Be As You Are

Surprise! Scott and I took a quick getaway to Punta Cana last month.  And it was glorious and relaxing and everything in the world that we needed.  It was so far overdue.

To be honest, between the home search process, the home buying and negotiation process, coming to terms with leaving New York, trying to settle into a new home with four hours of commuting every day and Scott’s busy season…we were spent. We were grumpy and we need to push the reset button.

So we went to Punta Cana for 5 days.
IMG_1011We left at an un-Godly hour but rewarded ourselves on our layover with an adult beverage.

And then we were there!  It was sunny and hot, just like I want my vacations. IMG_8308

Our (adult-only) resort was beautiful.  We went with an all-inclusive, as you do in the Caribbean.  We immediately had lunch upon arriving at the resort and I asked for a beer.  The waiter said, “Beer, wonderful.”  And then he left.  I looked at Scott.  Umm, I didn’t tell him what type of beer…. it would have been Corona Light, obviously.IMG_1016

Well, they only served Presidente at this resort.  And it turns out, I was just fine with that!IMG_1015So besides the Presidente, there was lots of Kenny Chesney, Bob Marley and Zac Brown Band on our little vacation. IMG_1020

Along with plenty of reading of John Grisham and C. S. Lewis with this view.
IMG_1022 IMG_1038

Every night was like date night, getting dressed up and trying a new restaurant.  Scott even broke mold and agreed to sharing food with me.IMG_1041 I mean, is there anything better?  My idea of a perfect vacation truly is doing nothing but reading, sunbathing, drinking and just being.  I’ve so enjoyed vacations with culture and good restaurants, but we needed to just be.IMG_1045I didn’t bring hair products. I barely wore make up. I felt pretty as I let my hair air dry and I threw on a forgiving sundress.
IMG_1048We lounged, we talked, we took turns getting drink refills.  We worked out (once), we kayaked and we went zip lining.

We found spots where Scott could be in the shade.
IMG_1052And I could be in the sun.IMG_1053

And we talked about things that needed to be talked about.  We focused on each other.  It ended up being therapeutic just by the very nature of just being us, together, without the superficial worries and problems of day-to-day life.  We were pretty blessed to be able to go. Maybe I’ll listen to Kenny Chesney and get Presidente this weekend…



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