A Farewell to New York. Again.

You guys. I had the best send off from my old company, Eventive.  I was their resident pink and sparkle girly girl and they honored that in my farewell soiree.  For SURE.

EM1photo 5Let me paint you a picture.  All of the doors to the conference room are closed.  As I walk up I can hear Bruce Springsteen’s “Jersey Girl” playing.  I open the doors to find the whole company there, ready and waiting (that NEVER happened – we always had to track people down).  On the wall, there is a MASSIVE pink New York City skyline.  And on the TV a sparkly farewell slide show with co-worker messages and pictures from my 3 years at the company.

photo 1The theme was Good Bye New York, Hello New Jersey.  It was my favorite thing ever, including New York pizzas and soft pretzels…

photo 5…paired with Bruce Springsteen.  My boss and I may have been known to break out into the Courteney Cox dance whenever we heard Dancing in the Dark. So naturally, this was part of my farewell slide show.EM05I even got a send off gift (a hot pink “I Heart NYC” T Shirt).  And as much prosecco as I wanted, of course.

photo 2 I made some dear, dear friends in my three years there.

EM24One of the things I miss most about that job is the people and doing day-to-day life with them.

EM34They were my daily support network.  They knew me and Scott and I could always count on someone to talk to, to make me laugh, for advice or the occasional sip of vodka in the middle of a particularly challenging day.

EM28It was not perfect and wasn’t without it’s problems, but what is ever perfect?  EM27I learned so much and we had some SERIOUS fun along the way.

EM21You can tell I was myself with them and I felt pretty darn comfortable and accepted there.  Ahem.


I don’t get emotional easily in the moment.  I process things more slowly and get emotional later.  Well. After seeing the slide show and reading the quotes people wrote about me (SO sweet) they asked me to make a toast.  Dang it if I didn’t get all choked up!

IMG_0041After a photo shoot in front of my own personal NYC skyline, many of us made our way out to continue the farewell.FullSizeRenderThis man.  I was lucky to have him as a mentor and friend.


After more fun and antics, we had one more prosecco/martini toast.

photoAnd all too soon it was time to head home (in a car on the company, no less) and I got my last view of New York as a commuter.

photo 1

Thank you, Eventive, from the bottom of my heart.  I miss you.   EM36


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