took some time to appreciate this great country of ours.  Happy {late} Independence Day!



Have any of you had that conversation with your best friend or significant other?  The one that occurs when you are fed up with life?  Fed up with below freezing temperatures in late March or at your wits end at work or are being driven crazy by your crazy commute?  The one that goes, “We should just move to an island somewhere…you could be a bartender and I could braid people’s hair!”

Yeah, that one.  I’ve had it many times in the past.  Probably around times similar to right now.  I’m so sick of the cold (finally) which makes me dread my mostly pedestrian, oh-so-very-exposed to the elements commute.  And don’t even get me started on work!  I know that Scott is feeling the same way.  We are jones-ing for warmer weather, big time.

But it’s funny, because while we had that conversation in the past (“Who needs this!?  Let’s move to the tropics!”) it doesn’t really cross my mind anymore.  Maybe because when we had those types of thoughts in the past we weren’t married and we lived on opposite ends of I-66.  Which was basically a long, scary land of never-ending of traffic.  But now, we are happily married and and we live in the best city in the world.  And even though it’s further north than I would care for (why is it still so cold!?) it’s hard to be unhappy with the Big Apple.

All of this to say, while I’m hunched over against the wind on my walk to work I have been dreaming about sitting on a warm, sunny beach with an umbrella drink in my hand.  It’s just that I only want a vacation, not an entire life change.  I’m calling that progress, friends.  And let us be honest.  Scott would be a great bartender, but I would hate to braid tourists hair!

When Life is Too Much to Handle

I’ve been so terribly absent from the blog.  Which means one of three things.

1. I am too sick to do anything.

2. Life is incredibly and awfully boring.


3. Life is too crazy for me to be able to load pictures and reflect on what is going on.

Two weeks ago, it was the first reason.  But now, I can barely keep up with the perfect storm that is my life.

I think Prince is picking up on my vibe.  Because this describes how I feel right about now.

“Just leave me.  I give up.  I’m just going to lay here for a little while.”


God bless the furball.  He might have had his own stresses too.  Because he’s currently about 8 minutes away from being put in his crate and being taken to the vet.  Pray for us both.

Happy Friday!


Celebrating Little Man Liam

In just a couple of days, the littlest man of the Fitzgerald family turns one!

Mr. Liam Fitzgerald, we love you so much!

We traveled to Pennsylvania for his first birthday party this past weekend.  We made it in time for church and to spend a little bit of quality time with Scott’s brothers family before the big bash.

Me and Avery, my little princess girl.

Loving the mini van and the burbs!  It was so spacious…AND we got to watch Tangled on the way home.  A definite win.

Liam and his Uncle Scott – they are both the little brother.  Scott will have plenty to teach Liam about the trials and tribulations of being the little brother.

Pink soccer balls for one thing.

The theme of the party was, “The Little Man.”

And there were ties and mustaches to spare!

Which was fitting, since my sister-in-law, Steph, documented Liam’s first year with a photo of Liam wearing a “tie” to mark each month.

He got a little sassy in month 11.  I can’t wait to see his personality develop as he grows up!

There were even mustaches for the party guests.  Here are Liam’s momma and grandma.

Scott looked like Freddie Mercury!! Who knew? I kinda liked it! 🙂

Time for smashing of the cupcake!

Look how full of love that house was.  I’m glad I got to be a part of celebrating the special little man.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!! You are so loved!

Staycation-Vacation to the Shore

The day after the Fourth, Scott and I cleaned (and cleaned) up the apartment from the party.  But that’s not the fun part.  After that, we packed up our beach towels and hopped a train to the shore!  We aren’t going to be able to take any real vacations with just the two of us this summer, so we decided to do a long weekend at Scott’s parents house down the shore while they were on their own getaway.

I’m SO glad we did!  Getting out of the city made me realize that I was totally missing summer, as I used to know it.  Being back in the ‘burbs I got to enjoy the smell of all of the greenery, freshly-mown grass and the feel of the breeze on my face during the evening.  I hadn’t even realized that I didn’t have any of those things in the city.

