Five for Five

That would be five trips in the fifth month of the year. I could barely keep up with life in May. We had weddings, graduations, birthday parties, work trips (boo) and one well-deserved getaway (yay).

That will all be coming soon. But in between all of the traveling, we have managed to sneak in our first beach afternoon as official residents of “the shore.” Yes, please. But what we’ve really been focusing on in our spare minutes and hours has been the yard. We have been diligently pulling everything out of the front yard and replanting it in places that make more sense around the sides and backyard. For example:





And next weekend? We’ll be laying SOD!! Oh, the strange things that bring you joy when you own a home.

We were actually home last weekend and had an impromptu night out.




I could get used to a bar where I can watch live music while sitting on a dock. It’s just my type of night. Summer is here, people! Let’s get some Jersey shore visits planned!





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