Oscars Thoughts

First, Julie Andrews!  Gah!  She wins all things, just like Meryl Streep.  And how funny did it sound to hear her say, “Lady Gaga.”?

Speaking of, who knew Lady Gaga could sing?  She is such a performer that I never think of her as having a beautiful voice.   She did justice to Sound of Music and I was duly impressed.  And she should play Barbara Streisand in the {inevitable} movie about her life.

I reacted verbally to the following looks.  I’m officially a magpie attracted to all things sparkle. Disclaimer: I’m not a fashionista, I just like pretty.

Jennifer Lopez – she GLOWED.


Jennifer Aniston – The lower half of her dress was completely see through and sparkly at the same time.  It was stunning when she was on stage.


For the red carpet, I flipped between the E coverage and the ABC coverage.  ABC was much more enjoyable to watch.  They had more actual interviews of the stars and listened to the #AskHerMore movement.  I totally support asking women about more than just the designer of their dress.  As Reese Witherspoon said, “We are more than just our dresses.”

I was disappointed in the ‘In Memorium’ section.  I would have liked to have seen snippets of the work of those lost this past year.  They blew threw the names and photos and then had a whole performance by Jennifer Hudson.  They could have had clips showing while she sang.

Neil Patrick Harris did a pretty good job.  I loved Ellen last year and she is hard to beat.  But the opening number was pretty great!

That is all.  What about you, friends?

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