Three Months Old

The girls are now 3 months old!  They officially look like babies not infants or newborns anymore.  And luckily my postpartum hormones are gone, so this doesn’t depress the heck out of me.

They both love ceiling fans and looking in mirrors.  They both really enjoy bath time, which I find very lucky!  I am starting to find a rhythm to our days – we are recognizing sleep patterns (hello long morning naps!) and we have more good overnights than bad.  They also saw each other for the first time!  I don’t think they “recognize” one another, but they did register that they were looking at another face and smiled.

My girl Blake is a happy little thing.  dsc01358

She loves when we blow raspberries on her tummy and giggles at my fake (and real) sneezes.  Scott and Leila have to kick us off of the changing table sometimes because I just keep blowing on her tummy to make her laugh.dsc01353

She is always grabbing something with her hands like her shirt, my hair, her pacifier or her blanket.  We think she will attach to a stuffed animal or lovey when she gets bigger.dsc01356

She likes to have her pacifier while she falls asleep, but it always pops out and rests on her lips when she’s fully asleep.  dsc01357

My mom and best friend had been the only people that said they could see some of me in Blake.  Everyone else said she was a mini-Scott.  Well both of them abandoned me this month and said she’s just looking more and more like Scott.  Right down to certain facial expressions.  dsc01367

Leila-Girl is healthy and growing!  We’ve got her medication under control and she takes it like a champ.  I’m so proud of her.dsc01384

She isn’t always smile-y but when she is, her grin is a huge open mouth smile!  It lights up her whole face. And she is getting cuddlier.  When she’s tired, she likes to snuggle into my shoulder.  I never want that to stop!DSC01338.JPG

She has discovered her hands in a big way.  She often looks like she’s getting ready to fight someone with her clenched little fists up in front of her face in a boxing pose.  DSC01337.JPG

She loves laying on the playmat, batting at the animals overhead.DSC01326.JPG

She is getting close to rolling over.  She likes to turn her head all the way to her left and it looks like her body is just about ready to follow all the way over.  And she’ll roll right out of tummy time if we’ll let her.  It makes me nervous because I like knowing she’ll be right where I left her.  DSC01328.JPG

They are both sweet little loves and we are having so much fun learning their personalities.

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