We’ve Been Married for Three Years

Scott and I have been married for three years today!


If you want to catch up on the wedding, you can do that here:

The ProposalRehearsalGetting ReadyCeremonyCelebration

But today, I want to do an “Ode to Scott” in list form, what else?  I don’t remember where I saw someone do a list like this before, but it stuck with me and I wanted to give it a try.  I could get really sappy, but I think I’ll keep that special for Scott.  Lucky him.  So, here is more than you ever wanted to know about Scott.

If Scott were an animal, he would probably be a really happy, yet very focused on what he wants, Yellow Lab.  A close second would be an eagle.  A Bald Eagle.  America.

If Scott were a rock star, he would be Bruce Springsteen.  Because he is proud of New Jersey, loves America, rocks out for four hours straight, is unexpectedly sweet and insightful when you aren’t looking and I never get tired of either of them.  

If he were a song, he would be “Love Your Love the Most” by Eric Church.  Don’t believe me? Check out these lyrics.

I love sleeping in on Saturdays
And I love college football games
I love not acting my age
And good barbecue

If Scott were a color, he would be red.  I mean, yes, he does have red hair.  But he can get pretty feisty and sticks up for himself and what he wants. I call it “going Jersey.”

If Scott were a plant, it would NOT be any of the plants we ripped out of our yard this year.  He would be a no-nonsense, easy to care for, provides shade in the summer, pretty leaves in the fall kind of tree. Lets go with Oak.

If Scott were a car, he would be a Ford truck.  With a yellow lab in the front seat.  Being helpful and selfless, carrying heavy loads with the windows down and country music playing a tad too loud.

If he were TV show, he would be Sports Center.  Is that a show?  Or is it a network?  All I know is that Scott says everything sports announcers say on TV every Saturdays and Sunday – he just says it a minute before they say it.  Man is clued in.

If he were a sports star he would be Michael Strahan.  Loyal to the Giants, played defense, good-humored, but takes the game ser-i-ous-ly.  And he has a good personality in a profession where you don’t necessarily have to.  Strahan now hosts morning television and Scott can actually talk to and charm people…in the public accounting profession.  That is not the norm, people.

If he weren’t a CPA, his perfect job would be a high school football coach.

If Scott were a drink, he would definitely be Dogfish Head IPA 60 minute.  Or a tall drink of water on a hot day.

If Scott were a movie, I think he would be Armageddon.  Because: its my favorite, makes me laugh while I’m crying (laughter through tears is my favorite emotion! but that’s a different movie for a different list), there are handsome men, and the world is saved.

If he were a Super Hero, he would be Captain America. Or Superman. He’s definitely my Superman and he’s got the jawline.  I mean, come on.

And if he was anyone’s perfect man – he is mine.  America obsession and all.

Happy Anniversary, Scott.


3 thoughts on “We’ve Been Married for Three Years

  1. I am so very glad to see a post from you! I missed catching up on the life and times of the Fitzgeralds! Don’t leave us okay? 😉

    This is a really fun idea and happy anniversary!!! You guys are so cute.

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