My Little Sister is Engaged!

Y’all!  My baby sister is going to GET MARRIED!    13087611_10154134416857433_1666611892021476221_n

Who lets 12 year olds get married? Oh, she’s the same age I was when I got engaged? Right…

Older sister denial aside, Scott and I are so excited to welcome Justin to the family and to watch them build their life together.


Due to his career in the army, we haven’t been able to spend as much time with Justin as we’d like.  But we always have a blast when do.  It’s great having your sister and her future husband be a couple that you would hang out with every weekend, if you could.  I honestly wish they could be our neighbors.IMG_6197

Scott has been eagerly awaiting a brother-in-law on our side of the family.  IMG_6199

And now he gets one that shares his love for America, for Burtch women and who also pulls off red hair.IMG_5839

Congratulations, Megan and Justin! We love you and can’t wait for the wedding and your beautiful life beyond.  Let’s start planning!!


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