Beer Gardens and Casino Concerts

Back in October Scott and I decided to do a tour of the Northeast in one day.  We started in New Jersey, made our way through Manhattan to Queens and finally ended up in Connecticut.  All for A-list things of course.

Dear Billy turned 30 and celebrated at a Beer Garden in the middle of Queens.  IMG_2900

It was a beautiful warm day to be outside with friends, eating German food and drinking beer.


There was a lot to celebrate that day, besides Billy’s birth, of course.  I had just accepted my new position and was starting to tell people. IMG_2902

This guy was newly engaged and asked the guys to be groomsmen in his wedding.


Does anyone else notice this phenomenon? You ask someone to take a photo for you and you get your phone back with at least one selfie you did not expect?  Scott (and friends) are notorious for this.  I’m sure half of the photos on my phone are Scott selfies.  I digress. IMG_2903

And lastly, my dear husband had surprised me with concert tickets to see Eric Church! Be still my heart.  IMG_2904

AND he had somehow coerced our friends who live in Connecticut to go to the concert with us and give us a place to stay for the night.  Which BONUS, meant we got to see their new home in Connecticut!  I say coerced because most of our friends up here aren’t big country music fans.  But Rick and Dana stepped up and we all made the trek from Queens to Mohegan Sun (such an interesting experience) for the concert.  IMG_2912

Scott and I broke out our new boots from Nashville for the occasion.IMG_2917We are equally obsessed with Eric Church.  We’ve been listening to him non-stop since we were just little engaged younguns. He’s our go to for car trip music, cooking music, grilling out music, working on the house music, getting ready music…basically anytime we need to listen to music together.IMG_2920

We had to miss his concert in NYC (we were in Nashville) so that is how we ended up at the ever-so-interesting Mohegan Sun.  What concert is complete without animatronic wolfs looking over a casino?

But that didn’t really matter.


Because we got to see Eric Church live.IMG_2939

And it was amazing.  Everything I wanted it to be.  He is such a rock star.  And I love knowing every song (read: singing along to every song) at a concert.  IMG_2942

I also loved the style of the camera work.  It was mostly black and white and pretty artistic.  Since most people end up watching the big screen anyways, why not make it artistic?IMG_2964 IMG_2989I hope these Connecticut friends enjoyed their first country concert. IMG_2922 We enjoyed having them there!  And are glad they are still friends with us after seeing us geek out with cowboy boots, flannel, and much jumping around when Eric came on stage.  (Eric and I are on first name basis).IMG_2923

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