The Big Numero Uno

Our second nephew, Mr. Owen, turned one in May.  You may remember his Under the Sea baby shower.  And then we went to visit him after he was born and he looked like this:


And now look at him!IMG_1084 He is SUCH a happy boy!IMG_1085

Scott and I were able to get up North and visit for his birthday party.  And we discovered that looking good in hoods is a genetic thing in the Fitzgerald family.IMG_1117While there, I learned that I actually COULD have boy children.  My sister-in-law’s nephews played catch with me by process of elimination.  All of the older boys, uncles, and grandfathers weren’t around.  And suddenly I found myself playing catch.  And then they told me I was good.  And then they were asking to play with ME.  Even when other people were around.  A child that wasn’t wearing a tiara and a tutu was having fun playing with ME!  It was a revelation.  At one point I looked over to see Scott and his dad smirking at me.  I need to get Scott to take more photos so I can actually feature in my own blog.  And prove that I played catch.

Oh, here I am.  Because a one year old’s birthday is clearly a cause for celebration, Aunt Rebecca brought Prosecco. As you do.
IMG_1087 IMG_1107 Owen didn’t feel the need to smash his cake.  Too much pressure, I suppose.  IMG_1110
We were blessed with great weather and better company.  IMG_1114

Happy Birthday (again) Owen! We are all so very happy you are here with us as part of our family.  IMG_1100


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