I first realized what I had been missing when we played the tourist and went to a scenic overlook where we could see the whole NYC skyline.

We were in a park and the smells of a summer evening just hit me.  It was wonderful.   Nearby there is a memorial to those that lost their lives on 9/11 from Monmouth County, where Scott grew up.

It has been sobering moving to the New York area and seeing how much the attacks on 9/11 are still affecting this area.  What struck me about this memorial was how many people were lost in Monmouth County – and how many of them were Irish.  I hadn’t realized how large the Irish population is in this area.  It shouldn’t be surprising, seeing how I married one of them.

The next two days we spent at the beach, eating at little beach restaurants and enjoying the quaint downtown scene in Rumson.

Scott got burned on day one and we had to go buy him an umbrella.  It’s amazing it took us this long to get one.

On our date night we went to a new restaurant called Dish.  It was very yummy and it was a real treat going out to a nice restaurant.  After dinner, we walked around the adorable downtown area and I visited the store where we bought my wedding shoes!  I wish I could buy all of my shoes here…

Thank you for our mini vacation-staycation, honey!  I had fun with you 🙂

Little Sister in the Big Apple

My sister left me and I won’t see her until December!  Wait a minute, what?  I didn’t say this was ok.  Who can I speak to about this??  Oh wait, she wants to leave me and have an Australian adventure?  Sigh.

Well, it was wonderfully great to see her.  Scott and I really appreciated her making the trip up so that we could spend time with her before she went off on her grand adventure.

I took off Friday afternoon so we could have sister time.  The best part about spending time with sisters (and good friends. And moms.), is that you can just do lunch, go shopping or goof around, and still have the best time.  So we went to this little restaurant, Hummus Kitchen, which I have been wanting to try.  Megan, who is slightly less adventurous than I am when it comes to all things culinary, hesitantly agreed to try it with me, even though she couldn’t pronounce anything on the menu.

She recently learned that Australia doesn’t have ranch dressing, or… wait for it… peanut butter!  The horror!  So she is a mild pit of despair, but has bravely decided to get used to trying new things.  Good thing too, since we ordered the “hummus kitchen,” which had four different types of hummus – far more than two girls can eat.

Scott had a smorgasbord of hummus to try when he got home that night.

From there we did some shopping.  I realized I am quite the bossy older sister.  When I learned that she was still wearing jeans from high school (she is a rising junior in college! come on now!), I marched her straight into the closest dressing room loaded with things to try on.  And we were quite successful I must say!

For dinner that night we headed to another new (to us) restaurant, this time with Scott in tow.  If you want yummy tacos on the Upper East Side, I would definitely recommend Cascabel Taqueria.

And try the corn!  That is Scott’s fork hovering impatiently for me to take the picture.

Oh, and they serve margaritas in mason jars.  ‘Nuff said.

Later, we went wild and crazy and had a Michael Jackson Dance Experience marathon.

Oh yes, be jealous of our moves.

The next day, we found our way to Katz Deli (of When Harry Met Sally fake-orgasm fame).  I’m sure it’s famous for a million other reasons, judging from the amount of pictures on their walls.

At 2:30 in the afternoon, it was an absolute madhouse.  They had security when you entered!  And signs that you had to pay $50 if you lost the ticket you received upon entry.  All in all a very hospitable experience (note the sarcasm).

In my panic, I ordered the same thing as Scott – the pastrami. I believe that they are known for this, so it seemed like the right choice.

Let’s just say my body is still processing the sodium and I should have gotten the turkey.  I enjoyed the sour pickle though!

We spent the afternoon wandering the city.   I got a messy “gift” on my new dress from a high-flying pigeon.  After a minor meltdown, we headed home to watch When Harry Met Sally and grill out.

The picture of grace 🙂

Scott’s so good at posing for my blog photo shoots.

And here we are!  Meg, I had a great time with you.  Have the BEST time in Australia.  I will miss you, my dear sister.


Your Bossy Big Sister 🙂